Zhong Nanshan team three times of remote consultation for critical patients in Wuhan

 Zhong Nanshan team three times of remote consultation for critical patients in Wuhan

u25b3 the team members of ICU, including Professor Zhang Yufu (third from the right), who watched the successful monitoring video of unplugging, cheered together

On the afternoon of January 30, Ms. Wang moved into the West courtyard of Wuhan Union Medical College. Despite the high flow of oxygen, her fingertip oxygen saturation was only 82%. In the next few days, Ms. Wangs condition worsened, and the oxygen saturation was still declining. In the early morning of February 5, Ms. Wangs fingertip blood oxygen saturation was as low as 61%, and only 84% after the mask inhaled pure oxygen. Ms. Wang, who had complicated with acute respiratory distress syndrome, was transferred to ICU for auxiliary ventilation, and at the same time, she was given appropriate analgesia and sedation treatment.

At this time, Xu Yuanda, director of the Department of critical medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, as the temporary administrative director and on duty doctor of the ICU of Wuhan Union Medical College, led team members such as Xi Yin, Lv Zheng and Meng Lei to carefully check her case while carefully considering the dosage of drugs, and continued to give patients with antiviral, anti infection, acid suppression, stomach protection and other symptomatic support treatment. However, Ms. Wangs condition is still repeated.

At this critical time, Guangdong supported the ICU medical team of Wuhan Xiehe West hospital to cope with the difficulties. The team had three remote consultations with academician Zhong Nanshan, discussed Ms. Wangs illness and treatment plan, focused on the strongest brain to find out the reasons for the relapse, and tried to provide more support for her to help her overcome the difficulties.

At the same time, the medical staff also paid great attention to Ms. Wangs psychological care. Knowing that Ms. Wang is very worried about her family, the medical staff will take turns to comfort and encourage her despite the difficulty of speaking in isolation clothes. Director wendeliang, the doctor in charge, will contact her husband by phone every afternoon and report the situation at home to Ms. Wang in a timely manner to make her feel at ease for treatment.

Due to the busy medical and nursing work, unable to accompany at all times, the nursing team members posted a note on the place where she could see it, which said: come on! Trust us! Soon the family reunited! We hope to cheer her on in this way. Said Dr. Xi Yin of the Department of critical medicine.

u25b3 Dr. Xi Yin, Department of critical medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, comforted the patients, and a note of refueling was pasted on the infusion stand beside the bed

u25b3 Dr. Xi Yin (left) pulled out the endotracheal tube for the patient

Novel coronavirus pneumonia critical patients were 7 in the ward as of 27 days.