Former neighbors talk about Ms. Huang: she is very beautiful and her poor family

 Former neighbors talk about Ms. Huang: she is very beautiful and her poor family

Ms. Huang went to Beijing event continued to ferment.

Under strict control of the epidemic in Wuhan, a woman surnamed Huang entered Beijing at 2 a.m. on February 22 after she was released from Wuhan womens prison and received by her family by car. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the second day of emergency treatment of the fever in February 23rd at 19:00 PM, which was confirmed by the first aid vehicle in Dongcheng District Pu Ren Hospital. Wuhans closure has not yet been lifted, and Beijing has strict epidemic prevention. Who is Ms. Huang? How to get out of Wuhan? How to get into Beijing?

For a while, the identity conjecture of Ms. Huang was getting more and more fascinating: some people thought it was the second sister of Huang Guangyu, founder of Gome, and some people thought it was the family of a high-ranking official who had lost his horse.

The mystery was soon revealed.

At 11:43 a.m. on February 27, the new media of time weekly exclusively reported the identity of Ms. Huang. (for details, please see exclusive: Ms. Huang, who ran back to Beijing from Wuhan, is this person! )

Ms. Huang, whose real name is Huang Dengying, was born in 1959. She used to be the deputy head and cashier of the financial department of Xuanen County Water Conservancy and Fisheries Bureau of Hubei Province. He was sentenced to 10 years in June 2013 for corruption. In response to the appeal, Hubei Enshi state intermediate court made a second instance ruling on February 18, 2014, rejecting the appeal and maintaining the original judgment.

Ms. Huang served her sentence at Wuhan womens prison in Hubei Province and was commuted for seven months on September 27, 2017. In August 2019, the Wuhan middle court once again subtracted the penalty of Ms. Huang from the fixed-term imprisonment of 7 months, which starts from April 18, 2011 to February 17, 2020 - February 18 this year, which happens to be the day when Ms. Huangs sentence is released.

A deputy chief and cashier in a small county in Hubei?! The melon eaters expressed their disappointment that the legendary Ms. Huang was not a privileged class, and the amount of corruption was finally recognized as 365000 by the court. After the trial, the stolen money was recovered and 60000 yuan was fined.

Poor family, so what kind of background do you think her family can have? On the evening of February 27, Yu Lan (pseudonym), who was a neighbor of Huang Dengying more than 30 years ago, recalled Huang Dengying to the times weekly. She sighed: if she had a background and embezzled 300000 yuan, how could she have been sentenced to 10 years!


I looked at her at that time, just like you look at Dong Qing now.

This is the story of a beautiful woman.

According to Yu Lan, after graduating from college, Huang Dengying worked as a cashier for several years in the power company of Xuanen County, Hubei Province, and then went to the water conservancy and aquaculture Bureau.

When Yu Lan saw Huang Dengying for the first time, she thought she was particularly beautiful.

She was about 24 at the time, and I think shes good enough to be a compere in terms of her appearance. Yu Lan recalled that Huang Dengying was about 1.6 meters tall and weighs about 100 Jin. She was not particularly thin and had big eyes. Her skin was very white, white and red, and her complexion was very good. When does her waist stand straight and straight, the overall feeling is that it makes people look very comfortable..

I looked at her at that time, just like everyone looks at Dong Qing now. Yu Lan makes an analogy.

In my memory, she likes to wear shirts, pants and high heels. Because the skin is very white, it looks beautiful at a glance. Yu Lan said that Huang Dengying was from Jianshi County, and said that Jianshi girl is a flower. She is a typical Jianshi girl, and she is very popular. Colleagues talk about that she is very good, and her relationship with leaders is good..

Yu Lan said that Xuanen in Hubei Province is a small place, but Huang Dengyings dress and home layout are very decent and generous.

