Critical period! The central enterprise is the mainstay to stabilize the economy!

 Critical period! The central enterprise is the mainstay to stabilize the economy!

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the SASAC Committee of the State Council has resolutely implemented the spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinpings important speech on the epidemic prevention and control series, and organized and promoted the central enterprises efforts to prevent and control epidemic situation in accordance with the Central Committees response to the deployment of the leading group of the epidemic prevention work and the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council. The economic ballast fully demonstrates the mission of the mainstay.

Li Changan, a professor at the school of public management of the University of foreign trade and economic cooperation, said that in the special period of epidemic prevention and control, central enterprises took the initiative to play a leading role in epidemic prevention and control and return to work, played a mainstay role in ensuring employment, stabilizing investment, promoting the development of the real economy and international industrial cooperation, and made important contributions. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zhong Hongwu, director of the China Society of Social Responsibility Research Center, pointed out that the central enterprises should promote the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia and economic and social development as a whole. On the one hand, we should do a good job in the main business and stabilize the production and supply of central enterprises in the basic livelihood areas. It has also made positive contributions to epidemic prevention and control and economic transformation and upgrading.

Exert influence and drive

Expand production capacity and stabilize employment

Employment is the foundation of peoples livelihood and the power source of economic growth.

When the prevention and control is in the most arduous critical stage, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the central enterprises implement the policy of division and classification, accurately promote the recovery, production and development, like a warm spring flow to melt the frozen industrial chain, drive other upstream and downstream enterprises to resume production, expand production capacity and stabilize employment.

In the face of the sudden outbreak, many central enterprises not only do not have a holiday during the Spring Festival, but also make full use of their power to expand production and capacity, effectively support the prevention and control of the epidemic and ensure the improvement of peoples livelihood. State Grid launched the measures to facilitate the people and benefit the people, and nearly 20000 employees fight day and night in the front line of anti epidemic in Hubei Province; CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sinochem and other enterprises coordinate the supply channels and scramble for oil and gas resources on the basis of national oil and gas supply, and tens of thousands of employees provide 24-hour uninterrupted service for Hubei users; 3502 factory of Xinxing International Group We will rapidly switch to production of medical protective clothing, vigorously recruit workers, expand production capacity and help fight the epidemic.

The number of workers in central enterprises for construction is large, and the enterprises try their best to solve the problems of employment, materials, transportation, etc., and the rate of return to work continues to increase. Jinan Yellow River Tunnel contracted by China Railway Construction passed strict health screening, and more than 400 managers and labor workers have returned to work. The Weilai high speed railway project undertaken by CSCEC foundation and Quanzhou ethylene project of Sinochem Group launched spring wind action, and organized point-to-point, one-stop charter flights, special trains and buses to receive employees to return to work directly.

Jinan Yellow River Tunnel Project

According to preliminary statistics, as of February 20, 48000 central enterprises under the supervision of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council had returned to work, with a return rate of 86.4%, including more than 20000 production and foreign operating subsidiaries, with a return rate of 88.4%. At present, the operating rates of petroleum and petrochemical, communication, power grid, transportation and other industries have exceeded 95%, and some have reached 100%.

In recent days, the construction site of Wudongde Hydropower Station, the fourth largest hydropower station in China and the seventh largest hydropower station in the world with a total installed capacity of 10.2 million kilowatts, has fully entered the stage of general assembly. In the one week after the resumption of production, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. of China shipbuilding group completed the delivery of one ju2000e offshore jack up drilling platform and the trial voyage of two 210000 ton bulk carriers And other enterprises in the industrial chain to speed up production.

Construction site of Wudongde Hydropower Station of Three Gorges group

Stimulate potential and strong kinetic energy

Stable investment and high quality development

When the epidemic of war is sure to win, development cannot stop. In order to hedge the impact of the epidemic and promote stable growth, central enterprises should promote both growth and stock stabilization, actively expand investment and stabilize expectations.

The intensive commencement of major projects and key projects has played an important exemplary role in expanding investment. From the cascade power stations in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River at the border of Tibet and Sichuan, to the first domestic dual H-class gas turbine project in Guangdong, to the Zhouning pumped storage power station project in Fujian... Recently, a number of major projects in the 13th five year plan of each province under the construction of Huadian Corporation of China resumed gradually, promoting the local social and economic development, helping to win the precise poverty alleviation and blue sky defense war; China Mobile By the end of 2020, the number of 5g base stations will reach 300000, and China Unicom and China Telecom will strive to complete the construction goal of 250000 base stations in the first three quarters of the year in advance; on February 24, CRRC Sifang Vehicle Co., Ltd. resumed construction in an all-round way, and all projects such as Fuxing on the high-speed EMU production line will resume production; fl-62, a national key project undertaken by AVIC The construction of wind tunnel is resumed on schedule and has entered the stage of field joint commissioning, laying a solid foundation for the project to complete the annual construction task on schedule; more than 400 production-oriented enterprises under CNNC group have started production and many national key projects undertaken have been resumed.

