The space cycle of the designers home playing music with Karen Mok seems endless

 The space cycle of the designers home playing music with Karen Mok seems endless

The home she designed for Meiting is gorgeous, fashionable, full of color, very dynamic, and it looks like a comfortable home. What would her own home look like?

She bought all the houses on the top floor and completed the renovation in three years, with an area of 366 u33a1. Look at the decoration style. The green single sofa with bold color and the sofa stool designed with black rivet leather are full of luxury. The gray wall and cabinet are full of texture. Large basins of green plants are also placed indoors.

If you look at the house type chart, you will find that this penthouse always gives people a feeling of endless walking. There is no dead space in the three cycles of upstairs, downstairs and plane. You can go in through this door and out through that door without going back.

The living room and dining room are integrated design, and different styles of sofas are placed in the living room to complement each other. The dining table is made of old elm scraps by Chen Xuan. Different seats surround the dining table and show the long history of the years. A large area of windows are made on the right wall, which is sunny and natural.

There is such a strange table in the kitchen. The steel corner of the table is designed to look like a chicken foot, especially the part of the leg joint and the sole of the foot is restored very well and vivid. The table top is a piece of transparent glass, the whole table is very cool, emitting a kind of rock and roll like atmosphere.

In the studio on the second floor, there is a whole CD-ROM collection, and a costume model is used to collect party evening dresses. A guitar is placed against the wall on the ground, and various parts are piled on the manual workbench. The whole studio is the hostesss own unique world.

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