Irans vice president became a household name 40 years ago

 Irans vice president became a household name 40 years ago

Irans newly confirmed cases include four members of Parliament, some of whom are still waiting for the test results. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia (ElhamSheikhi), a member of the five member Iran National Womens football team, died of the new crown pneumonia, aged 23 years old in the sports arena. Sheikh,

Photo of Iranian womens football international Ilham Sheikh during his lifetime. Screenshot of social media

Irans health minister namaki sent a letter to the countrys top leader, Khamenei, in which he said that all departments of the government have joined in the fight against the epidemic, and the world will be surprised by Irans victory.

At present, a number of Iranian state officials have confirmed that masoumeh Ebtekar, the vice president in charge of womens and family affairs, was infected with the new coronavirus on the 27th. According to the BBC, she met with President Rouhani and several ministers before the diagnosis.

The first woman in a black robe on the left is Masumi ebtkar. Map / twitter

The diagnosis of infection by Iranian vice president abdekar has aroused great concern because she is a legend in Iranian politics.

Spokesman in the 444 day Iranian hostage crisis

On November 4, 1979, university students in Tehran, the capital of Iran, occupied the U.S. Embassy in Iran and took American embassy personnel as hostages, asking the U.S. to extradite the former king of Iran, Pahlavi, who was treating cancer in New York, for trial. The Iranian hostage crisis lasted for 444 days, and many people still believe that the incident led to the re-election defeat of Jimmy Carter, then president of the United States.

According to the New York Times, during the hostage crisis of more than a year, ebtkar frequently appeared on the US evening news, almost household name, because she is the English speaker of Iranian college students, known as Mary.

In the 2012 American movie escape from Tehran, the hostage taking event is partially reproduced, in which actress Nikka far plays Mary. Movie video screenshot

Youve been treated very well, havent you? This is the most he said to the American hostages at that time, asking them to describe the situation in front of the camera. With her fluent spoken English, she is responsible for communicating with the hostages and translating the messages of Iranian college students to Western journalists.

Ebotkar is good at English because when she was 3 years old, she moved to the United States with her parents from Tehran. Her father studied for a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania. She spent six years as a child in America, speaking American English.

In an interview with U.S. media in the late 1990s, she said of her role as a spokesman for Iranian university students: there is no apology or excuse. Taking hostages is the best way for Iranian students at that time. The answer silenced the reporter.

Although the Iranian hostage crisis has been decades in the past, foreign media have repeatedly asked about the incident when they interviewed ebtkar. Last March, she told Al Jazeera: she and the students have no regrets, no one is willing to give in. The only regret is that the crisis should be resolved more quickly.

Doctor of immunology who has published 68 scientific papers

Ibtkar began to study in international schools in Iran from primary school. After graduation, he was admitted to Shahid behshiti University (formerly known as the National University of Iran), one of the most famous universities in the country, to study laboratory science. She then received her doctorate in immunology from the University of tabiat modalus, where she remained as an assistant professor.

She is the reviewer of two international immunology journals. According to the information of Scopus, a global index database of papers, there are 68 research papers signed by Masumi ebtkar. However, etblast, an academic plagiarism detection tool, has pointed out that 85% of plagiarism is found in a cytokine paper published by ebtkar in Iranian academic journals.

In addition to immunology, she also has a lot of research on environmental issues, promoting the reform of national environmental protection policy. In addition, she has created the NGO center for peace and environment, which attracts more than 120 experts to join in and is committed to sustainable development. In 2006, ebtkar was awarded the highest environmental protection honor earth Guardian Award by the United Nations, and her comment was as an outstanding environmental leader, make contribution at the level of regional environmental policy.

According to the information center of Peking University, on July 2, 2004, ebtkar visited Peking University and had a discussion with some teachers and students of Peking University Environmental College on environmental protection. She said that both China and Iran are developing countries. With the economic development, environmental issues have attracted more and more attention. But it is not necessary or impossible for us to follow the Western way of pollution first and then treatment. Instead, we should be good at learning lessons, strengthening scientific research, and relying on scientific forces to deal with the relationship between economic development and environmental protection.

The first female vice president of Iran after the Islamic Revolution

Ibtkar, 59, is the first female vice president of Iran after the Islamic revolution. She entered politics in the early 1990s and was regarded as the deputy of shahra Habibi, the presidents adviser on womens affairs in Iran.

In 1997, she was appointed Vice President by the then president of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, who was mainly responsible for the national environment. In the memoir grapes of shahrivar published by ebtkar, it is mentioned that when she took office, there were many doubts from the outside world that it would not help to repair the relationship between Iran and the United States, and some European envoys even refused to meet her. All this is due to the fact that ibtkar played an important role in the Iranian hostage crisis.

Before Irans presidential election in 2009, ibtkar once announced his participation in the election, but decided to withdraw a few weeks before the election. Then she focused on writing books and publishing her personal memoirs. It was not until 2013 that ruhani became president, reappointing ebotkar as vice president in charge of environmental affairs. During her four-year term, she has promoted the implementation of 12 environmental protection bills, advocated low-carbon economy and greatly improved air quality in Iran.

Ibtkars current term as Vice President begins in August 2017. After Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner in January, ebtkar met with Swedish ambassador to Iran Peter Tyler, stressing that Iran is a strong country and does not seek to create tension and hope for regional peace and security, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported

Ibtkar met with the Swedish ambassador to Iraq on January 25. Screenshot of IRNA Report

Iranians have learned how to improve their adaptability in difficult times, he told Al Jazeera television last year in response to Irans sanctions dilemma. Iran has encountered war. At that time, it seemed that the whole world was on the opposite side, but we have learned patience and strength. The future is full of hope, even if it is far away from some goals, but we are moving forward.

Iran Health Minister: novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak next week

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a health minister in Iran, said Namaki, according to 28 reports from the state television station in Iran. Data will show that next week will be the peak of the outbreak of pneumonia in Iran, and calls for the reduction of travel for all. Iran has imported masks, protective clothing and other products, and relevant factories are also stepping up production. Pharmacies have enough stocks to buy since the 29th. At the same time, schools across Iran will continue to be closed until March 2, and Iranian television will give online lectures to students.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to be infected by at least 7 Iran officials as of 27. Irans Vice President Mahmoud ebotkar, who announced the diagnosis on Tuesday, is at the highest level of known infections.