Ministry of science and technology: droplets and contact are still the main routes of transmission of new coronavirus

 Ministry of science and technology: droplets and contact are still the main routes of transmission of new coronavirus

A reporter asked, now all walks of life in the resumption of production, some experts said, the virus has a variety of ways of transmission, what is the main way of transmission now?

Wu Yuanbin, director of the Department of social development and science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology, said that the research team of science and technology had made the research on the path of virus transmission as the focus at the beginning.

He mentioned that respiratory droplets and close contact transmission are still the main routes of virus transmission, which is also reflected in the sixth edition of the diagnosis and treatment program.

In the course of the study, a team detected virus strains from patients fecal samples, suggesting that there is a certain risk in fecal oral transmission, but the transmission capacity and conditions need further study, he said.

To solve the problem of aerosol transmission, it is necessary to meet the three conditions of airtight space, long time and high concentration of virus at the same time. Only under extreme conditions can it be transmitted. In a well ventilated daily environment, the possibility of transmission is very small and there is almost no risk of aerosol infection.

He said that in supermarkets, rural markets and other crowded places, we should not be careless and pay attention to personal health protection. In the relatively closed space, in addition to personal protection, we should strengthen ventilation, pay attention to environmental disinfection, and keep the sewer unobstructed. In an open place, do not over protect, and work normally.

Ministry of science and technology: more than 60000 cases of TCM treatment accounted for more than 85%

First of all, we have three drugs that have entered the diagnosis and treatment program, which means that doctors can choose them. The first medicine is traditional Chinese medicine, and the third edition is in. The fourth, fifth and sixth editions have been continuously improved. Now it seems that the effect is very good. More than 60000 confirmed cases have been treated by TCM, accounting for more than 85%.

Sun Yanrong, deputy director of the biological center of the Ministry of science and technology, said at the meeting that after careful discussion, the efficacy expert group finally reached an agreement that chloroquine phosphate is an old drug that has been on the market for many years, and the safety of chloroquine phosphate for treatment of a wide range of people is controllable.