Sichuan medical team is encouraged by Sichuan stars: plus wechat promises to record blessing video

 Sichuan medical team is encouraged by Sichuan stars: plus wechat promises to record blessing video

Members of the medical team connect with stars such as Li Boqing and Liu Jin on the Internet

Today is the 18th day I come to Wuhan to support. Back to the hotel, I still spent time by looking through the anti epidemic information and friends circle of the day, and wanted to go to the lobby on the first floor to visit the material supermarket. This period of time is like this, we never visit, nor out of the hotel, rest time on the nest in the room.

But life is always full of surprises.

We have been informed that the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission has invited many Sichuan local stars to join us in video links. There are Li Boqing, Liu Jin, Li Yifeng, Ouyang Fenjiang, Tinker, Wang Baoqi and so on. You know, its hard for us to interact with stars on weekdays, let alone a group of stars. Its as if back in the era of high school star chasing, passion and hormones are surging. See the picture? Although wearing a mask, but the crows tail pattern of the corner of our eyes sold everything.

Liu Jin joins the group chat

In the wechat group, Li Beibei, the God of men, performed the classic program report fire and sang a song. He promised to wait for the team members to return to Chengdu safely and invite them to eat hotpot, watch the program and send calligraphy and paintings.

Liu Jin, the actor who played Zhou Enlai in the Long March, ode to Yanan, Zhou Enlai in Shanghai and many other works, encouraged everyone with the spirit of the long march. You are the brave Red Army soldiers in the Long March, challenging the limits of human beings, viruses, harsh environment and life! Sichuan army will win! Lets go! Be strong!

Actor Liu Jin as Zhou Enlai

Back in my room, I added some wechat of stars. I didnt have any hope, but I was surprised. Liu Jin, a national first-class actor, actually passed my friends application and said hello to me. I started to introduce myself incoherently. At last, I restrained my excitement and said that I hope he can record a blessing video for my child. Because my 2-year-old and 9-month-old son missed me very much, the other day, he asked me if I had forgotten the way home. Thinking that the childs birthday was coming, I wanted to prepare a special gift for the child. I didnt expect Miss Liu to say yes, and let me remind him before his third birthday. He will record a video to send his blessing.

Finally, Mr. Liu also told us to protect ourselves and look forward to our success. We will certainly live up to our mission and come back safely. Here, we hope that he can take good care of his body and continue to bring more high-quality films and TV works to you!

Wang Qin, Wang Tuo, a red star journalist

Editor Pan Li