Yunnan Dali urgently allocates 200000 ml of hot blood to help Hubei

 Yunnan Dali urgently allocates 200000 ml of hot blood to help Hubei

On the 28th, with three blood delivery vehicles slowly leaving Dali central blood station, Dali state supported 200000 ml of love blood from Hubei Province. The blood will be sent to Hubei by Kunming blood center of Yunnan Province to support the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, on February 26, the national health and Health Commission launched the national blood supply linkage guarantee mechanism, and on February 27, Yunnan health and Health Commission urgently raised blood. Dali Prefecture Party committee and the state government responded to the call in the first time and allocated 200000 ml of blood to support Hubei Province on the premise of ensuring the safe use of blood in Dali Prefecture.

According to reports, during the epidemic, Dali central blood station earnestly implemented the deployment of Dalis leadership team headquarters for responding to epidemic situation, took the initiative to take the blood supply work forward, and released the proposal to the state people to donate blood and fight the epidemic. The official WeChat official account, the new media platform sent short messages, short videos and other measures to urge the broad masses of caring people to donate blood actively. Timely open the blood donor appointment system, carry out group blood donation appointment and blood donation on-site service, reasonably control and arrange the flow of people, and avoid the aggregation of personnel.

Since February 14, the whole state has collected 550000 ml of blood.

Easy access to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Dali has increased its stock in accordance with the standard of 20 days of clinical blood volume, enhanced blood reserve capacity, opened up a new green channel for blood treatment of new crown pneumonia patients, and supported 3 blood samples of 43 thousand and 600 weeks in the Zhou Dynasty blood station.

From from January 24th to 28th, 710 thousand ml of blood was collected from 2950 people and 450 thousand ml of blood was supplied to clinical institutions. After receiving the notice from the superior department, the blood station of Dalizhou center allocated 200000 ml of blood to support Hubei. We equipped 3 blood delivery vehicles and 9 staff members to send them to the Kunming blood center, and then the Kunming blood center allocated them to Hubei. Yang Tianfu, director of the Blood Donation Office of Dali central blood station, said: the love blood sent to Hubei comes from the whole Prefecture. In the next step, while ensuring the safe supply of blood in Dali Prefecture, we will make every effort to assist in the clinical blood supply during the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei Province.