Hu Xijin: why do your teeth specially bite your compatriots?

 Hu Xijin: why do your teeth specially bite your compatriots?

Chinese Senator at China novel coronavirus called China virus at the first time. The mainstream daily Wall Street newspaper published the comment on China is the real sick man of Asia. Korean activists openly shouted Chinese people get out on the streets.

A few Chinese netizens said that they cant copy Chinese homework, which is not good. It is not ruled out that some of them are worried about those countries, but this kind of voice will make the countries suffering from the epidemic uncomfortable, which should not be said. Those countries do have something to reflect on, but its someone elses business. We should show more sympathy at this time.

Individual sarcastic voices on the Internet are never representative of Chinese society. I dont know why they can make individual noble people furious and stimulate their impulse to teach Chinese people a lesson. On the contrary, I would like to ask those teachers who accuse Chinese society of being incompetent and incompetent. Where are you when US senators and the Wall Street Journal humiliate China like that? Where are you when the U.S. Secretary of Commerce said that this epidemic will help Chinese jobs move to the United States? How can I feel that you are like a cultural police dog trained by a foreign adult, who specially uses your teeth to bite Chinese people?

In yesterdays microblog, Laohu also strongly criticized the sign of no entry for Korean and Japanese returnees posted by some communities in Shandong out of panic. I called for the people from countries with serious epidemic to be treated well, and also called for some medical resources to be released to support countries with current epidemic crisis and bear the obligations and responsibilities of China as a big country.

But I also see that the attitude of Chinese society in the face of other countries suffering is far better than that of the United States and a few Western countries in Chinas crisis. Some netizens in China are a little emotional and say what they shouldnt say, but compared with some of the most vicious languages on the Internet in those countries, they are much milder.

Scolding the Chinese floor for leaking water and flooding the downstairs, I dont seem to understand the world at all to the people who are sour and sour. Ive been reading a few books that Ive been chewing on, thinking that the Jianghu above is the world, and then how can I think of the Chinese as a beggars sect. They are advised to take a good look at the real world, see the weaknesses of the Chinese people from the comparison, and re recognize the virtues of the Chinese people. Dont always imagine our nation with your own little belly.

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