CDC does not recommend wearing masks for the time being

 CDC does not recommend wearing masks for the time being

With the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spreading rapidly in the world, epidemic prevention has become a common test facing the whole world. Whether to wear masks in daily life has also become the focus of attention.

Novel coronavirus is not recommended for CDC at present, the CDC said on 27 April. Please take daily precautions, such as staying at home when you are ill and washing your hands with soap and water, to help slow down the spread of respiratory diseases. A kind of

A further explanation of this suggestion is provided in the video clip below. The CDC said that at present, it is not recommended for the general public to wear masks. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases and other close contacts are required for professional risk prevention measures. A kind of

Not only that, according to CNN, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States, held the same view at the House Foreign Affairs hearing on the 27th.

At the hearing, representative Christie horahan asked Redfield questions about how Americans should deal with the new coronavirus in their daily lives.

Some questions and answers are as follows:

Horahan: should people be afraid?

Redfield: No.

Horahan: should people stock up on cleaning products?

Redfield: No.

Horahan: should people hoard food?

Redfield: not at this time.

Horahan: if you are healthy, should you wear a mask?

Redfield: No.

Asked if there was any missing information, Redfield added, we need to make sure that these N95 masks are available to doctors and nurses who are going to care for these patients.

However, the American people dont seem to agree with CDC on whether to wear masks.

Under the CDC tweet about the use of masks, the most praised comment was: you just dont want to admit that you dont have enough N95 masks for everyone. A kind of

Another netizen said, did you realize that someone might gradually walk around and spread the virus? These people wont stay at home as you suggested, because they dont even know they are sick! Thats why we need to wear mouth masks to protect ourselves. CDC wake up and keep your information up to date!

Another netizen asked, are they out of stock all over the world because they dont work? Is that the premise of your recommendation?

Many netizens also expressed disappointment at the current prevention and control measures in the United States. A netizen joked, before we get the mask, it will not work.. No test = no confirmed case. A kind of

At present, there are 15 confirmed cases in the United States, including 60 returned patients from other countries. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention has warned of the possibility of community-based transmission of the new coronavirus in the United States.