How can Huanggang achieve the goal from epidemic emergency to zero new cases in 5 consecutive days?

 How can Huanggang achieve the goal from epidemic emergency to zero new cases in 5 consecutive days?

How is hard core Huanggang refined? Zheng Daojun found that there are both hard measures and soft services behind zero growth, and some measures and practices in Huanggang have been hot searched, causing some praise.

Picture: Huanggang street under the escalation of epidemic control on February 3. Shen Jizhong

The number of new cases in Huanggang was high, second only to Wuhan

Wang Xiaodong, the governor of Hubei Province, once made a special point to Huanggang, we must not let Huanggang become the second Wuhan.

Huanggang is next to Wuhan. It takes only half an hour to get there by intercity rail. At one time, the number of confirmed cases in this city was second only to that in Wuhan.

According to the data disclosed by the health and Health Commission of Hubei Province, as of 24:00 on January 29, a total of 4586 confirmed cases had been reported in Hubei Province, including nearly 500 cases in Huanggang, which was the second highest epidemic area after Wuhan at that time. On the evening of January 29, at a press conference held in Hubei Province, Wang Xiaodong, the governor of Hubei Province, paid a special visit to Huanggang when talking about the prevention and control of municipal and state epidemics. He said that there are more than 1000 confirmed and suspected cases in Huanggang now, we must not let Huanggang become the second Wuhan.

In the following days, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Huanggang remained high: 153 on January 31, 276 on February 1, 244 on February 2, 176 on February 3, 223 on February 4

Passively and decisively remove Director Tang of the municipal health and Health Commission

Three county-level cadres were removed, three township party and government cadres were removed, and 202 cadres were disciplined.

The epidemic situation of Huanggang has also attracted the attention of the central steering group. In order to further understand the treatment of local confirmed cases and the detection of suspected cases, on January 29, the central guidance group sent an inspection team to Huanggang City for inspection and verification. When the inspection team asked about the treatment capacity, number of beds and nucleic acid detection capacity of designated hospitals, Tang Zhihong, the former director of Huanggang Health Committee, was either silent or vague.

On the second day, Tang Zhihong was removed from his post at such a fast speed that he was called lightning losing official. The news of director Tangs loss of official immediately rushed to the microblog hot search, and Huanggang municipal Party committee resolutely dismissed and reaped the online cheers.

Photo: Tang Zhihong, former director of Huanggang Health Commission, was removed.

The removal of director Tang shocked the local officialdom, and Huanggang city also declared its determination to fight the epidemic. One day later, Qiu Lixin, the female mayor of Huanggang, attended the press conference of Hubei provincial government, confessed to the national audience that she did not know enough about the epidemic situation, was not fully prepared, had lax prevention and control measures, and some cadres were not honest in their work style, and said, we are really very guilty and very responsible..

Qiu Lixin also said that Huanggang City sincerely accepts and sincerely thanks the supervision and criticism of the news media and all aspects of the society, and will take more powerful measures to promote the implementation of various works, and win the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control.

Qiu Lixin also said that the rectification work has been speeded up, including the cadres who are incompetent in the prevention and control work, including three county-level cadres, three township party and government cadres, and 202 disciplinary cadres.

In the face of the whole nation, the chief officials of Huanggang are honest with the problems and actively rectify and implement them. This attitude of seeking truth from facts and being brave after knowing shame is worthy of affirmation. Huanggang has also set up a good image of actively responding to the epidemic.

Photo: Qiu Lixin, mayor of Huanggang City.

The community is completely closed and residents are not allowed to enter or leave without permission

This shows Huanggangs decision-making ability and sense of responsibility.

Huanggangs closure was only 14 hours later than that of Wuhan. On January 23, Huanggang announced that: from 24:00 on January 23, 2020, the operation of public transportation and long-distance passenger transportation in Huanggang urban area will be suspended; the passage from urban railway station and railway station to Huanggang urban area will be temporarily closed, and the citizens will not leave the urban area without special reasons; all cinemas, Internet bars and indoor public culture, tourism and entertainment places in Huanggang urban area will be closed; the central market of Huangzhou District will be closed.

On February 1, Huanggang issued a notice to strictly control the travel of urban residents. Each family can assign one family member to go on the street to purchase living materials every two days. Other personnel are not allowed to go out except for sick medical treatment, epidemic prevention and control work, working in supermarkets and pharmacies. This control measure was implemented earlier and was learned and used for reference by many places in the country.

Photo: Huanggang street, February 3. Shen Jizhong

February 9, Huanggang City in order to completely block the spread of the epidemic again under the ruthless move.. In this city, closed management is carried out on the urban unit buildings and rural natural embankment groups inhabited by four kinds of people. The community and village group shall be responsible for the purchase and distribution of the living materials of the closed houses.

On February 13, the control measures were upgraded again. Huanggang City issued a circular, all vehicles are strictly controlled, except for medical staff and ambulance vehicles, anti epidemic vehicles, trucks for transporting medical aid materials and residents necessities, fire fighting, emergency rescue, police vehicles and other special vehicles, all other vehicles are forbidden to pass. All streets (towns) and communities (villages) implement the most strict and effective control measures. Except for medical and health workers, anti epidemic workers and employees engaged in basic livelihood security, such as water, electricity, oil and gas, communication network, food and vegetables, medical materials, etc., no other residents are allowed to enter or leave without authorization. The public security organs shall, in accordance with law, take compulsory measures for those who forcibly rush into the separation, warning and sealing control facilities set up at the community and road entrances and exits.

