Rebirth: Zhang Yis escape from death but his identity is in doubt

 Rebirth: Zhang Yis escape from death but his identity is in doubt

Qin Chi, the only survivor of 714 gun battle with dense ballistics

Dark version preview video restores part of the scene of 714 gun case: in the gunfire, the police and criminals are fighting fiercely, but in the end, Qin chi (Zhang Yi) has no life. The subsequent reduction of the trajectory is as dense as a net, which makes people shudder.

In addition, the video also revealed several doubts found by the task force after the investigation of the 714 gun case: first, the cause of the gun battle is still unknown, and Qin Chi, the only survivor, is unable to provide an explanation for the reason of unable to remember; second, 189 bullets were fired from both sides of the war, but the number of shots fired at Qin Chi was extremely small; third, after the fierce gun battle, there were people to repair the guns; fourth, in the preview video, Qin Chi received a mysterious phone call. A male voice said, I promise no one will leave alive. I know you did it. You designed all of them! All the information seems to lead to a doubt: what is Qin Chis identity? Is there a trap here? At the end of the video, Qin Chi said, all the people who know the clues are dead, and the clues are broken. With his mysterious smile, this possibility is pushed to the extreme, which also makes the case more complicated.

The poster of the crisis is everywhere is full of mystery

Together with the dark version notice, there is also a group of dangerous version posters full of suspense atmosphere. This group of posters is a group of three independent posters cut from a whole poster. Each poster is a self-contained but interrelated one. In the poster, the relationship between Chen Rui played by Zhao Jinmai, Qin Chi played by Zhang Yi and Hu Yibiao played by Liu Guancheng is intriguing.

Chen Rui on the left side of the poster, with sharp eyes and knife in her right hand, seems to want to stab Qin Chi, while her left arm is held by one hand, as if someone wants to pull her back from the impulse; Qin Chi stands in the middle of the poster, wearing leather clothes to show his tough temperament, with firm eyes, but his eyebrows are tight and wrinkled, as if he is in trouble, holding his gun in both hands, and always in a state of preparation for war; Hu Yibiao on the right side of the poster He was full of ruffians with long hair and aimed the muzzle of his gun at Qin Chis back brain, as if to shoot Qin Chi. The layout of the posters and the positions and actions of the three people seem to indicate that Qin Chi in the play will fall into a fatal crisis, and there will be strong contradictions and conflicts among the three people.

What is Qin Chis real identity? What kind of conflict and collision does Qin Chi have with Chen Rui and Hu Yibiao? What about the acting skills of Zhang Yi, Zhao Jinmai and Liu Guancheng? At 8:00 p.m. on March 7, rebirth was broadcast exclusively on!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322