Traitor Li Zhuoren, the business of selling Hong Kong has come to an end

 Traitor Li Zhuoren, the business of selling Hong Kong has come to an end

Li Zhuos ancestral home is Shantou, Guangdong Province. His ancestors are big landlords, and his family is well-off. In 1959, the 2-year-old Li Zhuo came to Hong Kong with his parents from Shanghai and lived in LaSalle Road, Hong Kong. He liked to do things since he was a child. He had a nickname stir shit stick, but he felt that he was just a person who often highlighted problems.

Li Zhuo Ren, who was rebellious during his schooling, believed that the United States was advanced in everything and allowed students to have personalities. Hong Kong should follow suit. At that time, in violation of the school regulations, he wore long hair and bell bottomed trousers, which caused the dean to catch people at the school gate. If my parents knew how to transfer assets to Hong Kong in the 1940s, they would have more money today than Li Ka Shing, he often said I miss the life of the landlord family very much.

In 1978, he joined Kwun Tong occupational health center of United hospital to publicize occupational health and safety information. In the 1980s, labor disputes and protests increased. In the workers protest, it is often the workers spontaneous fund-raising operation. At that time, Li Zhuos working salary was not high, so despite his familys opposition, he transferred to the Christian Industrial Committee and focused on planning large-scale workers to make profits.

When Li Zhuoren started to organize workers to protest, he forced some factory owners to abandon the factory and flee. Then he took people to occupy the factory and sold out all the assets. He distributed part of the money to the workers, and the rest of the money came from various items.

He once said to the public: at that time, we didnt care about the legal framework. We felt that the laws were unfair. It will take four or five years for the law to get the money. His pride in completely disregarding the law lies in his bones.

After repeated success, Li Zhuo began to launch more large-scale workers for profit. In 1991, when the monthly salary was only 3000, Li Zhuo and his wife Deng yane, who was related to the labor movement, bought a 700 foot apartment in Songya garden in Tai Po.

Wantonly collecting black gold as a pawn in the chaos of Hong Kong

In 1990, Li Zhuo, who was not satisfied with the small-scale work tide to make a little money, established the workers Union by means of the continuous outbreak of work tide, took the trade unions of many enterprises in Hong Kong as subordinate units, charged a certain amount of fees for operation every year, and organized various workers strikes and other activities according to the needs of each trade union.

At that time, Hong Kong was close to returning to China, while the Western anti Chinese forces were busy cultivating and installing various organizations and individuals in Hong Kong. Li Zhuo, a man with money in his hand, controls the resources of the workers movement and can launch port chaos activities at any time. This was soon met by Western anti Chinese forces.

Since 1994, his Union has been bought by the center for international labor solidarity, a unit of the National Democracy Foundation (NED), which grants 50000 to 100000 US dollars a year. It is understood that up to 2019, it has received up to US $2 million (equivalent to about HK $16 million) in financial aid, mostly for actions against the government and undermining social peace.

In order to gain more benefits and negotiate with the government, Li began to participate in politics with the support of Western Anti China forces. He was first elected to the Legislative Council in 1995 by election. Six months later, in the last election of the Legislative Council before Hong Kongs return, the new nine groups (the nine new functional constituencies set up by the last governor of Hong Kong, Patten Kang, in 1992 for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong in 1995) were re elected to seats in the manufacturing sector.

After Hong Kongs return, he became a member of the New Territories West Constituency in 1998, using his resources and bribery. In 2011, after the death of situ Hua, Li Zhuoren took over as the chairman of the branch association. In the same year, Zhang Chaoxiong, who collaborated with the Hong Kong rioters public democratic party, established the Labor Party and served as the party chairman. In 2012, he elected the Legislative Council on behalf of the Labor Party and was successfully elected as a member of the Legislative Council directly elected in the Western New Territories.

During the period of the Legislative Council, Li Zhuoren often took money from others and relieved disasters for others. He used his power to accept the benefits of various trade unions that paid membership dues from the working labor union, put forward various demands on behalf of the gold owner in the Legislative Council, and earned political capital at the same time.

The most typical one is in 2013, the workers Union led by Li Zhuo tried to incite the dock workers to negotiate with foreign businessmen in a radical way, which eventually led to the tide of over 40 days work in the container terminal of Kwai Chung, and provoked the workers to surround the center of the Yangtze River, which had nothing to do with the tide of work, to create the opposition between labor and capital, the hatred of rich and the hatred of businessmen, and to force the enterprises to pay large amounts of money in compliance with the norms.

Li Zhuo Ren used the labor movement to destroy the harmony between labor and capital, took the name of labor disputes and safeguarding the interests of workers as his personal political chips, and his actions were contrary to the purpose of seeking benefits for the people of legislators. At that time, people from all walks of life were very worried about the politicization of the labor tide by Li Zhuo Ren. They thought that the radical labor tide seriously hit Hong Kongs trade and logistics industry and caused endless harm.