High speed railway Fuxing resumed production

In danger, it is man-made. The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council guided and promoted the central enterprises to strengthen the situation study and judgment, carefully study and make full use of the financial, fiscal and tax support policies issued by the state in response to the epidemic, and grasp the opportunities that may be brought by the post epidemic situation and the post epidemic market recovery growth. In front of the epidemic, some traditional industries have been greatly impacted, while emerging industries such as intelligent manufacturing, unmanned distribution, online consumption and medical health show strong growth potential. The central enterprises should accelerate the transformation and upgrading, create new business forms and cultivate new driving forces.

A major investment has stimulated development potential and unleashed development momentum. Three Gorges group announced to start construction of 25 new energy projects with a total installed capacity of 3.92 million kilowatts and a total investment of 58 billion yuan in Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places; State Grid resumed construction of a number of major high-tech construction projects with a total construction scale of more than 70 billion yuan; China Electronics signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hefei City, which will invest more than 10 billion yuan in the local construction of integrated circuit production The industry chain supporting project aims to build an international first-class integrated circuit industry chain, participate in the overall planning, design, investment, construction and operation of local modern digital cities, and carry out the convergence, governance and operation services of health care data to help the construction of healthy Hefei.

Guangdong Yangjiang phase I offshore wind power project of Three Gorges group

The novel coronavirus, director of the State Council and the director of the office of the leading group of the new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia, said: development is the key to all problems and is an important support for winning the epidemic prevention and control. SASAC and central enterprises are determined to win the victory, unswervingly adhere to the direction of high-quality development, actively change the pressure into the driving force, minimize the impact of the epidemic, and strive to achieve the goal of stable growth for central enterprises by 2020.

On February 25, CEC and Hefei, Anhui Province reached a strategic cooperation of more than 10 billion yuan

Promoting real economy with financial innovation

Use living capital to stabilize expectations

Central enterprises continue to enhance the ability of financial services to the real economy, help upstream and downstream enterprises alleviate financing problems, and let the market burst into greater vitality.

Financial innovation alleviates the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized micro enterprises and private enterprises. On February 14, the second Aviation Administration affiliated to CCCC group issued the first epidemic prevention and control asset-backed securities (ABS) in the whole market in the book of Shanghai Stock Exchange, with an issuing scale of 230 million yuan, a term of one year, and a priority coupon rate of 2.8%. The issuance was completed in 7 days, with the issuing efficiency reaching a new high in the history of supply chain financial ABS products. The funds raised in this special plan of supply chain asset support are mainly used to provide financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises in the upper reaches of the supply chain, help to resume production, and further support the construction of hospitals and scientific research laboratories in relevant epidemic areas of first-line anti epidemic enterprises in epidemic areas and the construction investment of relevant epidemic prevention and control projects.

On February 14, the second Aviation Administration affiliated to CCCC issued the first epidemic prevention and control asset-backed securities (ABS) in the whole market in the book keeping of Shanghai Stock Exchange, with an issue scale of 230 million yuan.

Use financial living water to help the cooperative development of upstream cooperative enterprises. State Grid e-commerce companies responded quickly, gave full play to the advantages of the platform, and took the online industry chain finance and electricity fee finance as the starting points. The online industry chain finance platform based on the blockchain has financed 16.73 billion yuan for small and medium-sized micro enterprises, and the transaction value of electricity fee financial products has reached 2.61 billion yuan. It has become a technological grab to help small and medium-sized micro enterprises to resume production and work, and helped the small and medium-sized micro enterprises to have a sound capital chain Cycle.

Fujian Jingfeng technology, which has been successfully financed through the financial technology platform of State Grid e-commerce company, has made full use of its resources to improve its production capacity. The staff are taking down the finished nylon fiber products and preparing for inspection.

Make good use of funds to cultivate new driving forces to promote high-quality development. As a state-owned capital operation company, China New Zealand adheres to the basic positioning of financial shareholding oriented, focuses on the cultivation and incubation function by means of fund investment, focusing on the new layout, new kinetic energy and new model, invests in a number of leading enterprises in important industries and key fields, and actively cultivates strategic emerging industries.

