Be doomed! Li Zhiying was arrested this morning, and chess pieces are afraid to change into abandoned children

 Be doomed! Li Zhiying was arrested this morning, and chess pieces are afraid to change into abandoned children

Li Li, the boss of one media in Hong Kong who claims to fight for the interests of the United States and the fat man known as black gold chief executive, is finally about to face his liquidation. Drug trafficking, underworld, smuggling, bribery Li Zhiying displayed all five poisons incisively and vividly by virtue of his own villain talent. Brother Youli will take you today to review his ugly history of human nature and evil.

Private and debauched marijuana

In politics, business, and media, Li Zhiying has no choice but to use his extreme means, which are despicable and have a vicious review. In his private life and life, he is also a drug addict and a prostitute. He refuses to recognize his subordinates and discards them when they are used up.


In 1990, after Li Zhiying founded one weekly, he recruited a group of Hong Kong literati to build a middle-class image for his magazine. Most of these literati are frivolous people, most of them use marijuana, which is called the source of inspiration. Lin Zhenqiang, who is engaged in advertising, and other people who have recently walked with Li Zhiying share the same stench of marijuana. Almost every weekend, they take turns to hold weekend marijuana parties at home. In 2001, Li Zhiying fell down the stairs and knocked off his front teeth in his home in Yangming Mountain Villa, Taiwan, because he smoked too much marijuana. But he said he was eating too much and fell off balance.

Li Zhiying often carries marijuana with him in order to smoke marijuana, so that his addiction will come. One time, Li Zhiying, Lin Zhenqiang, Zheng Jinghan and other drug friends went to Europe for a tour. When they were in line at Rome Airport, Italy, they suddenly thought of carrying marijuana with them. The dog jumped the wall and immediately stuffed the marijuana to Zheng Jinghan behind them. Zheng Jinghan hurriedly pretended to have a stomachache and ran to the toilet to throw marijuana before avoiding customs inspection.


Li Zhiying controls the media such as one weekly and apple daily, often lures the ignorant girls who just enter the entertainment circle to participate in the party organized by her, and lures the girls who want to be red to take drugs at the party. Many women have sex with Li Zhiying, her friends and Ma Zai in a state of high spirits after taking drugs.

An anonymous female self confessed on the Hong Kong Internet that she once attended a drug Party of Lis family. After smoking marijuana with seven or eight people, Li Zhiying suddenly pulled over the actress, tore off her clothes and forced her to bow.

In addition to his personal promiscuity, Li Zhiying also has a strong desire for voyeurism.

Far from that, just a week ago, on February 21, Taiwans court sentenced a journalist to four months in prison with a two-year reprieve and a supervisor to three months in prison with a fine for stealing photos of Lin Zhiling from Li Zhiyings Taiwan one weekly.

The reason is that on March 11, 2017, the reporter secretly took pictures of Lin Zhilings home life opposite her residence in Wenshan District, Taipei, with a high-power camera with night vision function, and published the photos of Lin Zhilings home life in his magazine, with the title of Yan Chengxus direct attack on Lin Zhilings secret love nest exposure, and sold vulgar products with the gimmick of suspected Lin Zhilings woman wrapped in bath towel and closed the screen door.

At the end of the day, in addition to poaching and discrediting celebrity hype, one weekly under Li Zhiyings control is actually a way to satisfy Lis personal voyeurism.


Li Zhiying is also very indifferent to the employees who work hard for him. In order to make money, he invests in newspapers, Internet, TV and other media of Hong Kong and Taiwan on a large scale. Every time when his subordinate departments have poor efficiency, Li Zhiying first wants to cut the bottom employees.

In the third quarter of 2008, one weekly and Apple Daily began to lose money, and Li Zhiying cut off all the members of fortune weekly, which started publication for one year.

In March 2018, Li Zhiying announced the abolition of the whole staff of the free tabloid Shuangbao, the layoff of 20% of Taiwans apple daily and the abolition of the whole staff of Okayama printing factory. Song Bodong, the chief editor of Taiwans apple daily, was cut that night. The move surprised the employees and made them feel cold.

At the end of 2018, it was said that Li wanted to sell the apple daily, which was not effective. The employees quickly formed a labor union to protect their rights and interests. They held demonstrations in the open space in front of the office building, and set up Li Zhiyings human form to let everyone kick it to vent their anger against Li.

In February 2020, due to long-term losses, Li Zhiying, the founder of Taiwans one weekly for nearly 20 years, resolutely announced the completion of the business, leaving all employees at a loss.

On February 27, 2020, it was reported that at least 40 jobs would be cut in Hong Kongs apple daily. The laid-off workers will leave at the end of this month, and another batch of cannon fodder has been discarded decisively.

