A case in Xuzhou has been admitted to hospital for observation after 14 days isolation

 A case in Xuzhou has been admitted to hospital for observation after 14 days isolation

After 14 days of centralized isolation, one case was positive in nucleic acid recheck (no symptoms), and now it has been admitted to the designated hospital for medical observation; eight close contacts were found, and they are undergoing centralized isolation observation.

At present, 2068 close contacts have been traced, 2030 have been removed from medical observation, and 38 are undergoing medical observation.

Experts remind: the current epidemic situation is still severe and complex. With the adjustment of the response level of our province, the restrictive measures are gradually lifted, the flow of people will gradually return to normal, the chance of exposure to infectious sources will greatly increase, and the public still needs to pay attention to strengthening self-protection. We should continue to maintain the awareness of prevention, reduce social exchange activities, and reduce unnecessary crowd gathering; frequently ventilate the family and office places; wear masks when traveling, especially when going to crowded public places; wash hands frequently, pay attention to food hygiene, and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Precautions for unit protection: the unit returning to work shall do well in health monitoring. Units should try to reduce collective activities. The canteen should strengthen the disinfection of tableware and utensils, strengthen indoor ventilation, and improve indoor air quality. Separate the cooked dishes and keep the container clean and dry. When employees have meals, they are encouraged to have meals at different peak, try not to eat in the hall, and keep a certain distance in line and dining.

Xuzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention

February 28, 2020