Insider: Sun Yang is currently training at Beijing University of physical education. The plan is to go abroad for training

 Insider: Sun Yang is currently training at Beijing University of physical education. The plan is to go abroad for training

After the hearing, Sun Yang began to enter the rhythm of winter training. He also published his training news on Weibo many times and participated in military training. During the training interval, Sun Yang did not forget the hearing, and constantly threw out various evidences to prove his innocence. On December 1, Sun Yang ushered in his 28th birthday. That night, he came to Beijing Wukesong stadium to watch the CBA match between Beijing and Guangdong.

In 2020, Sun Yang appears to be silent. On January 8, he also forwarded an article about oath of opening winter training of Chinese swimming team, oath of team leader Sun Yang leading, and added come on, Chinese swimming team, see you in March national championship Qingdao! It seems that we are confident in the outcome of the hearing.

In the middle of January, Sun Yang participated in the fina Championships in Shenzhen and Beijing, and won the three championships of 400 meter freestyle in Shenzhen, 200 meter freestyle for men in Beijing and 400 meter freestyle. His condition was quite good. The two races ended successfully, and the victory was the best test of unremitting efforts. Thanks to the coach, the team and the pitiful opponents for all the highlights

On January 27, Sun Yang expressed his regret for Kobes unexpected death, he let us believe in the meaning of persistence, he let us see the strength of persistence. May you have a good time. On February 1, Sun Yang cheered on the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan. in tough days, we all need to live a good life, survive the most difficult time, and finally usher in the most grand prosperity. Come on, China! It was his last voice before the results were released.

In fact, according to a person familiar with the situation, Sun Yang intended to go abroad for training after the Spring Festival, but the development of the epidemic made the plan seem unrealistic. On February 26 or so, Sun Yang arrived in Beijing to prepare for training, but because of the impact of the epidemic, the Training Bureau of the General Administration of sports was in a closed state, so he could only train at the Beijing University of physical education. As a result, on February 28, Sun Yang and others arrived at the result of being banned for eight years