In Yu Lans view, Huang Dengying is outstanding in all aspects, and her husband Qin is relatively ordinary. They belong to a more mundane couple, Yu Lan recalled. In 2011, shortly after Huang Dengying was jailed, her husband had a stroke. Maybe the pressure of life is too much..

Why did Huang Dengying marry relatively ordinary Qin? This is probably another story.


Embezzlement 300000 sentenced to 10 years, injustice?

According to the criminal ruling on the Internet of Chinese judgment documents, Huang Dengying, together with others, embezzled 721720 yuan of public funds and 365120 yuan for himself. After being found guilty, he voluntarily returned all the stolen goods. He could be given a lighter punishment at his discretion, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and confiscation of 60000 yuan of property. Among the five people involved in the Wo case, the vice director of Yi surname was sentenced for the longest period of 11 years, followed by Huang Dengying, and Xia surname accounting for 5 years.

Embezzlement 300000, 10 years in prison, unjust or not?

Zhao Shaohua, a senior partner of Beijing deheheng (Guangzhou) law firm, said in an interview with the times weekly that Huang Dengying and other defendants jointly embezzled public funds, which constituted a joint crime. Although the public funds they received were only 365120 yuan, the public funds they jointly embezzled were 721720 yuan. According to the provisions of the criminal law of the peoples Republic of China on the crime of corruption at that time, whoever embezzles more than 100000 yuan of public funds may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death. Despite the fact that Huang returned all the stolen money, the court sentenced him to ten years in prison.

In accordance with the current interpretation on Several Issues concerning the application of law in handling criminal cases of corruption and bribery (FZ [2016] No. 9), only when the amount of embezzlement reaches more than 3 million yuan will the sentence be fixed-term imprisonment of more than 10 years, life imprisonment or death penalty. Zhao Shaohua said.


Buy a house for my daughter in Beijing

Huang Dengying and his wife have a daughter.

On February 27, reported that Ms. Huang had a daughter who worked in Beijing. She was still unmarried at that time and bought a house in Beijing at the time of the crime.

This statement has been confirmed by Yu Lan. My daughters eyes are small and her skin is black, which is different from her mothers. Yu Lan added, I heard that she didnt spend her money, so I took it to buy a house for her daughter. You see, after her mother got out of prison, she went back to Beijing directly. Her mother and daughter should have deep feelings.

Huang Dengying has served her sentence in 2011, which means that she should buy a house for her daughter before 2010.

Huangs daughters community is Xinyi home, located in chongwai street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Its an excellent location. Its about 2.8km from the Forbidden City, 3km to the west is Tiananmen Square, and 2.8km to the south is Tiantan.

Time weekly new media reporters found that the first phase of Xinyi home opened in 2004, with a price of 8000 yuan per square meter; the second phase opened in 2006, with a price of 1.2W per square meter.

According to the public information, there are three types of houses in Xinyi home: one room, one hall, 88 square meters, two rooms, one hall, 130 square meters and three rooms, one hall, 163 square meters. At present, Huang Dengyings daughters ability to receive her mother, who has served her sentence in Hubei Province, to Beijing means that she has the conditions for isolation. It also means that the house that Aunt Huang bought for her daughter was at least 130 square meters with two rooms and one hall. To do a simple arithmetic problem, the total price of the house is at least 1.04 million yuan. After calculating the interest rate of 5%, the total price is 1.092 million yuan, and the down payment of 30% is 327600 yuan.

With the heart of a boxing mother, she gave her daughter all she had.

Yu Lan said that Huangs daughter once wanted to pick up her father and go to Beijing to take care of her, but the old man was not used to living, so she went back to her hometown. Her daughter had to ask a nanny to take care of her, and she often went back to visit her father: because of the reason of going back to visit often, her daughter also applied for job transfer, and I heard that her income was much less..

After Ms. Huangs identity has been confirmed, there are still many key issues left. The most critical of these are:

How did she get into Beijing?

We have to wait for the final answer from the joint investigation team.