23 family members and 20 friends of a mans family have dinner together, and 20 people have been confirmed to be contracted to the same hospital

 23 family members and 20 friends of a mans family have dinner together, and 20 people have been confirmed to be contracted to the same hospital

The novel coronavirus pneumonia experts in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital and the experts in the field were gathered together in Hangzhou, Wuhan and Jingmen through three remote live broadcast methods to explore the treatment plan of 7 new severe pneumonia cases in Hubei.

Improve the rescue rate of severe and critical patients

Its our next priority

Cai Xiujun, President of the Shao run Fu hospital, said that since the outbreak, the hospital has sent eight batches of medical teams and 189 medical staff to support the front line of the epidemic, making it the hospital with the largest number of support staff dispatched from affiliated hospitals of Zhejiang University.

From the current overall prevention and control work, the front-line medical team has achieved phased results, and now it is more complex and critical patients, such as patients with respiratory disorders, or patients with more basic diseases. Therefore, to improve the rescue rate of severe and critical patients is our next priority.

Accurate treatment plan is very important for the success rate of rescue and later rehabilitation of patients, but patients with severe and critical diseases often have complex conditions, so it is necessary to give full play to the role of front and back side linkage and multi-disciplinary discussion. Cai said.

Seven critical and severe cases were discussed at the three consultation sites, including one from Wuhan and six from Jingmen.

Jingmen: 5 cases from critical to severe

The first ECMO patient successfully removed the ventilator

You can talk and eat

Jingmen, Hubei Province, is destined to be a tough battle.

On February 12, the respiratory critical treatment team composed of 35 experts, as the first group of medical teams in Zhejiang Province, rushed to support Jingmen medical team. Within 24 hours, an intensive care unit (ICU) which basically meets the requirements of hospital sense was reconstructed on the basis of zero basis in the North Hospital District of Jingmen City First Peoples Hospital, and the local critical patients in Jingmen were treated intensively.

At present, there are 22 patients in ICU, 14 of them are critical and 8 of them are severe, among which 5 of them are severe after treatment. At present, there are 7 cases of endotracheal intubation, 2 cases of non-invasive ventilator, 5 cases of high flow oxygen therapy, 1 case of ECMO, and another ECMO in the afternoon. The first novel coronavirus pneumonia ECMO in Jingmen was removed from ECMO 20 days after the treatment. Before that, 5 severe patients improved after treatment and transferred to the general ward.

The first ECMO patient in Jingmen successfully removed the ventilator, thumbed up on the bed and took a picture with the medical staff.

Relatives and friends including 23 people from Wuhan

20 people were diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia

The 61 year old is critically ill. Do you want to go to ECMO?

Vice President targeted aid novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia, Cai Xiaochun, Deputy Secretary General of the Zhejiang provincial government, and Zhejiang provinces head commander of the front command of Jingmen city against the new crown pneumonia in Hubei province. The party secretary and vice president of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Zhejiang province targeted aid to Jingmen City in Hubei province to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, the deputy commander of the front command Liu Limin, Lv Fangfang, Zhou Jiancang, Zhou Yong, Zhang Junli, Gong Xiaoyan, Ge Huiqing, etc.

During the consultation, three experts discussed the actual conditions of seven patients, including six critically and complicated patients from Jingmen medical team. One of the patients who may have ECMO was fully discussed and prepared.

This is a 61 year old male patient. He developed a fever on January 27 with a body temperature of 38.5 u2103 and a poor appetite on January 24. On February 12, the patient was transferred from Jingmen county hospital to Jingmen first hospital. At that time, his blood oxygen saturation was only 87%, with non-invasive respiratory support. On February 14, the medical team officially opened its department, and was the first patient admitted by the medical team. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and respiratory failure were the most common cases of hospitalized patients.

He was found when we screened in the ward on other floors. He had poor blood oxygen saturation. After intubation, he was transferred to ICU. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, a novel coronavirus pneumonia expert, said Zhou Jiancang, a specialist in Jingmen medical team. When the new years Eve was just around the year, 23 friends and relatives of Wuhan returned to the gathering, and 20 were diagnosed with pneumonia. In the ward of the first hospital of Jingmen City, there are many relatives, such as his brother and his family.

After two weeks of treatment, although the patients condition has improved, but still needs very high respiratory support, the remission is not obvious, lung CT shows that the disease is still in progress.

In the ICU of Jingmen first peoples Hospital, the patient and the doctor of Shao Yifu hospital made an OK gesture.

Professor Fu Guosheng, director of Cardiology, nodded, and then said: from the perspective of Cardiology, the course of the patient is relatively long. If conditions permit and the condition requires, ECMO can be carried out as early as possible. If the condition continues to worsen, it may increase the probability of organ exhaustion in all aspects of the body.

Whether ECMO is used or not, it is important to monitor the inflammatory indexes of patients. Especially for the monitoring of sputum character, quantity and culture... Yu Yunsong, vice president of Shao Yifu hospital and director of infection department, also further discussed with the medical team from the perspective of infection prevention and control.


Heavy duty to normal 8, discharge 4

MDT discussion on novel coronavirus pneumonia in 52 year old kidney transplant recipients

On February 15, the 142 person medical team of Shao run Fu hospital assisted Hubei medical team, officially renovated and took over the critical disease area on the eighth floor of the affiliated Xiehe tumor center (Wuhan Xiehe tumor center) of Tongji Medical College of Wuhan Huazhong University of science and technology.

