Im waiting for you in Beijing

 Im waiting for you in Beijing

When Xu Tian (Li Yifeng), a grassroots lawyer, meets Sheng Xia (Jiang Shuying), the top designer on the East Bank of the future, a story of bitterness begins. The latest plot has almost become Xus sweet large-scale ghost horse, selling cute, eating and broadcasting special. The scene of pouring the exclusive secret dark sobering soup name into the drunken Shen Kai (played by Hu Yuwei) can be regarded as the strongest laugh of the night, and his silly scene of grabbing a hamburger also attracted netizens comments: lawyer Xu has a posture of six relatives dont recognize. In addition, the sugar party is also satisfied - Xu Tian and Sheng Xia open the employment mode to jointly fight against the infringement case of design master Shi Diwen against Sheng Xia. Once they lose the case, Sheng Xias career may be over. In order to help Sheng Xia decompress, Xu Tian became a dream question answering officer. He accompanied Sheng Xia to the top of the Empire State Building, revisited his alma mater, and punched in the dream Lighthouse. They also opened their hearts for the first time, from childhood experience, Dream Wall talk to homesickness. The progress bar of their friends completed 5g loading, and the relationship between them heated up again. Xu Tiansheng and his wechat friends finally let the fans who always wanted to be happy smile: yes, sweet love is coming! Sheng Xia won the title of Xia Lianlian given by netizens because of the saying its more dark than the night is La Hei.

Tonight, Im waiting for you in Beijing continues two episodes and will usher in two major plays. Sheng Xias tort case officially opened. Facing his old rival, AI Wen (Ke tianrou), Xu Tian played an emotional card and a salute card, which won the best result for Sheng Xia. Although the tort was established, fortunately, the employment qualification was retained. Affected by the case, Sheng Xias career fell into a low ebb, and her three-year relationship with Shen Kai also ushered in the biggest crisis. In the story broadcast tonight, Sheng Xia finally agreed to meet Shen Kais parents, but it turned out to be the most recent break-up scene in history. She found that for a long time, the regular patrons of her studio had been arranged by Shen Kai. She was so proud that she was attacked again. She angrily broke up with Shen Kai!

The opening strong rhythm ratings steadily rose to 5A level, and the strength of parent group was online

Im waiting for you in Beijing is produced by mango film, heli Chenguang, shengxia Zhibing, Chinese film industry and Guangguang film industry. For the unsustainable studio in midsummer, what suggestions will Xu Tian put forward? Will Sheng Xia and Shen Kai make a clean break, or will there be a compound turning point? At 19:30 every night, Im waiting for you in Beijing is on the hot air of Zhejiang TV and Jiangsu TV. From Sunday to Friday, it has two episodes in a row, one episode on Saturday, and Youku is updated at 24:00 p.m.

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