Li Zhiyings unique lies in the blessing of violence behind him. According to the employees under him, a Taiwanese journalist surnamed he under Li Zhiying once had an emotional dispute with the interviewee. Li asked the driver to buy a baseball bat because of his influence on Lis reputation. He threatened to hit the desk with a baseball bat in his reporters office, which scared the reporter to leave immediately. Under its threat, when other employees are dismissed, they are also submissive for fear of retaliation.

Agent of American and Western forces in Hong Kong

Since Li Zhiying got in touch with his brother-in-law Yang Sen and Li Zhuming, he soon got to know the last governor, Patten Kang, so as to establish a connection with Britain and the United States and gradually develop into the agent of the American and Western anti Chinese forces in Hong Kong.

Li Zhiying and the American and Western Anti China forces can be said to have met each other rather late, and since then, they have met at once.

Li Zhiyings powerful general

In order to strengthen the communication and cooperation between the two sides, the United States specially sent mark Simon, a former naval intelligence officer, to Li Zhiyings side to help with the companys affairs in the name of an assistant to the outside world, secretly opened up the contact between Li Zhiying and Western NGOs and officials of the United States, secretly monitored Lis actions and reported them to the United States at any time.

It has been disclosed that in the past decade, Li Zhiying has repeatedly manipulated Hong Kongs opposition political parties through political contributions. The total amount of funds has already exceeded 100 million yuan. Hong Kong Society doubts that its political contributions may come from the United States. Li is only a transit station, and the fund manager is mark Simon.

Since 2011, introduced by Mark Simon, Li Zhiying has attached to the Consulate General of the United States in Hong Kong. After that, he has a very close relationship with all the officials of the Consulate General. He has met with the former Consul General of the United States in Hong Kong Yang SUDI and the current Consul General Xia Qianfu together with the opposition figures such as the Democratic Party of Hong Kong for many times.

In addition, mark Simon also donated more than 20 times to American politics as a senior member of one media group, including three times to Republican candidate John McCain in the 2008 US presidential election.

After many exchanges back and forth, Li Zhiying became more close to the United States and gradually became the platform of the United States on more occasions. He bewitched Hong Kong people to oppose the SAR government and go to the streets to gather and March. His identity as an agent of the United States and Western forces was increasingly uncovered.

Many contacts with us politicians

Clear identity of agent

According to the Hong Kong East weekly, before the illegal occupation of China in 2014, Li Zhiying met with Paul Wolfowitz, former deputy secretary of defense of the United States, and the two stayed on Li Zhiyings yacht for five hours. The two left back and forth.

From October 20 to 21, 2014, Bo Ruiguang, chairman of the American Association in Taiwan (AIT), paid a surprise visit to Hong Kong. During the visit, Bo met with Li Zhiying at the scene of illegal occupation and key members of Hong Kongs opposition. At the same time, he told Li that the United States appreciated Lis contribution and contribution. His family has been properly arranged. There are eight members of the Li family, with the exception of the youngest son, the rest 7 All have British and American passports.

At the same time, Bo asked Li to keep a high profile to cover the work of the relevant personnel from the United States in Hong Kong, focusing on maintaining the high ground of public opinion, continuing to tap local resources and contact with the international community.

In June 2019, only a month after Hong Kongs anti revisionist demonstration parade, Li Zhiying rushed to the United States in early July, and met with Vice President burns, Secretary of state pompeio and a number of Republican senators.

The U.S. State Department announced on its official website that pompeio met with Li Zhiying in Washington to discuss the development of Hong Kongs Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and Hong Kongs autonomous status under the framework of one country, two systems.

Apart from the top-ranking guests, the United States rarely gives such warm hospitality to others. However, as a businessman, Li Zhiying can see a series of such high-level officials, which shows the special identity of his agent.

On July 9, 2019, at a meeting of the United States foundation for defending democracy, Li Zhiying publicly made a traitors speech, saying that the United States is supporting us and Hong Kong is fighting for the United States. He knelt down and licked the United States, making everyone present in a row.

Through one media stock

Secretly accept the black gold of the United States

The so-called money can make the devil push the mill. Whether it is to provide political contributions to the opposition parties or pay salaries to the thugs of the brave faction, it needs a lot of financial support.

In order to hide peoples eyes and avoid the governments attack, American financial group chose Li Zhiyings one media stock to cross the bridge, sending political black gold to Hong Kong for many times.

