Doctors say the novel coronavirus pneumonia has been popular in Iran WHO: serious compared to known.

 Doctors say the novel coronavirus pneumonia has been popular in Iran WHO: serious compared to known.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Iran has increased to 388 Cases, and 34 cases have died in Beijing, at the 19 time of 28 hours in Iran. A member of the Iranian parliament, Vice Minister of health, chairman of the national security and foreign policy committee of the Parliament and a vice president have been confirmed. There are also confirmed cases of Iranian travel history around Iran and even in New Zealand, Britain and other countries.

So far, Iran has not found a clear transmission source and route of the new coronavirus in Iran.

Staff disinfect public transport vehicles in Tehran, Iran, Feb. 26 local time. Xinhua News Agency

The number of infections is far greater than the number of confirmed cases

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Iran a week ago, but Mike Ryan has confirmed 245 cases in 27 forenoon, and the epidemic in the country is probably more extensive than it is now known, according to the 27 report of the US consumer news and business channel (CNBC), WHO, executive director of the emergency plan of the world, said.

The disease was not detected and detected when it entered Iran, so the range of infection may be larger than what we see, Ryan told reporters at a press conference at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 27th

Doctors at novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran hospital also expressed this concern. According to the US time, an anonymous senior doctor at Masih daneshvari hospital in Tehran said, we think the virus has been spreading in Iran for the past three to four weeks and has spread all over the country. In Iran, novel coronavirus pneumonia is now facing us. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most important public hospital in Iran, and is the main body in the detection of new crown pneumonia in MasihDaneshvari.

The doctor said that the current statistics in Iran may underestimate the actual number of cases. We dont have a way to test suspected patients earlier, and we dont have the ability to test everyone. If in general there are 2 deaths per 100 patients, then in Iran if there are 20 deaths now, that means we have 1000 infected patients, the doctor said

Novel coronavirus pneumonia death case in Iran has been 50 people earlier this week, according to Ahmed Amirabadi, a member of Parliament from Qom, the most serious central city in Iran. Officials including the Vice Minister of health, including Qi Qi, have denied it. On the 25th, harilzi himself tested positive for the new coronavirus and is currently undergoing treatment.

Staff disinfect subway vehicles in Tehran, Iran, Feb. 26 local time. Xinhua News Agency

Front medical staff: lack of perfect protective equipment

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been taken by the government of Iran to prevent further spread of the disease, such as closing schools and cancelling arts and cultural activities. In addition, at least 230 designated hospitals have been designated nationwide to treat new crown pneumonia patients.

However, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients also said that the existing medical equipment was insufficient to support the treatment of patients with new crown pneumonia. According to Al Jazeera television reported on the 24th, a nurse in lashit, the capital of Irans northwest province of geeran, said hospitals in some areas of the northern part of the province lacked equipment.

In the face of suspected patients, we are at the forefront. We dont have standard protective clothing and masks. Now we have some isolation suits for operating room use, but we know that it has no effect. The nurse said the hospital also lacked the necessary disinfectant.

A doctor in Tehran, who asked not to be named, also told Al Jazeera television that the Iranian government was not fully prepared for the epidemic and that hospitals were not equipped.

But Iranian officials and some experts remain confident about Irans ability to contain the virus. Pehman sabrian, the head of emergency affairs in the capital Tehran, told the Pan African News Agency (Pana) Saturday that Tehran is ready for the outbreak. We dont lack clothes and equipment. The most important thing is that people pay attention to their own health and personal hygiene, payman said

According to Al Jazeera, abdinaser abbekel of the WHO Regional Office for the eastern Mediterranean also expressed confidence in Irans ability to respond to the outbreak.

Iran is one of the countries in the Middle East with one of the best health care systems capable of dealing with this epidemic. But he also said U.S. sanctions could affect Irans ability to deal with the crisis.

The embargo will affect the overall economy and Iran may not be able to purchase the technology needed to produce the necessary equipment and medicines. But Iran is still one of the countries in the Middle East with full preparation and capacity. Abdi Nasser said.

At least 7 officials novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran are the vice president.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to be infected by at least 7 Iran officials as of 27. Irans Vice President Mahmoud ebotkar, who announced the diagnosis on Tuesday, is at the highest level of known infections.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a health minister in Iran, said Namaki, according to 28 reports from the state television station in Iran. Data will show that next week will be the peak of the outbreak of pneumonia in Iran, and calls for the reduction of travel for all. Iran has imported masks, protective clothing and other products, and relevant factories are also stepping up production. Pharmacies have enough stocks to buy since the 29th. At the same time, schools across Iran will continue to be closed until March 2, and Iranian television will give online lectures to students.