After the epidemic, pick up the car and recommend SUV with good quality and low price

 After the epidemic, pick up the car and recommend SUV with good quality and low price

Geely boyue (888-156800) - the original design of the joint venture brand

In the past 20 years, Geely has become one of the representative enterprises. In the boyue model, the design level or independent original design is a necessary highlight. Original design does not follow the old road of reference, Geely goes to the forefront. Even though several years have passed, the design of this car is still in the forefront of the worlds design, which gave us a lot of surprises when it came to the market.

As a strategic and important model of Geelys premium cars, we have spent our energy to build a design team and the most recognized shape, which need no more chapters. We have retained the Chinese classic design elements, met the current harsh emissions, and upgraded the 6b in advance. On the one hand, we have policy guidance, but for consumers, we can show the value preservation of vehicles when they sell them. After all, they have reached the latest highest level And reduce the worries.

The change of power assembly is the key point of upgrading. After readjustment of 1.8T, the maximum torque is increased by 15nm to 300nm. At the same time, the 6at version is replaced by the 7-speed DCT double clutch, and the electronic gear lever is installed. The sense of science and technology is also improved. After the improvement of performance, emission and smoothness, the fuel consumption has instead decreased from 7.8l to 7.5L. Do you feel full of sincerity in the subsequent use and maintenance of cars.

It is imperative to upgrade the quality. The classic design elements of Chinas moire are also reflected in the interior. The UI interface of the 7-inch full LCD dashboard is beautifully displayed. The 8-inch touch screen of the central control equipped with gkui geek intelligent ecosystem has rich functions and high response speed.

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GAC trumpchi GS4 (898-151800) - interior and configuration improvement is the key

Four years later, it became the first new model of trumpchi brand, GS4 is enough to prove that it is indispensable. Great changes have been made at the front and rear of the car, which looks like a small GS5. After the design language of Lingyun wing 3.0 is adopted, the appearance further improves the high color value and the younger effect. At the same time, the wheelbase of 2680mm and the dimension of length, width and height have been increased, which is the advantage brought by the modular framework platform.

The improvement in the car should be the highlight of the second generation of trumpchi GS4. The interior is equipped with a double 12.3-inch large screen, and it is the first time to carry the adigo intelligent driving Internet system and the onboard wechat function, which supports the vehicle to log on to wechat and use intelligent voice to receive / send messages. The remoulding is similar to the integrated front seat. The design is very stylish. It is soft but does not collapse when sitting on it. The comfort is greatly improved.

Equipped with trumpchis third-generation 1.5T engine, matched with Aisins third-generation 6at gearbox, the overall driving quality is improved significantly. It is also a set of mature power assembly. The stable performance of 6at is more in line with the temperament of GS4. The overall adjustment is inclined to comfortable suspension, and the driving quality is pleasant.

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Haval H6 (10300-141000) - champion holder of autonomous SUV

The sales volume of Haval H6 in January 2020 is 26414, and it still ranks first in the sales volume list in the Spring Festival holiday and sudden epidemic. Haval H6 is a car that cant find any faults. Its not very striking, but its all in line with the Chinese aesthetic. I think its biggest advantage is that its mediocre and has no obvious disadvantages. If the reputation of Haval brand is the foundation of H6, its not too much.

The appearance design of the Haval H6 model caters to the aesthetic preference of young consumers. The mellow body design reveals a stable temperament. The vehicle modeling uses lines to enhance the visual effect in details. The latest family style is still classic, so it is welcomed by consumers.

After the change, the interior has become more fashionable and luxurious, and the workmanship and quality have also shown the latest achievements in domestic SUV models. Hi life system is the first one to be installed on Haval H6, so that the use of vehicles can feel the convenience brought by intelligent life. More mainstream configuration will undoubtedly make the competitiveness stronger.

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Chery Ruihu 8 (888-155900) - medium size compact price

As Cherys latest flagship SUV, Ruihu 8 is also the first Ruihu model equipped with i-power3.0 system. With the seat layout of 5, 6 and 7 and the starting price of 8800, for a medium-sized SUV, everything seems so close to the people, dislocation competition and market competition.

The team led by the former BMW designer redesigned the front face in detail, which greatly improved the visual effect of the new car. The new lattice grid of the trend changes the previous moderate style. The through tail lamp and true double exhaust are both in line with the mainstream design, which is worthy of praise.

