Carnival in France under the epidemic: just enjoy

 Carnival in France under the epidemic: just enjoy

Mr. tandesay pointed out that no country should be lucky enough to think that there will be no confirmed cases in its own country, which could be a serious mistake leading to death. The new coronavirus does not know national boundaries, races or nationalities, or GDP or development level.

The epidemic situation in Europe is worrying

Up to now, 834 cases have been confirmed in Europe, according to the world ometer real time statistics website. There are 655 cases in Italy, 49 in Germany, 41 in France, 26 in Spain, 16 in Britain, 9 in Switzerland, 7 in Sweden, 5 in Austria, 5 in Croatia, 4 in Greece, 4 in Norway, 2 in Finland, 2 in Russia, 1 in Denmark, 1 in Romania, 1 in Belarus, 1 in Lithuania, 1 in Northern Ireland, 1 in Netherlands, 1 in Estonia, 1 in northern Macedonia, 1 in Belgium Case.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a red alert throughout Europe, the Daily Mail said. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the center of the crisis in Italy, and 17 people are dead. Borrelli, head of Italys Civil Defense Department, pointed out that the latest three deaths were all from Lombardy, the region with the most severe epidemic, and the dead were all over 80 years old.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia warned the French that the 27 confirmed cases in Europe are increasing. France is in a critical moment to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, according to the British guardian.

The local France website reported that on the evening of February 27 local time, French health minister Olivier V u00e9 ran said at a press conference that France was at risk of a substantial increase in the number of confirmed infections.

The nice Carnival ends one day earlier

In the tight phase of epidemic prevention and control, the city of nice in southeast France held Carnival as scheduled. The opening ceremony of the carnival on February 15 attracted a large number of tourists.

Nice carnival is one of the three most famous carnivals in the world, as well as Brazil Carnival and Venice Carnival. Hundreds of thousands of tourists are attracted to nice every year. According to the official website of carnival, this year is the 136 nice carnival, with the theme of king of fashion, originally scheduled to be held on from February 15th to 29th.

Nice Carnival scene. /Official website

Local time 26, nice mayor Christian esterossi tweeted on social media, said, at present nice has not found any confirmed cases, we have a very complete medical institutions. But just in case, we decided to end the carnival a day earlier.

Mayor nice tweeted a screenshot.

This is the first time for us to participate in carnival, just enjoy it, and worry about the virus tomorrow, a tourist said in an interview with local media. Another tourist pointed out that it was a stupid decision to cancel the carnival because of the epidemic.

European sports events under the epidemic

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is sweeping across Europe, and sports events in Europe are also facing challenges of varying degrees, the Daily Telegraph reported.

On February 26 local time, the Champions League 1 / 8 final ended in Lyon, France. Affected by the Italian epidemic, there are many voices of doubt before the start of the game, because more than 3000 Italian fans will come to the scene during the game.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia Michel Vuwa may have been postponed or cancelled in 2020, according to the Russian satellite news agency. The vice president of UEFA, 25, said that under the background of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the European Championship was postponed or cancelled. The specific football match depends on the host country. We try not to delay or stop the work related to the European Cup, unless the situation continues to deteriorate, the game will be terminated. .

Reuters report screenshot. /Social media twitter

According to the BBC, Italian Prime Minister konte announced on the 22nd that sports activities in the two regions of Lombardy and Veneto were suspended, thus delaying five Serie A matches.

In addition, the originally scheduled to be held on March 8, Switzerlands ngading skiing marathon race was also cancelled. The BBC points out that it is one of the worlds largest cross-country skiing events, attended by about 14000 people.

Organizers of the European rugby game, originally scheduled for March 14 in Rome, said they were worried about the schedule, the Times reported.

Many European countries have introduced Countermeasures


According to the local France report, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, health minister Wei Lan announced at the conference that employees who were quarantined due to the impact of the epidemic and were unable to go to work in the company could be compensated accordingly. French Prime Minister Edward Philippe said the compensation measure also applies to parents who need to take care of their separated children and are unable to work.

French authorities said on the official website that people should try to avoid all unnecessary activities, such as going to restaurants, cinemas or some large gatherings. At the same time, body temperature should be monitored every day to observe whether there are symptoms of respiratory tract infection.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were reported to have been sent to the affiliated hospitals of 38 universities in France. In addition, 70 hospitals were ready to receive and treat new crown pneumonia patients at any time. There are 108 hospitals in France that can carry out medical work at any time.


According to the BBC, at present, the Italian government is trying to take some measures to eliminate peoples fear of the new coronavirus. Novel coronavirus pneumonia should be treated correctly and calm, said Conte, Prime Minister of Italy. Italy has implemented closed management in 11 towns and introduced a series of curfews.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia has already arrived in Europe, according to Jens Spann, the German health minister, who said before the situation. In view of the current situation of the epidemic in Italy, we changed the assessment of the situation before. All European countries must be prepared. .

According to Robert Koch Institute of medicine in Germany, the current epidemic prevention strategy in Germany is to try to slow down the spread of new coronavirus, otherwise, hospitals and clinics in Germany will be overwhelmed.


According to AFP, the Swiss government announced on March 28 that it would suspend all public activities involving more than 1000 people in order to stop the spread of the new crown virus, which lasted until March 15.