More than half of the patients cant be hospitalized

 More than half of the patients cant be hospitalized

More than half of the confirmed patients cant be hospitalized (source: ~)

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced in 28 forenoon, 4 at the time of the day, and 315 cases were confirmed in the new crown pneumonia at 9 a.m., and 2337 cases were confirmed. Compared with 4 p.m. the previous day, there were 571 more cases in one day.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is being increased in the South Korean health department. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Daegu by February 27th. Only 447 of the 1017 new cases were admitted to hospital. The remaining 570 patients were isolated from their homes and waited for beds in hospitals, the government of Daegu municipal government said.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious area in Daegu, which is the fourth largest city in South Korea with 2 million 400 thousand population. The neighboring Gyeongbuk is the most severe area in the new Korean crown pneumonia. On the 27 day, a more than 70 year old patient who was associated with the Xintiandi church in Daegu suddenly deteriorated when he was isolated from his family. He eventually died on the way to the hospital and raised the number of deaths in South Korea to 13. It is understood that although the patient suffered from basic diseases, but due to the lack of beds can only wait at home. There are concerns that more and more patients will die in the future due to inadequate beds.

According to Yonhap, under great pressure, mayor Quan Yuzhen of Daegu has asked neighboring Gyeonggi Do for help as early as 26 to provide sick beds for his patients. But it was rejected by Gyeonggi chief executive Lee Jae Minh on the grounds that the province itself lacked medical personnel and facilities. At a press conference on the 27th, Quan called again for help from other local governments.

South Koreas Deputy Minister of health, Kim Gangli, said on Tuesday that he would transfer some of the critically ill patients who could not be treated to hospitals in other cities or provinces for treatment. Large hospitals in Seoul novel coronavirus pneumonia patients will receive the new crown pneumonia. In addition, another major disaster area near Daegu, gyeongshang Hokkaido Tainan hospital, has started the transfer of the first 27 critically ill patients to Seoul.

On the other hand, more than 400 medical professionals and administrative officials from the private sector volunteered to participate in medical services, the Daegu municipal government announced Tuesday. It includes 24 doctors, 167 nurses, 157 nurse assistants and clinical laboratory technicians, as well as 90 personnel trained in hospital management and other related fields. South Koreas defense ministry also announced that 750 doctors will be arranged to support quarantine, treatment and analysis. At present, the Ministry of national defense has sent 325 medical personnel to Daegu and North gyeongshang Road, and plans to use the military hospital in Daegu to treat the confirmed patients in the area.