CPPCC members: no super communicators have been found in the front line of health care

 CPPCC members: no super communicators have been found in the front line of health care

Fang Laiying pointed out that novel coronavirus pneumonia has not yet been found in the forefront of health care. The reason, he believes, a large number of control measures to prevent the emergence of super communicators is related.

In 2003, Fang Laiying personally participated in the whole process of Beijings fight against SARS. At that time, there was a case that patients caused a large-scale epidemic spread after infection, but such super communicators were soon found, which played a crucial role in the follow-up prevention and control. The emergence of super communicators requires conditions. Without our current early response to the new coronavirus and very strong control measures, these super communicators may emerge. Fang Laiying said.

In this epidemic prevention and control, the problem of medical supplies shortage has always been prominent. Fang Laiying said that in the face of major epidemics, when there is a physical reserve, it is also necessary to establish a production capacity reserve with fast response speed and support the conditions of the contingency plan. Quick response, such as who makes masks? What is the output of which enterprise? What about its supporting facilities? This involves an industrial chain, not a problem that an enterprise can solve. So we must build up the production capacity of the reserve materials and the conditions of the supporting plan.

Central disease control: there is no evidence of super communicators in medical institutions

Chinas novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemiological report has been released by the CDC. It said, up to now, there is no evidence that there has been a super communicator event in any medical institution providing services for patients with new coronavirus pneumonia. The report also points out that with the gradual resumption of work and the return of personnel, the new crown pneumonia transmission will be increased. Risk.

The Ministry of disease control said that most of the new cases were related to the super transmission event occurring in the Daegu branch of the Xintiandi church. At present, there are at least 144 confirmed cases in this case group.