Trump invited ASEAN leaders to Las Vegas, duterte refused

 Trump invited ASEAN leaders to Las Vegas, duterte refused

Duterte said in his speech that he would stick to his decision at the beginning of his term of office and would not visit the United States, the Associated Press reported on February 26. Dutertes decision was made after President Barack Obama angered duterte by criticizing him for launching a bloody anti drug campaign.

Since his six-year term began in mid-2016, the Philippine Leader has frequently criticized the US security policy.

According to the report, President trump invited duterte to attend a meeting for ASEAN leaders in Las Vegas next month. Dutertes relationship with trump is better than that with Obama, but dutertes statement on the 26th confirmed his spokesmans earlier statement that duterte will not attend the Las Vegas conference.

Do we as a nation need to rely on the United States to survive? duterte asked? We need to rely on Is the strength of the US military going to fight the insurgency here, the terrorists in the South and the drugs?

The army and the police told me we can do it, he added. If we cant, we wont be a republic.

According to the report, the Philippine government informed the United States two weeks ago that it was ready to terminate the agreement on visiting troops. The agreement allows the US military to organize large-scale training in the Philippines. The move is the most serious threat the duterte government poses to the long-term alliance between the United States and the Philippines.

The termination decision will take effect 180 days after the Philippine party gives notice, unless both parties agree to keep the agreement during this period. During the waiting period, the two countries can renegotiate the controversial terms of the agreement.

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