At the beginning of the storm, American financial group bought one media groups shares, which made Li Zhiyings shares soar 131.71% from June 5 to 17, 2019, and then one media sold and cashed in a large amount of black gold. Then, in the name of supporting democracy in Hong Kong, Li Zhiying hired gangs and thugs to fight against the SAR government and hit the police line.

In the middle of September 2019, the US financial group once again raised the stock price of one media from HK $0.22 to HK $0.34 by means of funds. After that, it carried out cash arbitrage and used the cash arbitrage funds to push the anti revisionist riot activity to the peak.

On July 21 of the same year, editri, a director of kapok tree company in the United States, said privately that a senior member of the board of directors of the company recently claimed that a tycoon mentioned that Li Zhiying had received $200 million from the United States after visiting the United States, and the relevant funds were provided in the name of the National Democracy Foundation (NED).

In fact, the capital flow between the major shareholder of the United States and its manager Li Zhiying has long been familiar and well coordinated. Over the years, Li Zhiying, in accordance with the meaning of Western masters, has repeatedly sent black gold in the name of donation to Hong Kong disorder organizations and related people. Through political donations, he manipulated opposition political parties and Hong Kong disorder elements, with a total output of more than 100 million yuan.

Poison fruit daily of media giant

Throughout the history of apple daily for more than 20 years, it is a pure toxic apple produced in the United States (hereinafter referred to as toxic apple for short). Li Zhiying once called fighting for the interests of the United States, and toxic apple was his propaganda tool to fight for the interests of the United States.

Whenever the opposition organizations recruit people to march on the streets, the poison apple will incite the citizens to march on the streets. It will not only detail the time and road map of the March, but also list the slogans and demands of the March. It is the organizer and leader of the violence.

In the storm of revision, poison apple, in the name of freedom of the press and in the name of Anti China and anti Hong Kong disorder, discredits the law enforcement of the police, slanders the government of the special zone, fabricates and fabricates news under the banner of freedom of the press, and creates news without news. It has become an important propaganda machine for port disorder and port disaster. At the same time, in terms of social and peoples livelihood issues, it has been constantly on the line, inciting the public to participate in various illegal social movements, completely deviating from the objective and rational professional conduct of the media, and constantly undermining Hong Kongs prosperity and stability and tearing society apart.

The police force has been discredited

If you ask me how vicious is the report of poison apple? It can be said that all the landmark events since the revision, especially those related to the Hong Kong police force, have been covered by poison apple by all means.

As we all know, in the absence of any evidence, poison apple released a news release on the same day under the title of young girls suspected of being blinded by the shooting of police heads, bags and bags. The title of the news release is to use the words police heads, shooting eyes which are totally untrue but extremely eye-catching, and directly identify that girl with eyes was injured by police officers.

In fact, shortly after the incident, netizens exposed that the eye popping woman was retaliated by her friends because she had been full of her own pocket when she distributed funds. More people familiar with the incident said that Li Zhiying immediately arranged for someone to find the girl to negotiate with him, and asked her to take 30 million Hong Kong dollars as a condition, asking her to swear that her eyes were injured by the police bag bullet.

On the evening of August 25, several police officers were besieged by mobs, which seriously threatened their personal safety. One of them had to fire a gun to warn. The man rushed out immediately, pretending to be an innocent citizen and kneeling on the ground. Before kneeling, he was found to have just thrown bricks at the police officers.

When we arrived at poison apple, the fact that the mob beat the police officers was abandoned. The title of the report was unexpectedly changed to suppress the first shot of Hong Kong police shooting and kicking people in the street. It didnt mention that the life of the police officers had been seriously threatened at that time. What a familiar routine and taste!

Its worth mentioning that police officer 10.1 shot and wounded the mob. Li Zhiying had been prepared. A week before that, poison apple had written the Qu police manuscript in advance. As long as the police shot, they would do anything to smear it!

On October 1, when the long lost gunshot sounded, the smear article of poisonous apple came out quickly, and the title of black 10.1 police attack clip exposed crazy police shooting protesters at close range was sensational, and the live video was edited and processed to completely cut out the lens of earlier rioters attacking police officers, and the moment of police shooting was also played back at 10 times, trying to pass A single picture with no head and no tail proves that the police officer shot without serious attack, thus turning the truth of the police officers self rescue shooting into murder!

In the following two days, poison apple made a more in-depth report on the incident according to Li Zhiyings instructions, describing Tietong (iron stick) and shield in the hands of the mob as soft rubber tube and floating plate, saying that the middle school student demonstrators only have one floating plate and soft rubber tube...

Through the above examples, I think you have also seen the routine of poisonous apple and the nature of Li Zhiying.

