Chinese couple accused of concealing their itinerary didnt say a word in court

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Chinese couple accused of deceiving the trip appear in court and say nothing to the camera (source: pear video)

[Chinese couple accused of deceiving the trip appear in court, say nothing in front of the camera, and the trial will start again next month] 28, Chinese couple accused of providing false information to Singapores Ministry of health appeared in court. The couple, who obstructed the tracking of the epidemic in Singapore, were charged with violating the infectious diseases act. It will reopen on March 20. If convicted, they face up to six months in prison and a fine of up to S $10000.

A Chinese couple has been sued for violating Singapores infectious diseases law. The Ministry of foreign affairs responded: we have taken note of relevant reports. It is understood that the case is under investigation. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been issued by Chinese embassies and consulates in related countries during the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Chinas citizens are required to know Chinas epidemic prevention and control laws and regulations and related measures, and actively cooperate with local epidemic prevention and control work.