Beijing issues another 12 notices to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control

 Beijing issues another 12 notices to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control

In order to further consolidate the four party responsibility, firmly grasp the two major links of external anti input and internal anti-proliferation, continue to vigorously and effectively promote the work of epidemic prevention and control, according to the deployment of the leading group of Beijing prevention and control work, we hereby announce the following requirements for further strict epidemic prevention and control.

1u3001 Strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility. The government, departments and units shall conscientiously implement all measures for epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the relevant requirements of the four party responsibility, manage their own people and guard their own doors. We will intensify efforts to improve the reporting system for sick leave, find out the causes as soon as possible, strengthen source control, and strive to be a zero infection unit. The leading comrades in charge of each unit should strengthen their determination to win, their sense of responsibility, their sense of benevolence, and their sense of prudence. They should be brave enough to lead the way, take the initiative and act actively to ensure full coverage, no dead angle, and implement all prevention and control measures.

2u3001 Strengthen the prevention and control of regional groups. All units shall consciously accept the prevention and control management and services of the local government, streets (townships) and communities (villages), cooperate with the transfer work, and arrange special personnel to communicate with the territory; earnestly implement the requirements of the implementation plan for continuing to promote the sinking of cadres of municipal government, enterprises and institutions to participate in community (Village) epidemic prevention and control work, and enrich the grass-roots forces; organize in-service party members to carry out the work well One day off for Party members, one day off for community rotation and other community (Village) check-in service activities. All districts should continue to take the initiative to strengthen the service connection with all kinds of units at all levels within their jurisdiction. All streets (towns) should implement territorial responsibilities and organize communities (villages) to do a good job in the work connection. The municipal and district level disease prevention and control institutions should carry out professional guidance and docking services, and constantly improve the scientific and accurate level of epidemic prevention and control.

3u3001 Continue to do a good job in the management of personnel entering (returning to) Beijing. All units shall contact the personnel staying in Hubei and other high epidemic areas one by one to clarify the requirements of not returning to Beijing temporarily without permission. For those who enter (return to) Beijing in other areas, strictly supervise the implementation of the relevant provisions for 14 days of home stay or centralized observation, and cooperate with the communities (villages) where they live to do a good job in prevention and control, and shall not arrange for those who have not completed home stay or centralized observation for 14 days to return to work. Strengthen the supervision and guidance of outsourcing service units, and urge the strict implementation of relevant requirements for personnel to enter (return to) Beijing. For those who come from or have been to the severe epidemic areas of the departure countries, they should stay at home or observe intensively for 14 days after arriving in Beijing to prevent the risk of epidemic input.

4u3001 Strict prevention and control requirements for medical institutions. We will strengthen the industry supervision responsibility of the health authorities and the main responsibility of medical institutions, and work hard to prevent and control hospital infection. In addition to the emergency department and fever clinic, all hospitals at or above the second level have carried out appointment registration and real name registration of the information of the medical staff. The basic information of fever outpatients shall be submitted to the competent department of health in time.

5u3001 Do a good job in residential area management. In accordance with the requirements of the notice of Beijing Municipality on Further Strengthening the prevention and control of community (Village) epidemic situation, we will further implement various prevention and control measures such as strict closed management, temperature detection, access registration, public space management and rental housing management. The local government and community (Village) should take the initiative to strengthen the service contact with the central government and all departments of state organs, and focus on the joint prevention and control of the central units self-management community and surrounding areas.

6u3001 Do a good job in the prevention and control of commercial buildings. We should strengthen the prevention and control of epidemics in business buildings, mixed use buildings and industrial enterprises with large numbers of people. In the large-scale business buildings with dense staff, the double floor long system shall be implemented, and the local streets and property management units shall assign special personnel to act as the double floor long for joint responsibility. All units shall strictly implement the management responsibility for their own employees, fully grasp the situation of their family members living together leaving, returning to and isolating from Beijing, and try to eliminate blind spots and dead corners as much as possible.

7u3001 Strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic situation in Colleges and universities. The education authorities and colleges and universities should further strengthen discipline and reiterate the discipline requirements of students not returning to school. Students who have returned to Beijing should find out the bottom line, follow up closely and strengthen management. We will improve the school local coordination mechanism, strengthen the management of family areas within the school, and effectively implement measures for joint prevention and control. Urge and guide foreign teachers and students to strictly implement the requirements of Beijing epidemic prevention and control. For the college graduates who are still to be employed outside Beijing, the employing units shall not violate the prevention and control requirements and urge them to return to Beijing.

8u3001 Highlight the prevention and control of epidemic situation in key areas. Pay close attention to the gathering of people around the park and scenic spot, and issue targeted flow control measures. Strengthen the prevention and control of key transport stations, establish linkage mechanism, and avoid the crowded queuing outside the rail station and around the bus platform. We will strictly supervise and manage the dormitories and, in principle, not arrange them to live in underground spaces. To reduce the living density of dormitory personnel, the per capita dormitory area shall not be less than 4 square meters, and the number of people living in each dormitory shall not exceed 6; if it is really necessary to arrange for living in the underground space, the per capita dormitory area shall not be less than 5 square meters, and the number of people living in each dormitory shall not exceed 2, and it is not allowed to set up or get out of bed. Dormitories in semi basement with windows shall be opened daily for ventilation to keep indoor air circulation; those without windows shall not be used as dormitories in principle.

9u3001 Encourage off peak commutes. The central and state organs and affiliated institutions, party and government organs at all levels in the city and affiliated institutions continue to implement the measures of peak shifting to and from work, and encourage other units in Beijing to choose appropriate peak shifting to and from work. Encourage the office units in the business building to reduce the personnel concentration through flexible working system, home office, AB corner shift, peak shift, etc., and the staff arrival rate of the enterprise with dense personnel shall not exceed 50%. Each district shall be responsible for organizing the industrial parks within its jurisdiction to implement the work of shifting peak to work.

10u3001 Strengthen the management of key groups. We will effectively strengthen the prevention and control management of key groups such as carers, cleaners, security guards, catering and express employees, clarify protection requirements, conduct health screening, strengthen epidemic prevention training, and provide necessary protection materials. Measures such as disinfection and ventilation shall be strictly implemented in the dormitories, restaurants, basements and other places where they live to ensure that there is no blind spot or blind spot.

11u3001 Strengthen the propaganda and guidance of epidemic prevention and control. All units should strengthen the staffs anti epidemic knowledge training and health education, and improve their awareness and skills of prevention. Urge employees to consciously abide by the prevention and control measures during the epidemic prevention and control period, implement the two points and one line commute mode, reduce going out and gathering, and avoid activities in densely populated public places. Inform the staff of fever, dry cough and other symptoms at any time, report to the unit actively at the first time, and immediately leave the post for medical treatment.

12u3001 We will carry out in-depth investigation and rectification of epidemic prevention and control. All units shall check the specific implementation of the prevention and control measures one by one according to the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council and the relevant guidelines for epidemic prevention and control issued by Beijing Municipality, and immediately rectify any problems found, so as to ensure that they are fully implemented without any dead space. The territorial Government, competent departments of various industries and law enforcement departments should further urge all units to seriously implement measures such as personnel registration, temperature measurement and disinfection, strictly prevent the occurrence of clustering infection; strengthen the supervision and inspection of key places such as industrial parks and buildings, urge all management bodies to strictly implement the four responsibilities, actively assist enterprises in solving difficulties, and carry out production safely and orderly Business activities.

Notice is hereby given.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing

Office of prevention and control leading group

February 28, 2020