Tianjin media: Tianhai should live like this or it will hurt the reputation of Tianjin football for decades

 Tianjin media: Tianhai should live like this or it will hurt the reputation of Tianjin football for decades

The original text is as follows:

February 28 is the window closing day for the winter transfer of 2020 season stipulated by the Chinese Football Association. Once upon a time, when the time limit was nearly one day, the anxiety of fans who cared about Tianhai team would increase a little, because before that, in addition to the continuous output of information, the introduction of information by Tianhai teams personnel has always been 0. Its a pity that there is no press sentry official announcement that is 0. When Kunming winter training was included, Guangzhou Evergrande club had already sent the transfer contract to Zhang Chenglin of Tianhai club, and he also didnt sign it. In this regard, Zhang Chenglin once said privately that tears flowed into his stomach.

The current situation of Tianhai team is unique in China, but objectively speaking, February 28 is not the life and death limit of Tianhai team, which only means that they have lost the qualification of foreign aid introduction before the opening of transfer summer window. If everything is normal, they can use the temporary window time before the start of the League to introduce players from home, including the introduction of foreign face ball Member. However, the zero introduction before the closing of winter window really means very abnormal - the problems at the club level, obviously, have not been fundamentally solved up to now. The survival of Tianhai team has reached an awkward and even dangerous situation.

The normal investment of investors is the lifeblood of a club. As we all know, the investors of Tianhai club have many follow-up problems that have not been completely solved. The intended partners that Tianhai club has contacted in the previous stage have finally proved to be fleeting. Todays Tianhai club has some difficulties. However, Tianhai club has always claimed that it will overcome difficulties and keep the team in CSL, and then in the process, it will seek cooperation or other ways to make the club more healthy and healthy development, which is also a fact.

On the one hand, Tianhai Club operated in a standard way last season without any mistakes. From the perspective of audit and access, although the Chinese Football Association urged the company to submit a more detailed financial status report as a guarantee, if Tianhai didnt withdraw, it would be difficult for the Chinese Football Association to start the so-called replacement process; on the other hand, Tianhai club will face the work of 2020 season, We cant just stay at the level of expression or guarantee, but we must also have specific actions, otherwise it will bring a lot of uncertainty to the work of CFA and CSL; it will hurt the coaches and players of the team; it will make the fans who support, love and cherish the team sad and disappointed; it will even hurt the honors accumulated in Tianjin football for decades.

On February 28, Tianhai club kept silent on this day, making their life and death problems more urgent, severe and cruel. Up to now, the vast majority of people still believe that a Chinese super team will not die easily, so will Tianhai team, but only live like a person can be called live.

Source: editor in charge of sports of Netease: Xu Zexin ufe50 bjs4919