Why is the Iranian epidemic so serious?

 Why is the Iranian epidemic so serious?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Iran novel coronavirus pneumonia on February 28th, 143 officials confirmed that 388 Cases were diagnosed and 34 deaths were reported. According to the islands uncle in Iran, 8 Iran officials were infected with the new crown pneumonia.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is what it is that is happening in Iran. How can we carry the new crown pneumonia epidemic?

Iranian cleaners disinfect mosques (source: foreign media)

Upper class

So far, the number of confirmed cases by Iranian officials has risen to eight.

Some netizens exclaimed: does Irans virus like to take the upper route

In fact, the trend of the epidemic is not special. In his own video, Vice Minister of health Harry Qi also said, this virus is very democratic. He doesnt know poverty and wealth. No matter whether he is an official or not, he may be infected.

But the question is, how did the virus set up a chain among Iranian officials?

First of all, harzii, who was in the front line after the outbreak of the epidemic in Qom, was unfortunately infected. As the main anti epidemic unit, the Ministry of health, as the deputy commander in chief, has the courage to go to the grass-roots level at the critical moment, which is a good leadership. In addition, the 13th district chief of Tehran and two members of Parliament of Jilan province are also likely to be infected in the process of anti epidemic.

Moreover, the spread of the epidemic among Iranian officials is widely believed to be related to the recent intensive meetings in the country. Harry Qi is one of the main persons in charge of anti epidemic. He must participate in and report on the work whether it is the special meeting of anti epidemic or the meeting of the national supreme Security Council.

After harizis diagnosis, some netizens pointed out that rabii, the spokesman of the president who attended the press conference with the Vice Minister of health at the earlier stage, did not wear a mask at the meeting. Fortunately, the latter carried out nucleic acid test overnight, and the result was negative. The speaker of the Tehran Municipal Council, who had close contact with the confirmed District president of Tehran, also carried out self isolation urgently.

Although the outside world can not help worrying about Irans high-level, but it is difficult to infer that the epidemic out of control.. Through these news, you can also see the importance of scientific prevention of viruses.

Iranian Vice President Mahmoud ibtkar has been confirmed (source: foreign media)

epidemic situation

In February 19th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Iran by the Ministry of health in February 19th. Two cases were confirmed by Kum.

Subsequently, the epidemic in the country continued to spread with Qom as the center, and the number of new cases increased in a straight line every day: 3 on the 20th, 13 on the 21st, 10 on the 22nd, 15 on the 23rd, 18 on the 24th, 34 on the 25th, 44 on the 26th Confirmed and suspected cases are now distributed in more than 10 provinces of Iran.

According to Iranian officials, most of the confirmed cases in the country have a history of Kums travel. However, there is no definite answer to these questions: which route does the virus enter? Whether the local mutation leads to high mortality.

After the outbreak, schools in 10 provinces of Iran were closed, national sports events, concerts, performances and art exhibitions were cancelled, all cinemas and public leisure places were closed, large-scale parties such as weddings in public places were banned in Tehran, and hot spots such as pink mosques were closed.

After some discussion, Iran cancelled the collective worship in Tehran today (February 28), which is a very difficult decision for the authorities.

Today, Dao Shu, who is in Iran, went to the supermarket to stock up a car of things and prepared to close his home. Unlike the Italian supermarket, which was snapped up, Irans supermarket is full of goods, and its daily needs are neatly stacked on the shelves, and delivery vehicles are constantly unloading goods at the door.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia studied carefully the products and found that there were worries about the two products: first, the hand washing and washing liquid with disinfecting function; and then ginger, many people in Iran believed that eating ginger could prevent the new crown pneumonia.

At present, there are still few people wearing masks on the streets of Iran. The supermarket administrator told Shimao Shu that its Allahs meaning to get sick or not; some Iranian friends reminded Shimao Shu that more people dont want to wear it, but cant afford it. In the local area, an N95 mask costs about 20 yuan, which is equivalent to a days salary for a low-level worker.

It is true that medical supplies such as masks, alcohol and disinfectant water are hard to buy in Iran compared with sufficient living supplies.

Before that, the masks of Iran were mainly imported from China. Now, the country has mobilized the whole national productivity to produce in three shifts and all-weather, with a daily production capacity of about 2 million. At the same time, Iran has also issued import masks license to some companies, but the Ministry of health also indicated that import is neither easy nor cheap.

Nevertheless, the Iranian government still promised to distribute masks free of charge to the public, and planned to enlist volunteers to distribute them in the subway, bus station and downtown area; meanwhile, Iran has a history of traditional medicine for thousands of years, hoping to enhance human immunity, improve the overall health level of the public and reduce the virus infection rate through the experience of traditional medicine.

Photo collection of fight against new coronavirus released by student news agency of Iran


In fact, apart from masks, Iran is far from reaching the level of medical run.

In fact, Iran is one of the countries with the best public health system in the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean. The country has been promoting the medical tourism project. Because of its good quality and low price, Iran has attracted many Middle East people to come here for treatment, heart bypass, surgery, etc.

So, why is there such a high mortality rate in this Congress that has been very concerned by the outside world?

According to daoshu, according to the habit of Iranians, they are not willing to go to the hospital if it is not a particularly serious illness. According to the statistical method of Iran, as long as the suspected cases and light patients do not go to the hospital for treatment, they will not be included in the statistics; while for those who go to the hospital for treatment, most of the cases are in the critical stage, and the mortality rate is naturally high.

As of yesterday, the death rate in Iran has exceeded 10%, higher than that in Hubei. Even if the death rate can be explained to some extent according to the above thought, people will also have anxiety about the number of suspected patients and light patients who are not isolated in the territory, and guess how large the population is.

There is a data or can be explained in this regard, that is, Irans number of export cases:

According to daoshu statistics, all 43 cases confirmed in Kuwait have a history of Iranian travel; the first case in Lebanon was a 45 year old woman who returned from the holy city of Qom; a total of 8 people in the United Arab Emirates were infected, including 6 on the flight from Iran to Dubai; In addition, four people in Iraq, eight in Bahrain, two in Oman, one in Pakistan, one in Canada and one in China were all confirmed after returning from Iran.

It has been inferred that according to the proportion of the number of people going abroad and the number of confirmed exports, there should be a considerable number of infected or suspected infected people in Iran, which are not included in the governments confirmed data.

At present, almost all the neighboring countries of Iran have closed the land ports connected with Iran, and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Tajikistan, Russia and other countries have all closed their flights to Iran.

As early as the outbreak of Chinas epidemic, Iran took the initiative to suspend direct flights with China, and now Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow and other places that are commonly used to transfer flights have also been inaccessible.

The only living mouth that uncle Dao learned was to fly Iran Mahan airlines to Bangkok, Thailand, and then find a way back from Bangkok. This flight only flies once a week. Now its hard to get a ticket. It wont even last long.

This has also become one of the most anxious questions for Chinese staying in Iran: how to find their way home?

Iranian Street pedestrians (source: foreign media)

In fact, like Iran, the current international epidemic situation has demonstrated the urgency and necessity of human common anti epidemic. On February 27, World Health Organization (who) director general Tan Desai said at a media briefing that the outbreaks in Iran, Italy and South Korea have shown the ability of the new coronavirus - the virus does not know national boundaries, races or nationalities, or the GDP or development level of a country.

The key is not just to prevent cases coming, but to choose how to deal with them when they happen. This is not a time for fear, but for action to prevent infection and save lives. This virus is not an influenza virus. With the right measures, it can be controlled. This is an important message from China.

We are not hopeless. We are bare handed. Every country and everyone can make a difference.