Pakistans eyes turn to 10me

 Pakistans eyes turn to 10me

Zhi-10me armed helicopter

Since the U.S. decided to cut military aid funds to Pakistan, the military sales of ah-1z helicopter has been stagnant; and the export sanctions related to the cts800 aeroengine made by the U.S. have resulted in the failure to deliver the t-129 armed helicopter purchased by Pakistan from Turkey, because the helicopter uses the cts800 engine as its power.

At the international military helicopter conference in London on February 26, major general said Najib Ahmed, commander of Pakistans army aviation forces, said that the current impasse in Pakistan is that 48 belah-11f helicopters are about to be retired, which prompted Islamabad to consider other options. We are considering other options, one of which is a direct-10me helicopter made in China, he said. If neither of the first two options can be achieved, we will consider this third option, he added

Zhi-10me armed helicopter

However, Turkey chose the cts800-4a turboshaft engine jointly manufactured by the United States and the United Kingdom for the helicopter. In recent years, due to Turkeys quarrel with the United States over the purchase of the Russian made S-400 air defense missile system and other issues, the United States refused to export the engine as the core part of the helicopter to Turkey, so Turkey could not deliver the 30 t-129 helicopters it ordered to Pakistan as scheduled Machine.

Pakistan has once again focused on Chinas zhi-10 helicopter, which is also the result of the use of this special armed helicopter in recent years and the progress made in technology. In recent years, China has launched the key products of the direct-10me military trade helicopter on the basis of the direct-10 helicopter, which is a 6-ton all-weather, multi-purpose medium-sized attack helicopter independently developed to meet the needs of the international military trade market on the basis of the direct-10 helicopter. The direct-10me has good flight performance and ultra-low altitude maneuverability, outstanding firepower, air combat performance, and strong battlefield survivability. It can be equipped with a variety of air-to-air and ground precision guidance weapons, with day and night combat capability, and diversified weapon configuration schemes.

The new technology that appeared on the helicopter of zhi10me before also appeared on the helicopter of zhi10me used by the PLA. According to defense on February 17, the Chinese military recently disclosed an upgraded version of the direct-10 helicopter. The engine exhaust port of the helicopter is opened upward, rather than facing outward as the earlier models did.

According to the report, the exhaust gas from the helicopter engine flows upward rather than outward, which helps to reduce the infrared signal characteristics of the helicopter and makes it not vulnerable to the locking attack of the infrared guided missile. However, the report also believes that this design will increase the resistance and have certain requirements for the power of the helicopter engine.

According to defense world, this shows that the helicopter is equipped with a more powerful engine. The foreign trade version of zhi-10 helicopter, zhi-10me, is also designed with the engine nozzle facing up.

The same angle comparison between zhizhi-10me (top) and zhizhi-10k (bottom) in 2018 Zhuhai Air Show (photo: Xu Luming)

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