Being a member of Parliament is the best way for Li Zhuo to make money. In October 2013 and April 2014, Li Zhuoren was exposed to receive two donations of 500000 yuan and 1 million yuan from Li Zhiying, the spokesperson of the Western Anti China forces in Hong Kong in his own name. After receiving Li Zhiyings political donation, Li Zhuoren immediately became his loyal running dog. Every time when Li Zhiying, the gold owner and one media group were involved in negative news, Li Zhuoren immediately made comments to the public to safeguard the interests of his master and son.

Operating headquarters to promote occupying the middle and return gold master

In 2014, the illegal occupy China Movement broke out in Hong Kong. On the surface, the illegal occupy China movement was initiated by occupy China, three ugliness and the Federation of schools. In fact, Li Zhuo Ren, who was a member of the Legislative Council at that time, was one of the main behind the scenes promoters.

Long before the launch of the illegal occupy China movement, Li Zhuo Ren actively participated in the conspiracy of Hong Kong rioters in accordance with the requirements of the gold masters of American anti Chinese forces. First of all, we should work together with the forces of Taiwan independence to promote the integration of two independence. After that, he went to Thailand to learn from the experience of large-scale anti-government demonstrations and study how to paralyze the economic operation in a short period of time.

In late August 2014, Li Zhuoren first suggested to the Federation of schools and the three clowns in the middle of occupying that when launching the illegal occupying campaign, the main force should not be arranged outdoors, but the entrance and exit of the Legislative Council and the government headquarters building should be blocked, and the outdoor occupation action should be coordinated to increase the difficulty of the police clearing. The scheme proved to be adopted afterwards. Li Zhuo Ren was also responsible for organizing labor party members to participate in the illegal occupy China movement and mobilizing the workers union to launch a strike in solidarity.

In the whole process of illegal occupying, Li Zhuo Ren also violated the rules for the use of the office space of the Legislative Council, and took the office of the Legislative Council located on the ninth floor as an important headquarters of the illegal occupying movement. He held frequent meetings with the occupying the three ugliness, the academic union and the scholars, conspiring against the illegal occupying movement and giving orders to the outside world.

When the citizens were impatient with the illegal occupy the middle movement and the anti occupy voice grew louder and louder, Li Zhuo Ren jumped out and said resolutely do not retreat. When there was a spontaneous clearing action among the people, Li Zhuo Ren also quickly organized and set up many obstacles to block it. However, in the end, it can not prevent the illegal occupy China movement from being banned.

Two failed Legislative Council elections

In 2016, after the failure of the illegal occupy China movement, Li Zhuo Ren once again participated in the Legislative Council election in an attempt to re-election. However, Li Zhuoren launched a radical strike during his term of office, embezzled the name of the workers movement to attract money in Hong Kong, and promoted the illegal occupy the middle movement behind the scenes. He was also exposed to involve the huge amount of black gold from the opposition and Western forces in Hong Kong chaos. The public already knew and hated Li Zhuorens crazy use of his membership and the name of the workers movement.

In September 2016, the dust of the Legislative Council election was settled, and Li Zhuo, the labor party, failed to run for re-election to the West floor of the new territories. Voters punished the opposition MP who had been in trouble in the Legislative Council for many years with his votes. Li Zhuos defeat reflects the voters expectation for the Legislative Council to set things right, and the voters sincere voice that they want the atmosphere of the Legislative Council to change.

After the defeat of the 2016 Legislative Council election, Li Zhuo Ren declared that he would not run again, and would make way for young people, giving them the opportunity to embark on a political career. However, the purpose behind it is to launch its own puppet to continue its gold road.

After learning that Liu will be disqualified, Li promised to sign up for the election immediately, and said that if Liu Xiaoli gets the qualification, he will abandon the election. However, these tactics were all seen by the voters, and finally he lost again.

After two defeats, Li Zhuo Ren decided to cooperate with the Gang of four to plan and promote larger-scale activities of Hong Kong rebellion, and try to obtain the governance power of Hong Kong, so as to fish in troubled waters in an attempt to obtain greater benefits.

In June last year, before the storm broke out, Li Zhuoren incited all sectors of the society to resist the practice work. After the outbreak of the anti revisionist example movement, Li Zhuo Ren participated in the planning and command behind it, and repeatedly appeared in the anti revisionist example demonstration, taking the lead in illegal demonstration and command. He also threatened not to be afraid of the polices big search and arrest, challenging the law, and at the same time, he bewitched workers and young people to march on the streets and carry out violent activities in Hong Kong.

On October 1, last year, Li Zhuo Ren continued to take over the illegal March organized by the front of the people and shouted slogans such as the so-called W u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4u01d4.

In the early December of last year, when the Branch Association was re elected, Li Zhuo Ren, who had retired as secretary, was re elected as chairman. He believed that He Li Fei should continue to cooperate with Yong Wu to support and do a good job in resistance.

On December 10, he and Li Zhiying, Li Zhuming and many other foreigners, such as senior project manager of Asian region of American democratic Association for International Affairs (NDI), suddenly fled to Hong Kong in the hotel secret meeting, established the fight direction of no separation with (and with) brave (brave) faction) after the District Council Election. Li Zhuo also proposed to make the movement become more popular and continue to go global Route . On December 21, he went to Li Zhiyings residence for another two hours. As a result, on the 24th and 25th of the following day, violent rioters staged large-scale rioting activities such as smashing and arson in many districts of Hong Kong.

