Health and Health Commission: we should continue to implement strict control over the channel from Han to Hubei

 Health and Health Commission: we should continue to implement strict control over the channel from Han to Hubei

The main performance is to avoid the outbreak and prevalence in a larger scale in China, and the national epidemic situation continues to improve, and the trend is gradually expanding.

Wuhan is the center and the most serious area of the epidemic. Liang Wannian said, at present, the trend of rapid epidemic rise in Wuhan has been curbed, which is manifested in the number of new daily cases, the number of new daily suspected cases, the proportion of severe and micro severe cases in confirmed patients in recent years is declining, and the mortality rate is declining. These four figures fully show that the epidemic is under strong control.

Liang Wannian, for example, said that the peak of the number of new confirmed cases per day in Wuhan was 3900 on February 13, which has dropped to 313 on February 27; the number of newly cured discharged patients has exceeded the number of newly confirmed cases for 8 consecutive days since February 20; the proportion of the existing serious cases in the confirmed cases has been fluctuating from 31.6% on February 11, which reached 22.4% on February 27; the mortality rate From a high of 9.0% on January 26, it dropped to the current 4.4%.

At the same time, there is a better situation. In the daily new cases, these new patients are mainly transferred from suspected cases, accounting for 80% - 90%. That is to say, these cases are further confirmed under our control. This is the basic situation in Wuhan. Liang Wannian said.

According to the analysis and judgment of the expert group, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is still severe and complex, with great uncertainty, and still facing huge rebound pressure, so we can not be blindly optimistic, and the prevention and control work can not be relaxed at all.

Liang Wannian said that experts recommended that, in terms of strategy, Wuhan should continue to implement the strategy of external anti-export and internal anti-proliferation, continue to maintain and implement the current prevention and control measures, including strict control of the channel away from Han, pay close attention to community prevention and control, adhere to the principle of four concentration, pay close attention to medical assistance, and reduce the mortality rate. At the same time, Wuhan city should pay special attention to the management and treatment of light patients to prevent light patients from turning heavy.

Other cities in Hubei Province should continue to implement the strategy of strict control, external export prevention and internal proliferation prevention, and strictly implement the classified and centralized management measures of four categories of personnel to ensure zero clearing. We will continue to exercise strict control over the routes from China and Hubei to curb the export of cases.

In other regions of the country, it is suggested to implement the strategy of prevention first, external input prevention and internal local diffusion prevention, focusing on the county level, according to the level of risk assessment, the corresponding prevention and control strategies should be adopted in the high, medium and low areas, so as to balance the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the development of social economy.