Fast resumption of catering industry: Haidilao plans to operate 85percent of Starbucks stores

 Fast resumption of catering industry: Haidilao plans to operate 85percent of Starbucks stores

According to the incomplete statistics of surging journalists, since last week, in the beverage industry, Ruixing coffee, Xicha, Naixue tea and other companies have gradually resumed the operation of offline stores.

Ruixing coffee said that most of the stores in the country have resumed operation. In addition to the Wuhan area, the 429 stores in the country (excluding eight in Wuhan) had returned to normal as of February 21, Xicha said. Naixues tea also said that in addition to the suspension of business in Wuhan and some of the more serious epidemic area stores, more than 80% of the stores in other areas have resumed operation with the approval of the government and the property management.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the number and frequency of going out and gathering meals have been greatly reduced, and the catering industry has been driven into a cold winter. According to China China Cuisine Association novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation and development trend survey report 2020, 78% of the catering enterprises lost more than 100% of business revenue during the epidemic. Within seven days of the Spring Festival alone, the epidemic has caused about 500 billion yuan of losses to retail sales in the catering industry.

At the beginning of February this year, Jia Guolong, chairman of Xibei restaurant, which has more than 400 Xibei youmian village restaurants, said in an interview with the media that at present, the 400 offline stores in Xibei have been basically closed, with only more than 100 take out businesses. It is estimated that the revenue will be 700-800 million yuan in a month before and after the Spring Festival. In addition, since January 26, when the national store was closed, Haidilao has not clearly recovered. According to the data of Haidilao semi annual report 2019, Haidilao has 550 stores in 116 cities across the country.

However, with the continuous expansion of national epidemic prevention and control, the resumption of offline restaurants is accelerating.

In addition to the above mentioned beverage brands that have resumed the operation of most of the stores, the national chain of Western food brand blue frog has also released an announcement last week, which has successively resumed the operation of stores in various regions of the country. In addition, some enterprises are also actively preparing to return to work and operate.

Haidilao said to the surging news reporter that it is actively preparing for the store to return to work and operation, and will make corresponding preparations according to the arrangements for the return to work in various places. Since February 15, Haidilao overseas delivery has resumed operation in succession, using contactless distribution. As of February 27, more than 63% of stores in mainland China have resumed overseas delivery.

It is a common self-help measure in the catering industry to resume delivery and pick-up without contact. On February 20, Chaoshan beef pot brand Zuotang Youyuan also issued a notice that it will resume taking out from some stores in Shanghai, and other stores will resume taking out according to the situation. It is reported that KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks, Ruixing, Xicha and other chain brands have launched such services as contactless in store self fetching and contactless takeout during the epidemic.