The interior and power assembly have been greatly improved. The car and machine are equipped with a powerful cloud lion intelligent cloud system. At the same time, AI face recognition and AI Intelligent Cloud Butler are added. The top configuration is also equipped with wireless charging practicability. In terms of power, 1.5T has a lower price, while 1.6T has a thermal efficiency higher than 37.1% and continues to lead Chinese brands, while it also enjoys a 10-year extended warranty of 1 million kilometers.

Space is the focus of many family users attention. 5-seat models can achieve the best daily travel, whether for ride comfort or loading capacity. At present, 7-seat models are more suitable for emergency scenarios, while 6-seat models, especially the second row of passengers, have significantly improved their ride comfort. Combined with their own use scenarios, how to choose this multi topic has you got the answer?

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Changan aoshangkesai (86800-154800) - the most cost-effective

Some consumers may not be familiar with this car. It is the first model under the brand-new brand of Changan Auchan. It is also a model that can not be ignored from the aspects of shape, interior material space layout, etc. at the same time, as a flagship product, it provides two models, namely Corsair and Corsair GT, which almost represents the highest car building level of the whole Auchan at this stage, so as to meet different consumption Peoples needs.

Cosai is also designed by zapatinas, an internationally renowned designer. He was once a designer of Fiat, alpha Romeo and BMW. The body lines are smooth and stretch, the star lattice grid has family characteristics, with the length, width and height of 4830 / 1868 / 1775mm, wider and higher than that of hanlanda, and the wheelbase of 2800mm is also superior to many competitors of the same level, and the standard large size.

The center console, door panel shift lever and other positions are largely wrapped in leather and treated with real stitches. From the perspective of overall design and materials for workmanship, they are all top-notch. The large screen of the center control and the air outlet of the through type air conditioner are interior highlights. It is worth mentioning that the Auchan car information system and safety configuration also further improve the driving safety. 5. 6, 7 three kinds of seats have spacious riding space and storage space, bringing better rich and comfortable experience.

1.5T model has not only 6at power combination, but also 6mt model. For Changan Auchan, who is a commercial vehicle, it can be understood as a response to pull down the price. In addition, there is the 2.0T power of the named GT model, but it only provides the option of 8at. If we use this level and price to measure it, Changan Auchan Kesai car should be more pragmatic and grounded in all aspects.

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Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 (898-133900) - good shape is half the success

It has to be admitted that a good appearance is often half the success for the current self-contained SUV. People love beauty. No matter what consumers care about, beautiful appearance will always attract people. The appearance of the previous generation Dongfeng aeolian AX7 doesnt seem to be very bright. After the transformation in 2018, a brand-new, high-value Dongfeng aeolian AX7 created by Chinese designers came In front of us.

Even if it is put together with the joint venture SUV, the appearance of the new AX7 is absolutely outstanding. The first impression makes people feel beautiful and handsome, the proportion of the whole vehicle is harmonious and dynamic, and the front and the rear are the finishing touch. In addition, it also provides a two-color body for the middle part of the rear and the roof, which is not attractive!

Compared with myself, the interior decoration of the new AX7 has also changed. Its style is more traditional, and its visual level is in place. The multimedia system is a highlight in the car, with comprehensive functions and high practicability. The voice control included has a high recognition rate. The family car cant do without the riding space. The back row of AX7 is quite spacious, which can meet the needs of a family of five without any pressure.

The vehicle uses a set of mature and reliable power system. The 1.6T engine from PSA group is matched with 6at gearbox, without double clutch and hybrid drive. Although there are few technical highlights, the power, fuel consumption, maintenance cost and reliability are all good. For the household car, it is the most difficult to save heart.

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Dongfeng scenery ix5 (998-149800) - Chinese brand slip back SUV

In recent years, Chinese brands have successively launched some slip back SUVs, among which Dongfeng scenery ix5 is the earlier one. Previously, only in foreign luxury brands, such personalized models were provided. Now our Chinese brands have also begun to try, which is good news no matter what. In this market segment, more than 100000 can also drive slip back SUVs.

Since its a slip back SUV, the rear and side of the car are the key points. They should not only show differences and personalities, but also coordinate. There are not a few examples of failure in the market, which have become the laughs of everyone and the cold door in the end. Dongfeng scenery ix5 is obviously not a failure example, its side shape is full and smooth, the rear of the car is dynamic and thick, which is not inconsistent, but also highlights the personality. For Chinese brands, it is not easy to do so.