As of February 27, 67 patients have been admitted to the ward. At present, there are 62 patients living in 64 beds in the ward. There are 14 severe patients in the ward. The total number of severe patients to ordinary patients is 8 and 4 discharged.

Shao medical reconstruction system took over the ICU of Wuhan Union cancer center and the first patient was cured and discharged

Yu Hong, vice president of Shao Yifu hospital and leader of the medical team assisting Hubei Province of Shao Yifu hospital, pan Kong Han, Zhang Ge, Chen Yan, Shen Lihua, Zhou Yan and other experts attended the consultation in Wuhan.

Yesterday, a novel coronavirus pneumonia patient aged 52 years old was discussed. Wuhan experts hope that MDT team of general hospital will give the next treatment plan. After discussion among experts in nephrology, infection and respiratory department, it was finally decided to gradually reduce the amount of hormone used by patients. After hormone reduction, anti rejection drugs were added to continue the antiviral treatment program.

Through remote consultation in three places, experts from three places agreed that the good news from one front line has increased our confidence and demonstrated the specialty and difficulty of Shao medical team.

Deliver supplies to the front line on Monday

What do you need? What the team members are talking about is always what patients lack.

In order to fight the epidemic prevention and control resistance war, we have fully integrated various resources such as experts, logistics support and Internet. No matter in the front line or in the rear, no matter in which anti epidemic battlefield, as long as there is a need, we will fully mobilize the advantages of the whole expert team, share the experience of medical teams in the hospital, and contribute Shao medical force to the victory of disease and the fight against the epidemic. Said Cai Xiujun, President of Shao Yifu hospital.

On Monday, Shao Yifu hospital will send materials to the front line (Wuhan, Jingmen) medical team. In addition to the drugs and protective materials used by medical staff, we will also express some items according to the needs of the front-line medical team.

Every time I ask them, what do you need? No matter Jingmen or Wuhan team members, they always talk about the needs of patients, which makes me feel that they have never talked about what they need, instead, they have sent the items they need again and again. Said Zhuang Yiyu, vice president of nursing at Shao Yifu hospital.

Send us some restraints and dental pads

Make patients more comfortable and safer during treatment

Just this Monday, the queen just mailed 100 restraints to Jingmen medical team and 100 dental pads not long ago.

What are the restraints for? Zhuang Yiyu, vice president of nursing, said that in ICU ward, after patients with endotracheal intubation get better, they will not be injected with many sedatives for a period of time before extubation, hoping that patients will be extubated after waking up, but the process is more difficult for patients, and they will even struggle to unplug themselves. Therefore, such patients need to be restrained. In the process of using the restraint, the medical team members reported that the comfort of patients in the local hospital was not as good as that in Hangzhou, so they specially sent 100 of them to the rear.

The dental pad used by the patient is a fixed device that needs to be placed in the mouth to prevent the teeth from biting the tube flat and damaging because the tube is relatively soft after the patients tracheal intubation. In the past, there were special dental pads in ICU Wards, but local resources were limited, so medical team members could only replace them with other objects. They tried to use syringes, but the syringes were too hard and the patient was particularly uncomfortable to bite. So when asked what they need, they say they need dental pads. Then, the next week, 100 dental pads were sent from Hangzhou to Jingmen.

There were 28 new deaths and 313 confirmed cases in Wuhan yesterday

6775 cases of serious diseases

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 27, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 327 new confirmed cases, 44 new deaths (41 in Hubei, 2 in Beijing, 1 in Xinjiang production and Construction Corps), and 452 new suspected cases, according to the national health and Health Commission.

On the same day, 3622 cases were cured, 10525 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 394 severe cases were reduced.

As of 24:00 on February 27, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 39919 confirmed cases (including 7952 severe cases), 36117 cured and discharged cases, 2788 dead cases, 78824 confirmed cases and 2308 suspected cases. The total number of close contacts was 656054, and 65225 were still under medical observation.

There are 318 newly confirmed cases (313 cases in Wuhan), 3203 newly cured and discharged cases (2498 cases in Wuhan), 41 newly dead cases (28 cases in Wuhan), 36829 currently confirmed cases (30179 cases in Wuhan), including 7633 severe cases (6775 cases in Wuhan). 26403 cases (15826 cases in Wuhan), 2682 cases (2132 cases in Wuhan) were cured and 65914 cases (48137 cases in Wuhan) were confirmed. There are 332 new suspected cases (295 in Wuhan) and 1989 suspected cases (1488 in Wuhan).

In total, 135 confirmed cases were reported in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 93 cases in Hong Kong SAR (26 discharged, 2 dead), 10 cases in Macao SAR (8 discharged), 32 cases in Taiwan (6 discharged, 1 dead).

A family in Wuhan has a dinner party in Zhuhai, 6 people have been diagnosed and nearly 50 people have been isolated

From January 16 to 20, Ms. Yu, 59, who lived in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and her relatives from four families met successively in Zhuhai, with a total of 18 people.

Today, a novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing announced a case of family infection caused by a dinner. The family was told novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed after a weeks dinner with their relatives, but they didnt care about it and they were still working around. Someone at home was sick and could not bear to go to the hospital until the child was ill. They went to the hospital one after another and all seven members of the family were recruited. Forward reminders! Please see a doctor as soon as you feel unwell, and take the initiative to explain the suspicious contact situation. Dont get away with it!