Dubais largest 3D printing building in the world is actually a municipal government building

 Dubais largest 3D printing building in the world is actually a municipal government building

Recently, the worlds largest 3D printing building was officially completed in Dubai. The 6900 square foot (641 square meter) two story building will be used by the Dubai government as an administrative office.

The building is 9.5 meters high and the project area is 640 square meters. It is designed and built by apiscor company in the United States, and the building structure is also directly built on site with 3D printing technology. Apiscor is also the first company in the construction industry to develop special 3D printing equipment.

The innovative 3D printer enables the building structure to be built directly on site without any additional assembly work. The project area extends more than 640 square meters, and the huge building area has exceeded the maximum printing area of apiscos 3D printer at rest.

Therefore, during the construction process, the movable 3D printing device needs to be moved and positioned on the site by crane to cover the whole construction area.

The building is built on a prefabricated concrete foundation, which is a traditional building structure. 3D printers build hollow walls with a fast drying mixture of recycled construction waste, cement, gypsum and other mixtures. The 3D printing material is said to be about 50% lighter than traditional concrete and more durable.

In addition to the government building, Dubai recently celebrated the completion of its first fully functional 3D printing building, as well as the worlds first 3D printing office, attended by Sheikh Mohammed, Prime Minister and chief of Dubai.

Less than a month after we announced Dubais 3D printing strategy, the first 3D printing office opened, which is a new experience that we bring to the world to use future technology in our lives, Sheikh Mohammed said

The office covers an area of 250 square meters and costs about 140000 US dollars (about 980000 RMB). Its exterior design is very futuristic. The basic functions of water, electricity, communication and air conditioning are available, and it only takes 17 days to print.

Its design concept is to realize the transformation from the traditional working environment to the future office environment, and provide more opportunities to encourage communication and innovation between workplace teams, and cooperate with experts and innovators all over the world. In addition, the architectural design also provides space for exhibitions, seminars and other activities.

The project is also part of a recently proposed 3D printing strategy, which aims to make Dubai a global center of 3D printing technology by 2030, with 25% of buildings built by 2030 using 3D printing. If you want to see more details of 3D architecture, please click the atlas below!