There is a common problem in this type of car model, that is, the head space in the rear row is relatively depressed, and it is imperative to make sacrifices for the smooth rear of the car, but Dongfeng scenery ix5 has achieved both fish and bears paw. People with regular body can also have good head space in the rear row, which is considered luxury compared with many similar models. As a sporty sliding back SUV, the standard of power system should also be higher. In addition to 1.5T, the vehicle also provides 2.0T engine, which is an absolute large displacement and output in the same level of models.

The chassis adjustment of the car is also partial to movement, and young people will not feel very boring when driving, but if they are old people, they may not be so comfortable. In other aspects, the performance of Dongfeng scenery ix5 also has the mainstream level. The car has the sense of science and technology, and the configuration performance is not weak. According to the price, it is a high cost-effective sliding back SUV.

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Xingtu LX (1259-150900) - high cost performance Chinese luxury SUV

Chinas high-end SUV is a new name in recent years. Star road brand is one of them. Its Cherys high-end brand. Star Road LX is naturally an independent high-end SUV. Compared with Cherys peers, its price of 1259-150900 isnt much higher. Compared with wey brand and linker, its price is more user-friendly, so Xingtu LX is a high-end Chinese SUV with high cost performance.

The high-level sense of star LX is reflected in the interior decoration first. The sense of grade is needless to say. At a glance, it looks much stronger than Chery. The design of the combination of instrument and central control large screen has a sense of science and technology. The cost of interior materials is not low. The only purpose is to highlight the high-end sense of grade. The high-end should also be reflected in science and technology. In the star LX multimedia system, there are facet ID for face recognition and AR reality navigation for recognizable lane, which not only improves the convenience, but also the technology content of high-end brands.

We cant see Cherys shadow on the appearance of star LX, which should be recognized, but its not high-profile. Its not as publicized as wey brand, and it looks very introverted and connotative, so such appearance determines its audience, which should be those slightly mature consumers. Driving quality is also an important criterion for high-end models. Compared with Chery models, Star Road LX has been significantly improved, especially in the sense of heaviness of the site.

Xingtu LX is equipped with a 1.6T engine, matched with a 7-speed double clutch gearbox. This power system is also used in the Ruihu model. Compared with the same model, it is not very outstanding in terms of displacement and data, but the vehicle can run for 8 seconds to break the test scores. The efficiency of the power system is really not low. In addition to the above, in terms of space and configuration, the performance of star LX can also be satisfactory.

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Pentium T99 (1499-189900) - a flagship with high quality and low price

T99 is not only the flagship SUV of Pentium, but also a medium-sized and large-scale SUV. It is large and affordable. Even in its own peers, its price is relatively low. At the same time, in the overall sense of quality, it has also significantly improved compared with the previous old Pentium models. Generally speaking, it is a flagship SUV with good quality and low price.

Since its a big flagship, its appearance should be more powerful. The T99 looks really powerful, especially the cars front, square and flat shape with a huge middle net and exaggerated bumper. It gives people a sense of self-respect in an instant. For those consumers who like big and man, the T99s appearance really has a face.

The screen is a feature of T99. There is a LCD, a multimedia, and a polyhedral display in front of the shift lever. In addition, there is a polyhedron display above the central control to display the virtual human in the cloud assistant of the holographic intelligent control system. So many screens are arranged in the car. The sense of technology is a bar.

As a medium and large SUV with 5 seats layout, the rear seat of T99 has no need to worry about the ride space. At the same time, as a flagship, the configuration performance has reached a high level. In terms of dynamic performance, the power combination of 2.0T + 8at can be relatively calm, and the car is not stupid to drive. The steering and suspension adjustment are relatively light and fast types, and the pressure during daily driving is not great u3002

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Do you have one of todays recommended models that will move you? Among them, there are the Sales Champions who should not let go, the recognized quality choices, the high-value cars that can be ordered by people depending on the shape, the high-powered flagship of the people, the sporty sliding back SUV with personality, and the high-end SUV of our Chinese brand. They are all the domestic SUVs with different characteristics, balanced strength, good quality and low price, which represent the mainstream car building level of the current independent brands Your budget is just around 90000-150000. I believe there will be a model for you today!