Yang Sen, Li Zhiyings help from the wise

 Yang Sen, Li Zhiyings help from the wise

Brother Youli said today that Yang Sen is still alive. He has an indissoluble relationship with Li Zhiying, the leader of the gang of four, who is responsible for the country and the port. Lets talk about it in detail.

Yang Sen was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province on November 22, 1947. His father was a Kuomintang officer. Because he didnt want to stay in the mainland and couldnt see the Kuomintang, he took his family and fled to Hong Kong for a living. Young Yang Sen and his parents lived a displaced life, until he went to university, everything changed.

Political brain in youth

Since then, Yang Sen has been closely related to Li Zhuming, chairman of the founding party. In the year before Hong Kongs return, Li Zhuming and Yang Sen, then the president and vice chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, went to eight cities in the United States and Canada to make a tour visit and speech for Hong Kongs future, which foreshadowed its future chaos.

Since then, the ugly nature of Li Zhuming, Yang Sen and others who are keen on drinking foreign milk has appeared. In 2004, the democratic party visited the United States. At that time, as chairman of the Democratic Party, Yang Sen expressed his views on Li Zhuming, former chairman of the Democratic Party, and Tu Jinshen, a member of the Communist Party of China, coming to the United States to attend the hearing. He believed that the purpose of this trip was to express Hong Kong peoples demands for democracy to the international community, not to ask the United States government to do something to the Chinese government. Is it necessary for Hong Kong SAR, as a part of China, to go to the United States thousands of miles away to seek help? Whats more, the disorderly harbor activities you have done have proved your bad intentions, and you have not paid attention to the motherland at all.

At the same time, Yang Sen also opposed 23 pieces of legislation. According to Hong Kong media reports in 2003, Yang Sen once pointed out that Article 23 of the basic law violated the principles of common law and harmed human rights. He also criticized the governments refusal to publish the draft in the form of a white paper draft, ignoring public opinions and appeals. On several occasions, the Democratic Party represented by Yang Sen went to the headquarters of the Hong Kong SAR government to oppose 23 pieces of legislation and burn blue paper draft documents to express dissatisfaction.

Lose the partys struggle and have no integrity

After Hong Kongs return to the motherland, Yang Sen became several members of the Legislative Council. However, the internal power struggle of the Democratic Party was fierce. Li Zhuming and he Junren, etc. of the party, each set up a mountain and didnt want to let each other, which made his political career uncomfortable. Under such pressure, Yang Sen, who was incompetent, began to think about future affairs and announced his resignation as party chairman in 2004.

If you quit, you can save more people. This Yang Sen looks elegant, but in fact, he is also a commodity who does not speak of honesty and low morality. According to people familiar with the matter, Mr. Yang often sneaks into the Legislative Council.

When he was a member of Parliament, he and Li Zhuming asked each others relatives as assistants. The reason is that the regulations do not allow them to hire their own relatives, but Yang Sen and Li Zhuming hire their own relatives in disguise by inviting each others relatives, and receive twice the salary of the general assistant. This is not against the rules in the declaration system, but it is morally fraudulent, dishonest, giving and receiving privately, and abusing public funds. In the face of doubt, Yang Sen refused to answer.

Why didnt the Democratic Party punish or even criticize Yang Sen and Li Zhuming after they were exposed to invite each others relatives? Why have scandals of Democratic Party members cheating on public funds and prostitutes been banned for many years? The reason is that the Democratic Party from the top to the bottom is corrupt, ostensibly grandiose, and actually sneaky. As the saying goes, the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked.

Retreat to the second tier and conspire for great cause

Although Yang Sen has retired to the second tier, there are still many political activities, because he is the brother-in-law of Li Zhiying, the Hong Kong monopoly!

At that time, Yang Sen introduced Li Zhiying to Li Zhuming, which made Li Zhiying step into the fast lane of port chaos. As a result of Yang Sens relationship, Li Zhiying also established close ties with Li Zuyi, Li Zhumings only son, who also became Lis private lawyer, thus forming a political and business hook. Later, he Junren and then Governor Peng Dingkang became Li Zhiyings guest. This just confirms the old saying that birds of a feather flock together and people flock together.

Since then, Li Zhiying and Yang Sen have become partners in dealing with both inside and outside. Yang Sen has achieved Li Zhiyings political future. He is the uncrowned king of the fat Lis disordered Hong Kong cause, but he does not show his face clearly, but gives advice behind his back.

According to insiders, there are traces of Yang Sen in Li Zhiyings various activities. Especially in recent years, Yang Sens political activities have gradually increased with the rise of Li Zhiying, the brother-in-law. In 2016, he participated in the street station to support the candidates for Hong Kong Independence to participate in the Legislative Council election.

During the by election of the Legislative Council in 2018, Huang Zhifeng repeatedly reiterated the importance of star effect in front of the media, so he specially invited Yang Sen, the veteran of the Democratic Party, to canvass for him in Aberdeen and the key town of the southern region organic faction, Shiyu. Yang Sen was actively shaken by the people in the neighborhood for more than 50 times. Some people saw Yang Sen was chased by the people to shake hands. It can be seen that Yang Sens influence is extraordinary.

In order to help his brother-in-law to conduct rioting activities on the front line, Yang Sen and Li Zhuo specially escorted Li Zhiying and other people during the Hong Kong practice storm last year. When Li Zhiying began to march against the law, Yang Sen drove along the line to block his way to protect him. Its just a skirmish.

Yang Sen has one of the biggest characteristics, which is low-key show off. His low-key and smart are actually cocooning themselves, and he may still be intoxicated. As for Li Zhiying, he needs this kind of sophisticated right arm, so that he can be more confident in the disaster country and chaos port business. It can be said that Yang Sen is Li Zhiyings help from the inside.

Yang Sen and Li Zhiying, a collaborator partner, have jumped into the abyss of Hong Kongs evil constant restlessness and are loyal to the Western anti Chinese forces licking the dog. The judgment of justice will come at last. There is only darkness and no light waiting for them.

Im afraid that Yang Sens insidious and cunning will come to an end.