Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a self limiting disease and can be cured without treatment. Experts: This is a misunderstanding.

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a self limiting disease and can be cured without treatment. Experts: This is a misunderstanding.

Head of the national health and Health Commission attended the press conference of the new China development office again (source: Xinhua News Agency)

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 27, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 327 newly confirmed cases, 44 newly died cases (41 in Hubei, 2 in Beijing, 1 in Xinjiang production and Construction Corps), 452 newly suspected cases, and 3622 newly cured and discharged cases.

There are 39919 confirmed cases (including 7952 severe cases), 36117 discharged cases, 2788 dead cases and 78824 confirmed cases.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment, viral transmission routes and other hot issues, the State Council joint defense joint control mechanism held a news conference today (28) afternoon.

Prevention and control situation is positive

The number of newly confirmed cases is now two first time

Novel coronavirus pneumonia spokesman Mi Feng said that in addition to other provinces outside Hubei and Hubei, except for Wuhan, the number of new crown pneumonia cases was dropped to double digits for the first time. The situation of prevention and control was positive. The next step is to relax the efforts of community prevention and control and medical treatment, and actively respond to strict precautions to prevent the epidemic from rebounding.

No infectious person was found in the patients with positive re examination after discharge

Recently, some discharged cases in Sichuan and other provinces were found to be positive for nucleic acid re examination. In response, Guo Yanhong, the inspector of the medical administration of the State Health Commission, has organized experts to conduct research and strengthened the continuous monitoring of these cases.

Through monitoring, it was found that this part of patients did not infect others, and another part of patients turned negative when they were retested.

In addition, we also need to further strengthen the management of discharged patients, require 14 days of medical observation, follow-up health monitoring and health guidance, and organize experts to further study the whole process of disease occurrence, development and prognosis.

Respiratory droplets and close contact transmission

Still the main route of communication

Wu Yuanbin, director of the Department of social development and science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology, made a further clarification at todays press conference. So far, the research conclusion shows that respiratory droplets and close contact transmission are still the main routes of transmission of new coronavirus.

In addition, during the study, some teams also detected new coronavirus strains from fecal samples of patients with new coronavirus, suggesting that there is a certain risk in fecal oral transmission, but the transmission ability and conditions need to be further studied and confirmed.

In response to the problem of aerosol transmission, Wu Yuanbin said that the experimental animal Institute of China Medical College has carried out the corresponding animal transmission experiments.

It is suggested that aerosol transmission should meet the three conditions of closed space, long time and high concentration of virus at the same time. So for ordinary people, in a well ventilated environment of daily life, the possibility of transmission is very small, and there is almost no risk of aerosol infection.

544 plasma samples of convalescents have been collected nationwide

For 245 patients

Up to now, 544 plasma samples have been collected to treat 245 patients, of which 157 patients have been monitored for more than 48 hours, and 91 patients clinical symptoms have improved.

It is hoped that more patients discharged from the hospital in the recovery period can actively provide plasma, contribute to the treatment of severe and critical patients, and provide a certain guarantee for further reducing the mortality.

National Health and Health Commission: early treatment for light patients

Avoid serious development

Novel coronavirus pneumonia may suddenly increase in 3 to 5 days. During the treatment, how to prevent the development of the patient from mild to severe, the national health and Health Commission, the medical and health authority, Guo Yanhong, responded.

In the whole process of medical treatment, the treatment of patients with light symptoms is very important. In the process of medical treatment, we should move forward to implement early intervention measures, strengthen the early treatment of light diseases, find one case, detect one case, diagnose one case and treat one case.

At the same time, experts are organized to strengthen the research, analysis and formulation of clinical early-warning indicators from light illness to severe illness. Through monitoring these indicators, early intervention and treatment are carried out to reduce the transformation from light illness to severe illness.

Ministry of science and technology: 234 registered clinical studies

Among them, 105 drug clinical studies

In view of the current problems in drug clinical trials, Wu Yuanbin, director of the Department of social development and science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology, said that many medical institutions have carried out clinical studies on drugs. According to the preliminary statistics, there are about 234 clinical studies registered by the clinical experimental center, including 105 clinical studies on drugs, and some involving detection reagents, devices and other aspects.

In drug research, including traditional Chinese medicine, chemical drugs, biological drugs, the vast majority of which are already on the market.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia clinical research was carried out by several countries jointly appointed by the Wei Jian Committee, the Ministry of science and technology and the State Administration of Drug Administration recently. The notice on standardizing the clinical research of drug treatment for new coronavirus pneumonia in medical institutions has further defined the conditions for conducting research, standardized the research procedures, strengthened quality control and risk management and control, and improved the overall efficiency of the research.

Its a misunderstanding that self limited diseases dont need treatment

Active treatment should be taken to avoid serious risk

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a self limiting disease and can be cured without treatment. Wang Guiqiang, director of infectious diseases division of No.1 Hospital of Peking University, said that this is a mistake. Self limiting diseases are definitely not diseases that are not cured or cured.

Wang Guiqiang said that for novel coronavirus pneumonia patients, a small number of patients can indeed cause death, especially in some elderly people with underlying diseases, which lead to severe or death of the patients after complications.

Wang GuiQiang stressed that light cases should not be taken lightly, and all patients should be diagnosed early, treated early and intervened early to avoid the risk of serious progression. It is a misunderstanding that self limitation does not need treatment. It should be corrected. Do not make the public think that the infection of new coronavirus is a self limitation disease that does not need to be seen. It is very wrong to survive at home. We must correct this concept. Timely treatment should be emphasized. Once the disease is infected, it should be effectively isolated in the hospital to avoid the risk of further transmission.

3.6 novel coronavirus pneumonia patients are cured and discharged from hospital

45.9% of the total confirmed cases

At present, the total number of discharged patients has exceeded 36000, accounting for 45.9% of the total confirmed cases.

Guo Yanhong, inspector general of the medical administration bureau of the National Health Commission, said that through the analysis of more than 8400 cases cured and discharged from hospital, 90.8% of them were light and common, 7.2% were heavy, and 2% were critical.

Among them, the average age of light cases is 43 years old, and the average age of severe and critical cases is 53 years old.

There are 1133 cases with more than one basic disease in more than 8000 patients, accounting for 13.5%, and 242 cases with more than two basic diseases, accounting for 2.8%.

For clinical diagnosis and treatment, the use of antiviral treatment accounted for 85%, nearly 40% of patients received the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

First of all, we emphasize that self limiting diseases are not diseases that can be cured without treatment. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a self limiting disease. Its meaning is not to be treated. Its etiology can be self limited. The new crown pneumonia has this characteristic. It belongs to an acute respiratory infectious disease. It can effectively control the replication of the virus through the body immunity, and eventually the virus is cleared away, and it will not become chronic.