The post-90s women released from prison trapped in Wuhan for 25 days: eating and taking out every day

 The post-90s women released from prison trapped in Wuhan for 25 days: eating and taking out every day

On February 27, Wuhan crown pneumonia prevention and control headquarters issued Circular No. 19, which said that the local government and relevant parties should provide rescue services for those who are stranded in other places and have difficulties in living.

Ms. L said that the local police had asked her several times, you can tell them if you have difficulties in life. I went to the community today (28th) to fill out the application form for subsidy. The community staff have a good attitude and patience.

Serving one year and two months in prison, out of Wuhan has been closed

Ms. l was arrested on December 4, 2018, suspected of fraud and arrested on January 10, 2019.

Ms. Ls acting lawyer, Zheng Yanjiang of Hubei Lifeng law firm, told Red Star news that l came to Wuhan with her boyfriend and joined a labor service company. Although her boyfriend was not identified as a shareholder of the company, according to the evidence, it should be known that the company was bought to engage in fraud.

This labor company recruits people and says it can send you to work in New Zealand and Australia for 30000 yuan a month. Zheng Yanjiang said that it is equivalent to overseas labor service. In fact, the company has not obtained the qualification of overseas labor dispatch and is not serious about doing this.

Zheng Yanjiang introduced that labor dispatch generally requires the parties to pay 20000 yuan first, for example, they will promise to arrange within three months, but after most people pay the money, the company has been empty for less than three months. They cheated the money out of time.

Zheng Yanjiang said that l seldom went to the company. He has been to the company four or five times, mainly because another man in the same case is his boyfriend. According to the companys arrangement, she publishes some advertisements on the Internet, chats on the mobile phone software and introduces the company to others.

At first, she didnt know whether the company could handle overseas labor service or not. Her boyfriend didnt tell her about it. Later, she gradually learned about it, but at that time, she was trapped. I think ls behavior should constitute the crime of contract fraud. For the same amount, the term of imprisonment for contract fraud is relatively small. The prosecutor took my point and l pleaded guilty.

Red Star News reporter noted that the court of first instance finally sentenced l to one year and two months in prison and a fine of 10000 yuan for the crime of contract fraud. Ls term of imprisonment is until February 3, 2020. On the morning of February 3, Zheng Yanjiang went to the detention center with the court staff and went through the formalities for L. Her case was completed in the first instance, and no appeal was filed. Even if other co defendants appealed, there was no case of additional punishment. When she comes out, she has to go through a bail procedure. Zheng Yanjiang recalled that they were outside the detention house and handed in the sentence they had taken and the procedure of obtaining a guarantor pending trial. Its about 11 oclock. L comes out of it.

L told red star that the lawyer had planned to pick her up with her family because the family could not come because of the closure of the city. After passing the temperature test, the staff of the detention center gave her a mask to remind her to pay attention to her health and not to catch cold.

I didnt expect the epidemic to be so serious. I eat every day by taking out

L told her that although she could not see her family, she had a phone call with her family, tell me, let me not worry about the current situation. During the chat, she learned that the epidemic was much more serious than she thought, and her family was also closed. She cant go home. My family booked me a hotel and comforted me on the phone, saying that because of the epidemic, I would like to stay here (Wuhan) for a while.

L recalled that when watching TV this year, she heard everyone say come on Wuhan. At that time, she didnt know what happened. Later, she knew that there was an epidemic, but she didnt expect it to be so serious. I saw that police officers were wearing masks and gloves, and the aunt who served rice was wearing protective clothing. Every day, she gave us disinfectant water to disinfect and take temperature.

She lives in a prison room of 28 people. In her mind, one day, when the police officer of the detention center held a video education meeting, she said that they (police officers) would change their shifts about half a month, afraid to bring the virus outside to us. Although there is an epidemic situation, dont be nervous. Pay attention to your health. The doctor often visits us.

