South Korean conceals illness to cause Dalian a district to be sealed? Theres an authoritative response

 South Korean conceals illness to cause Dalian a district to be sealed? Theres an authoritative response


Discovery of network security brigade of Tieling County Public Security Bureau

Two messages spread among multiple wechat groups


There are more than 200 workers who came back from South Korea yesterday in shatuozi village of xintaizi. There are three confirmed cases on this plane. Today, they just finished the meeting, and shatuozi is listed as the key prevention and control village of Tieling! Everyone must pay attention to safety when going out!


Two pieces of information have caused certain adverse effects in the society. According to the investigation and verification of the network security team of Tieling County Public Security Bureau, the above two information are not true and are rumors.

Since the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work was carried out, the county epidemic prevention command headquarters has always been strictly organized according to the superior deployment arrangements, and has organized the epidemic prevention and control work carefully. The epidemic notification has been released to the public through the media.

Police remind netizens and friends

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, we should improve the awareness of prevention and control, strengthen the protective measures, try to go out as little as possible without meeting, consciously do not spread rumors, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, create a clear network space, and work together to fuel the work of epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the network is not a place outside the law. The public security organ will investigate and punish the illegal acts such as maliciously fabricating, spreading and disturbing public order.

Need to know

No new cases in Liaoning Province for 11 consecutive days

How strict are the prevention and control measures

Latest notice! All the foreign personnel entering the Shen Dynasty will be tested for nucleic acid!

Shenyang and Dalian urgently respond to the new requirements of overseas input risks!

Dandong strictly prevents the import and spread of overseas epidemic situation! Release of control measures!

In addition to the good entry clearance

Liaoning also strengthened the follow-up management of discharged patients

The novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were discharged from hospital and the follow-up work report system was followed up. The basic information, health status, temperature monitoring, nucleic acid detection and regular review of each cured patient were mastered. Each city designates a designated local hospital or grass-roots medical and health institutions to be responsible for the follow-up, rehabilitation and health management of patients after discharge. From now on to the end of the epidemic situation, the follow-up information of all local patients discharged from the previous day shall be collected daily and submitted to the provincial health and health Commission. The designated hospitals at all levels actively cooperate with the local health administrative department to do a good job in the follow-up work of discharged patients, and regularly review and evaluate the discharged patients.

Anshan also released a detailed process

To be careful

Novel coronavirus infection in Shanghai City: notification of the management of suspected pneumonia cases and confirmed cases after discharge

Anshans novel coronavirus infection prevention and control command office February 27, 2020

Novel coronavirus pneumonia increased to 50 at the 6 day of the day, according to the 28 forenoon news report.

Foreign media: novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control in the us to block us base in Korea

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been blocked by the United States, according to the financial times.