The great master: Muchen and Luoli are enemies of Beiling youth

 The great master: Muchen and Luoli are enemies of Beiling youth

Throughout the creativity of the audience of the play, luolichi has opened the brain hole of netizens, from the whole network competing to imitate and speak with luolichi, to the Duanzi commenting on luolichi as a non emotional Siri, which has opened the whole network construction stage. The audience of all walks of life excavates blockpoints from the plot, and the key plot is damaged by the barrage. For the first time, the big boss nine eyes evil spirit appears. Because of the green light, the barrage calls him Wang Yuan fans help. Muchen is injured and lies on the bed, but the focus of the barrage is not right. Luoli barbecue is praised by Muchen, and the barrage is also very faceless, claiming that it is love makes people lose their taste, Netizens said that Chen was killed by the big master.

During the hot broadcast period, the creative activities initiated by the official of big master stimulated the creative enthusiasm of netizens. The audience came up with their own creative brain holes and scissor hand skills. Creative videos such as ghost animal direction, sand carving interest direction, beauty direction, stepping on and lighting direction, CP stewing direction came out in an endless stream. Even overseas audiences produced many voice barrage God reaction videos Frequency.

Warm sweet drama group, live chat and expectation

The content of the drama stimulates the creative desire of the fans, and the leading drama group gets along with each other in a warm and sweet way. Last week, Ouyang Nana, who starred in the social platform, make complaints about a new movie vlog in New Zealand. In the video, Ouyang Nanas clothes were soaked in mud during the filming. The self tucking goddess Luo Li was actually a dirty girl. After finishing work, he shared dinner with the actors and actress of Luo Mingjie, Ma Yue, Guo Kai and so on. In the official exposure of the gags, Ouyang Nana also pretended to be a photographer and took pictures for Liu mubai and xuelingzi (Guo Kai). Unexpectedly, several actors who didnt have many rivals in the play got along with each other in private but were so loving. The hero Wang Yuan angrily brushed his sense of existence in the gags of Mu baiqianer (Wang Yiting), watched the sugar couple in the play compete for business, and immediately pulled in a good brother Qingshan (Xu Hao) is stronger than Xin. At the foot of New Zealands snow mountain, he has also played a snowball fight with the staff. The leading actors have a warm and sweet interaction outside the play.

In this weeks notice, the main story line of men and women opened, causing hot discussion among the audience. Near the end of the official period, netizens had a lot of speculation about the emotional trend and the final content of the play. The official warmly responded to the hot discussion of fans, and launched cloud live to invite the actors in the play to have online interaction.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)