Two joys is more sweet than hazy

 Two joys is more sweet than hazy

Since its launch on Friday, the two joys has not only won the first place in the soaring popularity of iqiyi, but also ranked first in various industries such as cats eye, detaven, Guduo, Yunhe, etc., and quickly seized the audiences appetite with bright rhythm and high-energy wonderful plot. In the 12 episodes of the first week online, only 2 episodes open the story of Jingci (Yu hazy) and Fengmian evening (Chen Yuqi) the second. Gaotian scenes such as a yuans scene, Jingci a yuans waist and porcelain bowl couples shoulder kiss appear one after another. Jingci and a yuan work together to solve the case, which is also a collection of high-energy, layer by layer reversal, dense dessert, Su Dian, Xiao Point makes the audience want to stop.

Prides performance depends on the improvement of the behind the scenes team. On the non update day, the official release of late special effects album, the title theme song finally MV, plot summary chart, exclusive color card, famous scene melting chart, posters of two generations together and other colorful materials fully meet the audiences demand for drama on the non update day. A series of actions are highly praised by fans. In particular, the late special effects album released on Tuesday revealed for the first time the behind the scenes story of two joys.

As the main creative team of the novel, it perfectly reappears the beautiful and elegant scenes, beautiful buildings and vivid animals in the novel through technology support and fine grinding. For example, in order to give the audience an intuitive and realistic experience, the main creative team ran more than ten places to find a matching scene in Beijing shidu, and then completed the final scene production through aerial photography and later stage. The wolf, cat, hawk, deer and other animals in the play are also produced by special effects, almost to the extent of falsehood. For example, AI yuans pet little bad was originally a fierce eagle. But after the filming, in order to make the little bad more in line with the plot, the main creative team took the special effects department to refer to a large number of pictures and videos of raptors, and repeatedly pushed it back. Finally, the red legged little Falcon was the prototype, and the cute little bad we see now came into being.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)