Zhejiang University team found new coronavirus in tears and conjunctival secretions for the first time

 Zhejiang University team found new coronavirus in tears and conjunctival secretions for the first time

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a vice president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of medicine, and Professor Shen Ye, an ophthalmology department leader, published a research online in February 26th in the Journal of Medical Virology (JournalofMedicalVirology). Fruit.

The first author of the study is Xia Jianhua, and the co correspondents are Shen Ye and Guo Dongyu. The first unit of this paper is the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College.

Shen Ye introduced that the study of different modes of transmission is of great significance to grasp the law of new coronavirus infection, improve disease treatment methods and prevention and control measures.

30 novel coronavirus pneumonia patients diagnosed by Zhejiang University in January 26th from February 9th to the First Affiliated Hospital of medical college were studied on their tear and conjunctival secretion mixture. In the first stage of 6 samples study, no nucleic acid test virus was found. The team firmly believes that the existing samples are not representative and comprehensive, so it is necessary to extend the observation period and continue to stay in the isolation ward for sampling and research.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in the left eye of the new team, which was caused by Red Crowned disease, but not in the right eye. In previous knowledge, the patient had no conjunctivitis before admission. In this study, the nucleic acids of other patients were negative.

Research sample

The difference in the eyes of this patient is very representative. With consent, we will study whether conjunctivitis is associated with the virus. Through nucleic acid testing, Zhejiang University researchers found that the new crown virus in the left eye with conjunctivitis was positive, while the right eye was negative. In order to ensure the accuracy of the study, three nucleic acid tests were carried out on conjunctival secretions of both eyes, and the results were consistent.

At present, the patients through the comprehensive treatment of anti-virus, the overall cure, conjunctivitis is also better, again detect the negative eye virus. Researchers say they are still working on how patients develop conjunctivitis due to the new coronavirus.

According to Shen Ye, the following conclusions can be drawn from this study: 1. Conjunctivitis in patients with left eye is related to the new coronavirus; 2. There is a risk of eye infection with the new coronavirus; 3. Respiratory tract may not be the only way to transmit the new coronavirus.

Shen Ye said the practical significance of the study is to remind medical staff to wear goggles as well as masks when examining suspicious cases. This study provides a scientific basis for the further improvement of national guidelines and standards for the prevention and control of new coronavirus.

Conjunctiva is the outermost layer of eye whiteness as we usually call it. It is an insulator between eyes and air. Oxygen can be absorbed in conjunctiva and participate in the barrier function of metabolism. Its normal function can block the invasion of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Shen Ye said that whether the new coronavirus can find the human immune loophole into the human body remains to be further studied, looking forward to solving the mystery through cooperation.

The research was supported by major science and technology projects of Zhejiang Provincial Science and technology department.