After leaving the detention center, l followed lawyer Zheng Yanjiang to a supermarket. I bought about 500 pieces of daily necessities to meet her basic needs, said Zheng Yanjiang, who was not only closed the city but also refused to let the car go on the road. He drove after communicating with the community. After shopping, he took l to the hotel he had booked and checked in.

Empty street

Almost no one on the road, like an empty city. L said that after arriving at the hotel, the check-in was quite smooth. But it was not easy to find a hotel. Zheng Yanjiang described that at that time, many hotels either closed or did not receive. Some hotels directly said that they only received people in their jurisdiction. We finally found a hotel with a relatively partial location, contacted the owner of the hotel, said good words to the other party, put the situation, asked the other party for help, and finally the hotel agreed.

After staying for more than 20 days, l was worried about being infected. She tried not to go out, bought disinfectant and wiped it in the room. She ate every day by taking out. When ordering meals online, there is a supermarket that can deliver them to the security booth at the entrance of the hotel. L said that someone in the hotel would take her temperature every day, and the manager also reminded her not to go out. She should wear masks and gloves to get food downstairs. These days, shes in her room, doing sports and watching the news.

Homesick but unable to return, wait until things get better

L said she soon saw the news. Have you consulted, how can you go home as soon as possible? The reporter asked. Answer: she didnt ask for advice. She was watching the news every day. Lets wait for things to get better..

In this case, I dont want to leave. L said she was homesick, but she cant go back now. In addition to the closure of Wuhan, she also noticed that in some places, there was a phenomenon of blocking the homes of Wuhan returnees, fearing that their return would cause similar troubles to their families, or make their families suffer from the strange eyes of their neighbors.

Zheng Yanjiang told Red Star news that he also noted that news reports from the court newspaper said that the released prisoners from other places would be escorted to the community where their household registration was located to ensure their safe return home. But those people are from a city or state in Hubei, not from other provinces.

During her stay in Wuhan, Zheng Yanjiang continued to pay attention to her situation. I basically ask l about it every other day. Zheng Yanjiang said that the judge handling the case is not bad, and has always been concerned about the situation of L. When l was sent to the hotel at the beginning, the judge also specifically told me to make arrangements.

On February 27, Wuhan crown pneumonia prevention and control headquarters issued Circular No. 19: the local government and relevant parties will provide rescue services for those who are stranded in Wuhan and have difficulties in living due to the control of the exit from Han. In case of any difficulty in accommodation, the local government shall make proper arrangements and provide basic living support such as accommodation.

L told the Red Star News reporter that the local police had asked her several times and registered her personal situation, you can tell them if you have difficulties in life.. She also went to the community today to fill out the application form for the subsidy, including the information of the applicants, the reasons for staying in Wuhan, and the difficulties encountered, l recalled. The community staff had a good attitude and patience.

Since the closure of Wuhan, how many other people like Ms. l have been released? Where are these people going and what is their current situation?

On February 28, the Red Star News reporter contacted the Hubei Provincial Department of justice about this. A staff member said that the work was managed by the provincial prison bureau in a unified way. They will report the data to us, but they havent made statistics yet. It will definitely be announced to the public.

The central investigation team and the provincial investigation team are investigating, and there will be an authoritative result, which will be released, a staff member of the Bureau said

Wuhan: in case of any difficulty, the local government will help those staying in other places

During the period of epidemic prevention and control of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, those staying in the non local areas can apply for assistance through the application entry (two-dimensional code of assistance application) of temporary living difficulties assistance for the passengers staying in the Han area, or they can consult and ask for help through the 12345 mayors special line work platform.

February 23, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, a Hubei boy to the Public Security Bureau for help. Police said the boy wanted to go back to his hometown in Hubei or find another job after quitting his job from a local company on February 21, but he was refused by other companies because of his Hubei nationality, and the hotel refused to let him live. If he didnt go back to his hometown, he had to wander. After that, the police contacted the original company and temporarily resettled him.