According to the statistics of China Association of listed companies, there are 398 listed companies of state-owned enterprises in China, with a total market value of about 15.8 trillion yuan, accounting for only 10.5% of the total number of listed companies, but the market value accounts for 25%, which is an important force for the smooth operation of the market. Affected by the epidemic, a short-term deep dip occurred on February 3. The decline of listed companies of central enterprises was lower than the market average, which played a supporting role in the market. From February 4, the market recovered. As of February 24, the Shanghai composite index climbed to 3031 from its lowest point of 2716 on February 3. In this process, the listed companies of central enterprises have played a leading role. Song Zhiping, President of China Association of listed companies, said: most of the listed companies of central enterprises are in important areas related to the national economy and peoples livelihood. At present, the listed companies of central enterprises basically resume production and work, which has made an important contribution to the stable operation of the economy.

The impact of the epidemic is short-term and generally controllable. At present, SASAC has put forward five measures, namely, increasing revenue and saving expenditure, scientific and technological innovation, supply side structural reform, state-owned enterprise reform, and major risk prevention and resolution. SASAC has made every effort to complete the annual production and operation objectives and reform tasks, which is conducive to stabilizing expectations and playing a multiplier and demonstration leading role.

Promoting the one belt, one road project

International capacity cooperation to stabilize trade

In the era of economic globalization, Chinas economy is highly integrated with the world economy. The challenges Chinas economy faces are also the challenges of the world economy. All countries in the world support and expect Chinas economic and social development to step into the right track rapidly. Central enterprises are the main force of going global, which not only connect with the global supply chain and industrial chain, but also the contractors of a large number of overseas projects. In the face of the impact of the epidemic, central enterprises are fully back to work, stabilizing the global industrial chain, unblocking the international supply chain, and ensuring the smooth progress of international trade and production capacity cooperation.

Ensure the smooth operation of foreign trade industry chain and supply chain. In Changsha first industrial park of China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd., a packed shield machine has been loaded and will be transported to Turkey to carry out tunnel construction. On February 26, the first ship bauxite unloading ceremony of China Aluminum Guinea BofA project, which was carried by COSCO Shipping Qushan ocean ship, was held in Shijiu port area of Rizhao Port, successfully completing the first ship transportation; The subordinate enterprises of China building materials fully guarantee the construction progress of more than 110 overseas cement, glass, photovoltaic, energy saving and other projects, many of which have been successfully ignited.

On February 26, the first ship bauxite unloading ceremony of China Aluminum Guinea BofA project carried by COSCO Shipping Qushan ocean liner was held in Shijiu port area, Rizhao port.

With the help of local and third-party forces, we will focus on the implementation of major foreign investment projects. Chinas Electric China invested in one of the projects of one of the one belt, one road and the Turkey middle corridor, is the largest direct investment project in Shanghai by Chinas capital enterprises. The project has achieved the role of 120 managers in the left behind project and the expansion of the countrys largest number of direct investment projects in Turkey. International cooperation and local employment should be carried out to keep the steady progress of the project construction; in karot hydropower project in Pakistan, 896 Chinese builders and 4370 Pakistani builders should stick to the front line of the project and strive to achieve the goals of flood control and Impoundment this year.

Video scheduling production, one person to fill the vacancy, and gradually restore production capacity. In the Cayo new port project in Angola, CCCC group fully uses network office and other means. In the face of the situation that Chinese personnel are temporarily suspended from returning to Angola, one Chinese employee in Angola has more than one job to fill each others vacancy, and at the same time urgently recruits and trains security staff to supplement, so as to prepare for the rapid construction period of the project, such as machine materials, process scheme, construction plan, logistics support, etc.; metallurgical land of China The General Administration of quality supervision and administration of the peoples Republic of China (AQSIQ) conducts remote command and dispatch of the production process for the black cyclone company in Thailand through video, and meanwhile contacts the Chinese management personnel in the non epidemic area to rush to Thailand company for production and operation.

Energy, transportation, electricity, water In various projects all over the world, the central enterprise project builders cooperate with each other and stick to the front line to guarantee the smooth operation in special period. According to the head of the Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Commerce on February 24, in January, the newly signed contract value of Chinas foreign contracted projects was RMB 108.25 billion, up 74.2% year on year. In one belt, one road, the number of new contracted projects contracted by foreign countries has reached US $9 billion 230 million, accounting for 59% of the total period, up 123.5% over the same period. The number of new signing projects increased by 31, and 18 more than the same period last year, mainly in transportation, power engineering and petrochemical industry.

As the main force and pillar of the national economy, the central enterprises are full of firepower and roaring machines, which makes the world see the positive effects of Chinas epidemic prevention and control, as well as the huge resilience and potential of Chinas economy. Zhong Hongwu, Li Changan and other experts said that in the next step, central enterprises should continue to play their own advantages, lead and drive the development of other upstream and downstream enterprises, safeguard the global supply chain, and work together with other enterprises of different ownership to make contributions to epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.