What are the characteristics novel coronavirus pneumonia compared with traditional self limited disease?

 What are the characteristics novel coronavirus pneumonia compared with traditional self limited disease?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is actually a novel coronavirus pneumonia, but up to now, the total number of deaths has exceeded 2700. Compared with the traditional self limited disease, what are the characteristics of the new crown pneumonia?

Wang GuiQiang, chief physician of the first Peking University Hospital, said the topic had also been discussed in the previous paragraph.

First of all, we emphasize that self limiting diseases are not diseases that can be cured without treatment. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a self limiting disease. Its meaning is not to be treated. Its etiology can be self limited. The new crown pneumonia has this characteristic. It belongs to an acute respiratory infectious disease. It can effectively control the replication of the virus through the body immunity, and eventually the virus is cleared away, and it will not become chronic.

Of course, there is another concept of self limited diseases, and most patients can heal themselves without treatment, he said. For novel coronavirus pneumonia, a small number of patients can indeed cause death, especially in some elderly people who suffer from underlying diseases and lead to severe or fatal deaths.

He said that another feature of the new coronavirus infection is that a small number of light cases have made sudden and rapid progress. At present, the cause of this disease is not particularly clear, which may be related to a severe inflammatory factor storm, etc., so we emphasize that the treatment of light cases should not be taken lightly.

He stressed that now many members of the public and the media have mentioned that self limitation does not need treatment. This is a misunderstanding, which should be corrected. Do not make the public think that new coronavirus infection is a self limitation disease that does not need to be seen. It is very wrong to survive at home. We must correct this concept and stress timely treatment. Once infected, we need to be effectively isolated in the hospital to avoid the risk of further transmission, which is also a very important aspect of our emphasis on timely diagnosis and treatment in the hospital.

On the evening of February 3, Hubei Province held a press conference to introduce the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control. Experts describe the novel coronavirus pneumonia death case characteristics: most of the deaths are elderly, and the virus causes the underlying diseases to increase, leading to death.