UEFA 1 / 8 final draw result Manchester United meet Austria super strong team SEVI to talk with Roma

 UEFA 1 / 8 final draw result Manchester United meet Austria super strong team SEVI to talk with Roma

At noon on Friday local time, UEFA held a draw for the 1 / 8 final of the UEFA Cup in Nyon, Switzerland. The draw ceremony of the 1 / 8 final will not set seed teams in the knockout round for 16 teams, and there is no avoidance principle for teams in the same group of the football association and group match. In addition to the undefined Frankfurt and Salzburg promotion teams, the other 15 teams respective opponents were drawn. The winners of Frankfurt and Salzburg will be decided in the early hours of February 29, Beijing time.

UEFA media director Pinto presided over the draw ceremony, and UEFA Deputy Secretary General marcetti introduced the draw rules. Dietmar Hamann, a former German international who has won the UEFA Cup on behalf of Bayern Munich and Liverpool, has drawn opponents for each team.

Olympiakos, who eliminated Arsenal, will face the Premier League team again, competing with wolves for a ticket to the last eight. Leverkusens opponent is Su Chaos Glasgow Rangers. Inter will encounter Getafe in La Liga. Sevilla and Rome are a strong match. Manchester United are drawn to sign, will be the first guest after the host into the first 16 in Europe Linz.

According to the UEFA schedule, the 1 / 8 final of the two rounds of the UEFA Cup will be held in the early hours of March 13 and March 20, Beijing time. The eight teams that have won the knockout round will draw another quarter of the final to decide the next opponents. This seasons Europa League final will be held in Gdansk, Poland, in the early hours of May 28.

1 / 8 final match (the former will be the host first and then the guest):

Istanbul bashak (Turkey) vs Copenhagen (Denmark)

Olympiacos (Greece) vs wolf (England)

Glasgow Rangers (Scotland) vs Leverkusen (Germany)

Wolfsburg (Germany) vs Donetsk miner (Ukraine)

Sevilla (Spain) vs Rome (Italy)

Linz (Austria) vs Manchester United (England)

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