Stay at home and expect frozen food

 Stay at home and expect frozen food

Havent boiled hot pot for a long time? There are tripe, prawns, sheep, beef, frozen tofu in hot pot shops.

Frozen food is the light of life at home. You can also put the chef in the circle of friends (that is, dont put the box in).

However, many people think its OK to deal with it when they dont want to cook. Its better to eat fresh food at ordinary times.

If mom knows that you often eat frozen food, she may be mad and forward a few ten hazards of frozen food, dare you eat it after watching it to you every day. Why is frozen dumpling so cheap? It turns out that there is such felicity in it.

For a long time, you have also made a murmur in your heart: frozen food, can you rest assured to eat it?

Frozen food is also safe and healthy

The reason why the mass base of frozen food is not good is that this black pot may have to bear its name.

If you dont believe what frozen means, the other person is likely to answer, frozen fast food?

Indeed, the shelf life of frozen food is short for several months and long for one and a half years, which inevitably makes you suspicious. Last nights leftovers may not reach this noon. Why can frozen food be kept for such a long time?

Even take out pizza, you can buy frozen semi-finished products

You know, food has a shelf life because they carry enzymes and microbes. Before the emergence of refrigerators, people could only use air drying, smoking, salting, sugar and other ways to preserve food, essentially to kill microorganisms, reduce the activity of enzymes, so as to extend the shelf life.

When the refrigerator came out, the leftovers could not be wasted. But subconsciously, people still think that cold storage only delays the process of food corruption, and the things in the refrigerator must be eaten as soon as possible.

With a refrigerator, you can keep most food fresh / pxhere

But in fact, not all the frozen food in your refrigerator is called frozen food. According to the definition, quick frozen food refers to the food that quickly completes the freezing process in the freezing temperature lower than - 30 u2103 [2].

Such low temperature limits the microbial activity in food to a great extent, and it is difficult to pose a threat to food safety.

As a product of industrial assembly line, frozen food is not only fast and completely frozen, but also has a series of strict technical requirements and safety standards.

The sanitary code for the production and operation of frozen food officially implemented in June 2019 stipulates that the production plant of frozen food shall ensure good ventilation, separation of raw and cooked food, avoid cross contamination; the temperature and time in the production process must meet the requirements; the temperature of the cold storage shall not be higher than - 18 u2103; the temperature of the carriage shall not be higher than - 12 u2103 [3]; and so on.

In contrast, the safety of non frozen food is actually more difficult to judge. All kinds of fresh food bought in the supermarket may be more likely to grow microorganisms because they are exposed to room temperature for too long.

On July 25, 2019, Heihe vegetable market, Heilongjiang Province. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good, but bacteria can grow if they are kept for a long time

Research shows that fresh agricultural products are the main cause of foodborne diseases. Since 1990, there have been more than 400 outbreaks of foodborne diseases related to fresh food [4].

Moreover, because frozen food uses freezing technology to keep fresh, there is no need for preservatives and other food additives at all. Its no different from the food we usually eat, just safer.

In fact, there is little difference in nutritional value

Of course, food fundamentalists dislike frozen food, most likely because they think that once it is frozen, it will lose its soul.

The secret of food flavor lies in the cell fluid inside the cell.

The common experience is that when food is placed directly in the refrigerator, the water in the food will form large ice crystals, which will directly destroy the cell membrane of the food, and the soul of the food will all be lost. After thawing, it will be different from the previous taste and flavor [5].

However, frozen food is not simply frozen, but frozen.

During the rapid freezing, the temperature of ice crystal inside and outside the membrane of food cells reached in a very short time, and countless small ice crystals were formed at the same time. These small ice crystals can hardly damage the cell tissue of food. Once thawed, they can basically return to their previous state [6]. The same taste, the same formula.

Home grabbing is no worse than street grabbing / YouTube blogger @ eclipse official channel cats kitchen

Sanquan laboratory has also done experiments. The cell wall integrity rate of fresh cabbage slice is 82.5%, while that of frozen cabbage slice is 76.7% [7].

