Fuel consumption 1.5L BMW 5 Series Plug in hybrid mileage upgrade is available

 Fuel consumption 1.5L BMW 5 Series Plug in hybrid mileage upgrade is available

[new car knowledge points

1. Equipped with BMWs innovative battery technology

2. Smart luxury equipment is uncompromising

3. Product update acceleration

* innovative battery technology

This launch of BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid mileage upgrade carries the latest eddrive technology of BMW Group. The high-voltage battery uses 811 Ni Co Mn ternary lithium ion high-performance cell. Without changing the shape, volume and the number of cells of the high-voltage power battery pack, the total electric energy capacity is increased by 37%, reaching 17.7 kwh. At the same time, the weight of the battery pack is only 6.5kg, almost all of the increased weight comes from the new safety materials and safety structure in the battery pack to further optimize the safety performance of the battery. With the support of innovative technology, the power consumption of the new model driving 100 kilometers in pure electric mode under the NEDC test standard is only 16 kW u00b7 H.

* surging power & driving pleasure

Smart technology highlights luxury

The intelligent technology of this model is uncompromising. The new car is equipped with intelligent touch key and Angel Wing welcome light blanket full of sense of science and technology; comfortable adaptive suspension system can automatically balance the body posture and bring more comfortable driving experience; enhanced driving assistance function can realize multiple L2 level automatic driving functions such as constant speed cruise, automatic lane keeping, lane departure warning, etc.; the cockpit is equipped with BM W intelligent personal assistant, idrive7.0 human-computer interaction system and five-dimensional intelligent human-computer interaction experience, including natural speech recognition, gesture control, screen touch, iDrive knob and thermosensitive fast key. 3108 mm long wheelbase with front seats for active ventilation and electric adjustment, making driving easy and comfortable.

The ride in the back row is no less impressive. The comfortable central armrest is equipped with intelligent rear touch system, which can control the personalized settings of the vehicle at one hand; the rear comfortable headrest, Harman / Kardon sound, panoramic skylight with star roof, as many as 11 tone interior atmosphere lights and other luxury and comfortable configurations create a business class like riding experience for consumers.

* enjoy new energy policy dividend and luxury charging service

With excellent energy efficiency performance, BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid mileage upgrade can enjoy multiple national and local new energy policy support. At present, customers who buy this model are exempt from the purchase tax in full. On this basis, individual customers can enjoy a central subsidy of 10000 yuan. In some cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, etc., the model can also enjoy local policy support such as free new energy license plate, unlimited travel, free parking and so on.

Like all BMW new energy vehicles, this model can also enjoy the comprehensive new energy charging service provided by BMW for car owners. Customers who buy BMW brand new energy vehicles can get free original charging wall box and a free basic installation service. In the field of public charging, by the end of 2020, BMW will provide nearly 250000 high-quality charging piles, covering 300 + cities nationwide. At the same time, in the transportation hub of key cities, BMW also provides exclusive parking and charging services for new energy customers.

[BMW Brilliances 3 million BMW cars successfully went offline

On February 27, the 3000000 domestic BMW cars of BMW Brilliance successfully went offline in Shenyang new Dadong factory. The leap from 2 million to 3 million vehicles took BMW Brilliance only two years. This is another important milestone in the high-quality development of BMW Brilliance, which shows its rapid development and great success in Chinas luxury car market. This time, the third million vehicles offline is a BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid mileage upgrade. BMW Brilliance witnessed this milestone moment with a new energy model, and played a prelude to the new energy year of the enterprise. In 2020, in addition to the strong product offensive led by the new bmwix3, BMW Brilliance will also make full efforts in research and development, production and other fields, and continue to lead the future travel.

During the epidemic period, BMW Brilliance received the good news of 3 million vehicles coming off the production line in the second week after returning to work, which was particularly encouraging. On the premise of ensuring the safety and health of employees, with the support of local government and partners, BMW Shenyang production base of brilliance has gradually resumed production since February 17. BMW Brilliance, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, is contributing to maintaining the normal economic and social order.

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