The man takes off his mask and spits at the steward without scanning the bus

 The man takes off his mask and spits at the steward without scanning the bus

During the outbreak, the man took off his mask to spit at the crew members without scanning the bus code (source: ~)

According to the requirements, during the epidemic period, when passengers take buses and tour taxis, they must use mobile phone to scan the code for real name registration and pay for the fare electronically. However, recently, when a man was preparing to take Haikou No.41 bus, he not only failed to scan the bus code as required, but also took off his mask and spit at the steward when he was dissuaded.

From the monitoring video in the bus, it can be seen that the bus driver takes the temperature of a male passenger who is scanning the code with his mobile phone. At the same time, the steward asks another man who is going to get on the bus whether he has his mobile phone, but the man not only does not reply, but also spits at the steward.

According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia control command of Haikou, passengers should use Alipay and WeChat to pay for buses and cruise taxis, so as to avoid virus spreading through coins and facilitate the relevant departments such as disease control departments to track passengers information when necessary. At that time, the man took bus No. 41 at Xiuying village station, not only failed to take the bus as required, but also spitted at the steward.

After that, he got out of the car and left. Seeing this situation, the driver and the passengers got out of the car immediately to control the man, and called the police. The police rushed to the scene to deal with it, and took Yang, the man involved, back to the police station for investigation.

The man claimed that he didnt know the regulation. At that time, he didnt have a mobile phone, so he couldnt pay for it with a mobile phone, and only had cash. So he became angry with the stewardess for a while, and he spat at the stewardess.

Police said Yang, 35, was released on February 14 after being detained by Haiken police station for theft in January. Police carried out a temperature test on him. His temperature is normal at present. Next, the public security organ will wait for the investigation to be clear, according to the relevant legal provisions, and then deal with him accordingly.

A man in Jiangxi has been sentenced to 8 months for multiple crimes such as obstructing epidemic prevention and control

Novel coronavirus was held in Jishui on forenoon in February 24th morning. This is the first case of anti - arrest in Jiangxi court since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia.

Li Jingsheng, director of the public security administration of the Ministry of Public Security: according to relevant laws and regulations, during the period of epidemic prevention and control, making trouble in public places, causing serious disorder in public places; knowingly or suspected of infection, deliberately entering public places or means of transportation for transmission; spitting on medical personnel, causing infection to medical personnel; violence, threat, etc Those who obstruct state functionaries and other functionaries from carrying out measures such as epidemic prevention, quarantine, compulsory isolation, isolation and treatment in accordance with the law and constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law, and those who do not constitute a crime shall be punished for public security in accordance with the law.