All the basic necessities for the residents of the community (residential area) shall be distributed by the neighborhood (town) and community (Village) neighborhood committee, and the urgently needed goods shall be purchased on behalf of others. All Party members, cadres and residents must unconditionally obey the unified leadership and dispatch of the community (Village) where they live, and participate in the epidemic prevention work locally and nearby. All fever patients and close contacts who need centralized isolation shall be concentrated at the specified centralized isolation point for medical observation.

Check the patients, and the first prize of the active medical staff is 500 yuan

The combination of hard investigation and material reward not only arouses the enthusiasm of the masses in seeking medical treatment and supervision, but also arouses the enthusiasm of the front-line prevention and control personnel.

Huanggang also deployed earlier in the general survey of febrile patients. On January 23, Huanggang announced that it would investigate and control the epidemic situation of the passing vehicles and personnel in accordance with the laws and regulations at all the entrances and exits of Huanggang urban area, without missing one person and one vehicle. The temperature of the personnel in and out of the city shall be measured, and the patients with fever symptoms shall be arranged to the designated medical point for further examination and treatment in time; the personnel in close contact with the vehicle shall be arranged to the designated place for observation.

On February 11th, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Hubei, regular news conference, Liu Xuerong, Secretary of the Huanggang municipal Party committee, said that Huanggang seized the critical window period for epidemic prevention and control, and organized the work team based on the village community based unit, integrating party members and cadres, grid members, police officers, volunteers and other forces. Comprehensive investigation, isolation, observation, referral and transportation arrangement shall be carried out for the identified fever patients. 13000 fever patients have been identified.

On February 16, Huanggang City issued a notice that residents who have fever, cough and other symptoms should immediately report to the community (Village) where they live, and the community (Village) will arrange special personnel to escort them to the fever clinic of the designated hospital. A one-time reward of 500 yuan will be given to the active medical staff.

The epidemic prevention and control personnel at all levels shall conduct in-depth search and investigation. Any new fever personnel found in the investigation shall be promptly arranged to the fever clinic of the designated hospital. A one-off reward of 500 yuan will be given to the prevention and control personnel.

Encourage all sectors of society to supervise and report. The general public shall immediately report to the community (Village) where they are located if they find any new fever. Once verified, a one-time reward of 500 yuan will be given. If two or more people report it successively, the first informer shall be rewarded.

The combination of hard screening and material reward not only fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses for active medical treatment and supervision, but also mobilize the enthusiasm of the front-line prevention and control personnel.

Police cars on the way, medical staff resort for rest

Only hard measures are not enough. Huanggang City has won a lot of praise through a series of humanized measures, which can be called both hard and soft.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in February 27th. The health care committee of Huanggang city announced that from February 26th, the new citys pneumonia prevention and control period, the citys hospitals arranged for pregnant medical staff to rest at home.

It is understood that the introduction of the compulsory rest order or with a pregnant medical staff help. On February 25, media reported that a pregnant Huanggang medical staff working in the front line had sent for help, very much hope to be informed that they can be isolated at home..

The next day, Huanggang health and Health Commission issued a notice asking pregnant doctors and nurses to get off the hot line, which shows the efficiency.

In addition to caring for their own medical staff, Huanggang treats the medical teams from other provinces with high standards.

According to the 16 provinces supporting Wuhan and other cities established by the national health and Health Commission, Hunan Province and Shandong Province support Huanggang City. On February 16, Qiu Lixin, deputy secretary of Huanggang municipal Party committee and mayor of Huanggang City, sobbed and wept when talking with Hunan medical team supporting Huanggang. Qiu Lixin said, the people of our old district have a grateful heart. In our most difficult time, the medical team of Hunan came. Your arrival greatly relieved our pressure. There are many serious patients and critical patients. At this time, its your initiative to pick up the ICU. People in our old area have a grateful heart. We will always remember the help and hope that Hunan provincial Party committee, provincial government and Hunan people have brought to our Huanggang people. We are very grateful.

On the evening of February 22, 101 medical and nursing personnel of the fourth medical team of Hunan counterpart aid Huanggang arrived in Yingshan County, Huanggang City. At 11:00 p.m. that day, when the bus team of medical team members drove out of the intersection of Wuying expressway, the police officers waiting for a long time formed two columns, with all the headlights on, saluted all the members of the medical support team in an orderly and uniform manner, and then drove on with police cars to escort them They go to the temporary residence and greet the most beautiful rebel with the most solemn ceremony.

In addition, the medical staff of Shandong medical team who had been in Huanggang for a month were also sent to a hot spring resort in Luotian County, Huanggang City for rest. The local reception with the highest standard of etiquette caused a lot of praise on the Internet. Media reported that at 3 p.m. on February 24, Shandong medical team took four buses to leave the hotel and the police car drove all the way. When passing several traffic stations, the police and traffic police all saluted and let pass. After arriving at the hotel, the soldiers in white were warmly welcomed.

Photo: on February 24, Shandong medical team went to the resort to rest and salute the police along the way. Heze daily

Picture: on February 24, the rest of the medical team arrived at the resort and was warmly welcomed. Heze daily

It is through a series of effective measures that Huanggang successfully reversed the epidemic situation. Although the epidemic situation is still complex, I believe that the most difficult time has passed. It is reasonable to believe that under the leadership of Huanggang municipal Party committee and government, the day when 7 million Huanggang people defeated the epidemic is not far away.