Its no wonder that many science fiction novels regard human body quick freezing as the conventional technology of Star Trek. When astronauts wake up and walk out of the freezing cabin, they are a lively hero.

In addition, the nutritional composition of frozen food will not change much, and even in some cases, the nutritional preservation rate of frozen fruits and vegetables may be higher.

During the process of harvesting, packing, transporting, putting on shelves, and finally delivering vegetables and fruits to you, you have been breathing for several days or even more than ten days. The nutrients are constantly consumed, the appearance is bright, and the heart may be dry.

On July 4, 2019, fruit growers pick grapes. From the moment the fruit is picked, it has been losing nutrients

However, frozen fruits and vegetables retain more nutrients because they are frozen immediately after picking.

A team from the University of California, Davis found that there was no significant difference in the content of cellulose, minerals and phenols in eight kinds of fruits and vegetables (peas, mung beans, corn, spinach, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, blueberries) in fresh state and after quick freezing [8].

Similar studies conducted by the University of Georgia have also concluded that there is not much difference in the contents of vitamin A, vitamin C, and folic acid in fruits and vegetables after cold storage and freezing treatment [9].

On December 11, 2017, at the intersection of the second ring road and Jiefang Road in Chengdu, people came and went to choose the dishes they needed

Not only that, some nutrients in food can even be better preserved by quick freezing. According to a survey conducted by the food research center of the University of Sheffield Hallam, the beta carotene content of frozen green beans after cooking is even higher than that of fresh green beans after cooking [10].

So, dont worry about the lack of nutrition in frozen food.

In addition, frozen food has a prominent advantage: it has a table of nutrients and ingredients.

Compared with the fact that you have no idea of the weight and calories of various ingredients when you cook, frozen food can let you know how many calories you eat clearly, and fat people can also eat at ease.

Convenient, mainly cheap

As foreign students all know, there are always big bags of frozen vegetables, frozen meat and frozen semi-finished products in foreign supermarkets, and the prices are quite touching.

It has saved thousands of lazy young people with poor cooking skills -- convenient storage, just throw them home to the refrigerator freezer; long shelf life, basically as long as you want to put them; its simple enough to make it appalling, and can be served after defrosting and heating.

It doesnt matter if I eat hot pot at home. Theres frozen food to save you

Some netizens living in France said that every time she went to the supermarket, she would be shocked by the frozen food piled up into a hill in other peoples shopping carts. The landlord was surprised that she almost didnt use the freezer. The original words were: if you dont eat frozen food, what else can you eat every day?

Some people say that the price of frozen food is so low, and the materials must not pass the customs.

Whether it is material, labor or time, the operation level of the processing plant will be far higher than that of self-made.

Compared with buying a package of frozen dumplings directly, hand rolling dumplings is too much effort, and it has become a ritual food

For example, the most favorite chicken breast of fitness enthusiasts, the quick-frozen package in the supermarket is only about 10 yuan per Jin, but if you go to the market to buy fresh chicken breast, the price is 20 yuan up.

For fresh food, quick freezing can also reduce transportation costs.

On April 16, 2019, the fruit farmers in Maoliang village, Machang Town, ningzhou Town, Guizhou Province displayed the newly picked cherries. Taste it for local tourists and send it by express if necessary

The loss rate of meat and aquatic products in circulation is 12% and 15% respectively, and the loss rate of rotten fruits and vegetables is as high as 20% ~ 30%. When there is a developed cold chain, the loss rate of fruits and vegetables can be controlled below 5% [12].

With the rapid freezing industry, people in the mainland can also eat cheap shrimp and hairy crabs, friends in the north can also eat fresh durian, and coastal people can also eat beef and mutton in Inner Mongolia.

Of course, for the ultimate taste seekers, frozen food does have disadvantages. For example, the quick-frozen asparagus and cucumbers are not as crisp and sweet as they are when they are fresh, and the quick-frozen steamed bun is not as fluffy and soft as the fresh steamed bun.

However, the best food shops are not open yet, and the most delicious food you can eat is frozen food, except for the food made by parents and objects.

Lets say it again: shrimp dumpling, dumpling, BBQ; chicken, pork, beef ball; lobster, scallop, longliyu

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