At the same time, in order for the opposition New Trade Union forces to win the votes of the labor sector in this years Legislative Council election, and then play the role of seizing power, on January 1, this year, in the new years Day parade held by the front of the people, Li Zhuo, as the Secretary General of the workers Union, agitated the people to join the new trade union in the street station, pointing out that the workers Union has always hoped that the workers could organize the trade union, clamoring for the new trade union wave to reflect The importance of organizing, uniting and political strikes is emphasized, and it is hoped that there will be greater organizational forces to launch strikes in the future.

Recently, in the process of fighting against the epidemic in Hong Kong, the staff front of the medical authority, a new trade union under the Staff Union, forced the government to close the gate in an all-round way by virtue of the epidemic, staged a heinous five-day general strike of medical staff. The ugly face of Hong Kongs black doctors and nurses who fled in spite of the safety of their patients and became deserters has been seen all over the world. One of the behind the strike is Li Zhuo Ren.

Of course, Li Zhuo wont forget to use the strike to make money. On February 8, the day after the end of the medical strike, after meeting with Li Zhiying at his apartment, the workers union and the staff front of the medical authority established the anti epidemic fund, which means to provide economic and legal support for the personnel participating in the anti epidemic strike. It is obvious to all that, on the one hand, Li Zhuo Rens manipulation of the establishment of the fund is to further incite the citizens to participate in the collective strike, stop the society and fight against the SAR government; on the other hand, he is shameless to make a name and take advantage of it to gain money and to fatten his own pocket again.

Linking Anti China forces and selling Hong Kongs interests

In the practice storm, Li Zhuo Ren used his self styled leader of Hong Kongs Democratic Party to preach to the Hong Kong peoples Congress that only foreign Bodhisattva can save Hong Kongs fallacy. He is willing to be the pawn of foreign anti Chinese forces and spare no effort to fight against China and Hong Kong.

At the beginning of May last year, Li Zhuo Ren, together with a group of former pan people legislators, came to the United States and Canada to meet with Bo Ming, vice assistant to the president of the United States and senior director of Asian affairs. He stressed that the amendment threatens the security of citizens in Hong Kong all over the world, and will certainly weaken Hong Kongs status as an international city. He asked to stop the extradition of bad laws and cooperate with the Western Anti China movement Forces intervene in Hong Kong affairs.

On September 1 last year, a large number of rioters attacked public places such as the headquarters of the Hong Kong SAR government and the airport passenger terminal building, throwing petrol bombs, wantonly damaging public facilities and disrupting traffic. It is at this moment that Li Zhuo Ren meets with the vice chairman of the EU parliaments China relations group, budixfel, who is extremely Anti China, in secret, to report the current anti revisionist example demonstration to the Western masters, and to agree on the strategy for the next step.

On October 5 last year, in the face of escalating violence, the Hong Kong SAR government was forced to issue and implement the no masquerading regulations by quoting the emergency law. Hearing this, Li Zhuo Ren immediately went to the European Parliament and France on October 17 to lobby to copy the USs Hong Kong Bill of human rights and democracy and sued the foreign pleadings, falsely claiming that Hong Kongs peaceful protesters were subjected to violence and political persecution.

On December 2 last year, he went to Australia again, lobbied for an Australian Version of the Hong Kong Human Rights Law and boasted that he believed that Australian politicians needed to learn from Hong Kongs situation and had the responsibility to monitor Hong Kongs human rights and other situations. He also said that the international front was one of the main fronts in the anti revisionism.

On December 10, last year, Li Zhuo Ren, who has been selling Hong Kong peoples interests at the expense of others but not self serving, went to Wanchai station of Hong Kong Railway on international human rights day to set up a street stop outside the station, and maligned the suppression of freedom in the mainland. As a result, a woman who crossed the road could not see it. She turned around and scolded Li Zhuo Ren as a traitor and traitor. She froze on the spot and looked very embarrassed.

But if the traitors are not dead, they will never stop. On January 18 this year, Li Zhuoren also called on Internet users to write a joint letter, asking the Australian government to issue relevant human rights accountability bill this year to punish Hong Kong tyranny officials. A few days ago, Li collaborated with Human Rights Watch officials to propose a hearing to the U.S. Congress and the Chinese Committee of the Administration (the U.S. Anti China organization that nominated the so-called Hong Kong Democracy Movement to compete for the Nobel Peace Prize) in an attempt to promote the so-called freedom of speech and Hong Kong protests internationally.

In more than 30 years of Anti China and anti chaos life in Hong Kong, Li Zhuo Ren made black money by means of the labor movement, and at the same time begged for mercy from the outside forces in Hong Kongs future. He compiled and directed a modern version of the eight coalition forces traitors farce, which has long been moral and human. With the arrest of the Hong Kong Police, I believe that this labor movement business Gaza will usher in his end.

Source: reasonable and comprehensive