Love is deep and rainy in trump to trump 5 reunited 20 years later

 Love is deep and rainy in trump to trump 5 reunited 20 years later

Netease Entertainment reported on February 28 that last week, Zhejiang satellite TVs warm interactive challenge studio variety show trump to trump 5 was on the air for the first time, and won the top ratings of the variety show of the week with 2.263% ratings. Both ratings and popularity set the highest record for the start of 2020.

On the fifth night of this week, the second program will come. Trump family team and trump Classic team start a happy game again. In addition to Zhao Wei, Su Youpeng and Song Dandan, the trump Classic team will also welcome the new member Shayi to join in, while Gu Juji will take the lead in this game. The classic game of trump card is upgraded again. Who will win the final victory? This program will continue to be warm and reunited. What surprises and touches will be brought by the reunion of the cast of deep rain after 20 years?

Deep love in the rain warm reunion

In 2000, the TV series deep love and rainy days once set off a catch-up boom on the screen. Tonight, after 20 years warm reunion on the trump card stage, Zhao Wei, Su Youpeng and Gu Juji all showed up. What other familiar faces will appear? In the on-site mirror house game, Gu Juji and Guan Xiaotong co starred in the original version of shuhuan and Yiping, while Shen Teng and Jia Ling acted in the imitated version. In the game, many classic plots in the play reappeared, making people seem to return to 20 years ago.

The members of the on-the-spot production team also came to a deep love meeting with the fan group composed of trump family and supporting guests.

Jia Ling and Sha Yi reappear the classic work the hour workers Song Dandans official publicity retirement

Song Dandan will retire at the trump stage tonight. His son Batu has prepared a mysterious gift and a letter for this purpose. Why did Song Dandan make this decision at this time? How will she arrange her life for the future? Can we still see her new work? What did Batu say in his letter to make the whole audience cry?

In tonights trump card microphone, can su Youpeng recite his lines 20 years ago magically when his teammates fail to deliver effectively? What kind of domineering talent performance will brilliance Yu have in the receiving song link? What are the performances of Wang Sen, Zhang zhehan and Wu Yuheng? In the trump house with tender feelings, what unknown memories and feelings will you reveal?

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)