China Swimming Association responds to Sun Yangs 8-year suspension

 China Swimming Association responds to Sun Yangs 8-year suspension

CAS explains the reason for Sun Yangs suspension: there is not enough evidence to explain why the sample was damaged

CAS gave Sun Yang the reason for suspension: he did not cooperate with Wada inspection, at the same time, Sun Yang did not give enough evidence to prove why he damaged the test sample, which led to Sun Yang violating the relevant Anti Doping laws and regulations.

Sun Yang can appeal within 30 days! This is really his last straw

According to CASs previous announcement, the decision is not final and Sun Yang can appeal to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court within 30 days.

Who was the chief lawyer who pulled Armstrong off to deal with sunyang case?

Richard Young is a partner of the law firm, and he is also the chief lawyer of Wada party at Sun Yangs violent anti prosecution hearing. He once pulled Armstrong, the seven times king of the tour de France, off his horse.

CAS official website is paralyzed! Too many people pay attention to Sun Yangs case and organize a group to brush up at the critical moment

Dramatically, just as everyone was waiting for the results to be announced, CASs website was hacked and the official website of the International Court of sports arbitration couldnt be viewed for a while.

Sun Yang is banned from swimming in China

If Sun Yang fails to make it to the Tokyo Olympic Games, the blow to Chinas team will be quite heavy. After all, in the past ten years, as long as Sun Yang goes out to fight, Chinas swimming will win the gold medal in the world competition, but now it is likely to accept the embarrassment of no gold entry for the first time in 20 years. The pressure on Xu Jiayu and ye Shiwen is considerable.