Shanghai couples five story villa has been decorated with 2.2 million balcony and terrace

 Shanghai couples five story villa has been decorated with 2.2 million balcony and terrace

When you come to the living room, the TV wall is mainly decorated with gypsum lines. On the right side is a large floor to ceiling window, which is covered by white curtains. On the left side is an indoor hollow window, which makes the connection between the spaces stronger. The crystal chandelier above cant do without looking. Its gorgeous.

The decoration is mainly American style. The wall behind the sofa has made a fireplace shape, which is exquisite and retro. The animal element appears again above the fireplace. This time, its a small rhinoceros model, which looks very domineering.

The kitchen area is also very large. The cabinet is L-shaped by the wall, and the large refrigerator is placed by the door wall. The central government has made an island counter. On the one hand, it can avoid monotony. On the other hand, it can also be used as a leisure bar.

The main bedroom is on the third floor. Its a large rectangular space. The bed is placed by sliding doors. Behind the head of the bed, there is an embedded closet with a whole wall. All the bags and clothes are placed inside. The wall at the end of the bed is a wall mounted TV. Outside the sliding door is a well lit balcony. There is an island platform and an orange chair in this half of the room, which can be used as an office area.

The balcony on the third floor has two glass sliding doors. In this way, between the two doors is the indoor balcony, and outside is the outdoor balcony, all of which are available. Many green plants and potted plants are visited on the indoor balcony, which is full of vitality and vitality. When the sun is abundant in the afternoon, it is best to read books and drink tea here.

There is also a terrace on the fourth floor, on which there is a shed for sunshade, which looks more like a gazebo. There is a leisure table and several chairs in the middle. The design of table top, chair surface and floor is very harmonious. There are exquisite tea sets on the table, which are used for drinking tea and chatting. Life is really pleasant.

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