Health and Health Commission: return to work and production will be handled in case of epidemic rebound due to inadequate prevention and control

 Health and Health Commission: return to work and production will be handled in case of epidemic rebound due to inadequate prevention and control

Yu Xuejun, member of the central steering group and deputy director of the National Health Commission, said at the conference that although the World Health Organization has given a positive evaluation to Chinas epidemic prevention and control work, we and the World Health Organization have also realized that we cant be blindly optimistic now, the epidemic is still severe and complex, and there is a risk of a comeback.

Yu Xuejun said that at present, many provinces have lowered the level of emergency response, and other provinces should also adjust the emergency response level in accordance with laws and regulations such as the law on prevention and control of infectious diseases and the regulations on emergency response to public health emergencies, in combination with the local actual situation, so as to achieve zoning, grading, precise prevention and control, and orderly resumption of work, production and school.

However, the successive reduction of emergency response levels in different regions means that relevant restrictions will be gradually removed, and work, production and school will be resumed, which means that a large number of people will move across regions, bringing several pressures to the epidemic prevention and control work. Yu Xuejun said that after the cancellation of traffic restrictions, the risk of epidemic transmission in the process of transportation will increase; after the resumption of work, production and school, the risk of transmission of personnel aggregation will increase; the risk of disease import will increase in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other labor import provinces, which bring great uncertainty to epidemic prevention and control, and the task will be more difficult in the future Huge.

Yu Xuejun said that the national health and Health Commission has required all provinces to formulate plans and strengthen drill preparation for the possible transmission risks. For the cases in the process of resumption of work, resumption of production and resumption of school, emergency response measures should be scientific, accurate and timely. The most important thing is that relevant departments and medical institutions should seriously implement the early detection, early report and early separation of infectious diseases The four early measures for early treatment should be taken to report the epidemic situation and find out all kinds of patients in time. At the same time, we should strengthen the epidemiological investigation, track and manage the close contacts, so as to achieve the goal of collecting all the receivables, inspecting, separating and treating all the patients.

It is also very important to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control after returning to work, production and school, and adjust the prevention and control strategy in time. Yu Xuejun summarized the adjustment of prevention and control strategy into three changes: from static management to dynamic management, from national unified requirements to regional and hierarchical changes, from social prevention and control to precise prevention and control.

In addition, in addition to timely prevention and resolution of possible risks, the national health and Health Commission has also carried out a comprehensive deployment on related work, mainly including the following aspects: first, the implementation of personnel classification management, specifically, in accordance with the requirements of relevant documents, strengthen the health monitoring of employees, and take targeted control measures by classification. At the same time, guide employees to strengthen personal protection, in case of any abnormal situation, it can be dealt with in a timely and rapid manner; secondly, strengthen the prevention and control measures of vehicles. The national health and Health Commission suggested that the risk of epidemic spread during the journey should be reduced by opening a special train, opening the space for passengers, and taking necessary measures such as ventilation, disinfection and temperature monitoring. In the areas where the floating population gather, measures such as registration and appointment, staggered travel by stages and batches shall be taken to return to the city, post and school in an orderly manner; thirdly, responsibilities of all parties shall be compacted, and the national health and Health Commission shall clearly put forward the prevention and control responsibilities of communities, employing units and schools, for shopping malls, hotels and other living places, for special places and key groups such as pension institutions, welfare homes, and for rural farmers Special arrangements have been made for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of the people, which requires all localities to consolidate their territorial responsibilities, departmental responsibilities, unit responsibilities, family responsibilities and personal responsibilities, so as to promote all parties to implement the prevention and control measures in place; fourth, strengthen the technical guidance and publicity of science popularization. In order to improve the scientificity, accuracy and pertinence of epidemic prevention and control, the national health and Health Commission has formulated and printed 15 targeted and highly operational technical schemes, covering scenes and people in communities, enterprises, schools and other aspects, popularized the knowledge of health self-protection to the public, and guided the joint prevention and control of all walks of life, group prevention and control.

Yu Xuejun said that in the next step, in order to ensure that there is no rebound in the epidemic situation during the process of resumption of work, resumption of production and resumption of school, the national health and Health Commission will organize the supervision group to supervise the preparation of plans, the preparation of medical treatment forces, and the reserve of supply guarantee. In the process of resumption of work, resumption of production and resumption of school, if there is an epidemic caused by inadequate prevention and control measures The national health and Health Commission will take serious measures to deal with the situation.

Five returning workers in Jiangxi Province were isolated after being confirmed by flight attendants through Nanchang

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Zhang Kejian, Vice Minister of industry and information technology, said at a press conference on the 27th that a series of policies and measures with high gold content recently issued have played an important role in alleviating the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. Monitoring shows that the return to work rate of small and medium-sized enterprises has steadily increased, which has now exceeded 30%.