Wang Yi: China donates a batch of testing kits and medical equipment to Iran

 Wang Yi: China donates a batch of testing kits and medical equipment to Iran

Wang Yi expressed that China and Iran are comprehensive strategic partners and always support and help each other and stand firmly together when they are in difficulties. China pull together in times of trouble go through thick and thin together. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first consolation in China when it comes to China. Iran has interpreted the meaning of the same boat and the friendship between the two countries and the two peoples.

Wang Yi said that there is no national boundary for the epidemic. Recently, the epidemic in Iraq has intensified. China shares its feelings and stands ready to express condolences to the victims, extend condolences to the families of the patients and wish all the infected people an early recovery. We are confident that under the leadership of the Iranian government, the Iranian people will unite and overcome the epidemic. At this moment, the Chinese people are willing to work side by side with the Iranian people to overcome the difficulties. China has donated a batch of nucleic acid test kits and medical equipment to Iran. According to the needs of Iran, China will continue to provide assistance within its capabilities, including cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, medical treatment and other aspects.

Wang Yi stressed that both China and Iran are countries with a long history of civilization. Just as no difficulty can defeat the Chinese nation, no difficulty can defeat the Iranian people.

Zarif expressed his gratitude to the Chinese side for calling to express sympathy and support. In the process of fighting the epidemic together, the friendship between the two countries and the two peoples will be further deepened, and the two peoples will always stand firmly together. Iran appreciates Chinas positive achievements in fighting the epidemic, thanks for the medical materials and technical support provided by China, and is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China and learn from Chinas experience in fighting the epidemic. Iran has experienced all kinds of difficulties and dangers, and this time it will certainly overcome the challenges brought by the epidemic.

South Koreas Consulate General in Shanghai was quoted by Yonhap news agency as saying that the staff of Shanghai Municipal Peoples government handed over 500000 masks donated by Shanghai to Daegu and gyeongshang Hokkaido on the same day, of which 100000 were medical masks and 400000 were kn95 masks. Reported that this is the first time that the local government of China donated epidemic protection materials to South Korea.