To incite people to fight on the street

In addition to using toxic apple to lure ordinary citizens into the streets to fight, Li Zhiying also likes to take the lead in the streets (this time being arrested by the police, there is a crime of illegal assembly). On August 31, 2019, under the condition that the police explicitly opposed in advance, the rioters secretly encouraged the people to free activities through social media, and continued the riot on the street. Li Zhiying, Li Zhuoren, Huang Zhifeng and others appeared at the scene of the illegal assembly. On that day, there were many riots in Hong Kong, such as mobs surrounding the police station, damaging the railway facilities, violent attacks on the police, street smashing, arson and so on.

On October 6, 2019, Li Zhiying even left and right, while arranging the poison apple post: this is not a hard time, while busy on the street to participate in illegal demonstrations and rallies, supporting the mob! Poisonous apple is so well written. At first glance, the title of the article suggests that he is ready to win the battle Only when I look at it carefully, can I find that I only use this writing method to encourage the rioters to fight continuously!

In the article, fat man Li made cool comments on the invitation of bald police chief Liu Sir and other police officers to participate in the celebration activities. In addition to the old smear, it was obviously a worry that the riot could not continue after the implementation of the no masked regulations

The article also boast without shame that Germany, Britain, the US Congress and House members, and President trump recently made a voice for us at the United Nations. Openly colluding with Western forces to intervene in Hong Kongs affairs, with no regard to the infamy of selling Hong Kong to seek glory and forgetting ancestors!

On December 7, 2019, before the FLD March, Li Zhiying released the thank you to the young people through poison apple, which encouraged the whole people to go to the streets to boost the momentum, and falsely claimed that the opposition occupied the majority of seats in the District Council election, thanks to the anti delivery of young and middle-aged protesters and the citizens who went to the streets for the March, which is an unprecedented achievement of Hong Kong peoples unity in order to protect their homes. For the passage of the so-called Hong Kong Bill of human rights and democracy by the United States, it has always been a traitorous face. The passage of the human rights law of the United States is very important, and we should continue to fight against injustice, and we presume that the struggle in Hong Kong has a great symbolic significance and is the totem of the war of freedom.

Discredit the novel coronavirus pneumonia

In order to further separate the mainland and Hong Kong, poison apple has made great efforts to spread rumors and slander, even published false articles on its front page, slandered the overall anti epidemic measures of our government, incited and created conflicts between the two places, opposed the people of the two places, and created a public opinion environment for the overall closure. On the issue of Wuhans closure, poison apple said: at the beginning of the outbreak, in order to avoid affecting the festival atmosphere of the Chinese new year, it made a decision not to release the epidemic, leading to missed the golden time for strict control of the epidemic.

When tens of thousands of soldiers and doctors and nurses from all over the country came to Wuhan, a large number of construction workers gave up the Spring Festival to go home, and the huoshenshan hospital was built in ten days, poison apple falsely said: even if the whole countrys power was deployed, its power was very limited. However, the authorities continue to severely restrict the assistance of social forces under the closure of the city, and can only cover up the serious epidemic in Wuhan and Hubei with public opinion fraud.

While the epidemic is gradually stable and some parts of the country are gradually returning to work in an orderly manner, poison apple maliciously said: the authorities rushed to start construction under the situation of the epidemic, highlighting that Chinas economy has been seriously affected, so they took the approach of giving up their lives and money.

The greedy black gold master who manipulated the reactionary forces

Li Zhiying claims to be a devout believer of American democracy. He pretends to be a simple businessman and has been doing treason in Hong Kong by unscrupulous politicians.

Using political black gold to manipulate opposition parties

Foster obedient dogs

How does fat man Li carry out his fathers instructions? The so-called man-made birds die for food, which uses the weakness of human greed for money to corrupt and attract key figures in Hong Kongs political parties for its use, and uses money to defeat human nature. Under the support of a large amount of money from the anti Chinese forces in the United States and the west, Li never stopped manipulating politicians and buying political parties with money, obeyed the anti Chinese forces in the United States and the west, knelt down and licked the American master, and made no effort to disrupt Hong Kong, then profited from a large amount of black money injected into Hong Kong, while Hong Kong society would be in turmoil to make national disaster wealth, earned a lot of money and raised a large number of only Li The opposition politicians.

Over the years, Li Zhiying has sent black gold in the name of donation according to the meaning of Western masters to the organizations and related people in luanggang, with a total output of more than 100 million yuan. Thats why every time there is a big political event in Hong Kong, there is always the black gold legend of Li, the fat man.

In November 2011, Li donated more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars to the Democratic Party of Hong Kong and 10 million Hong Kong dollars to the public Democratic Party of Hong Kong and 20 million Hong Kong dollars to cardinal Chen Rijun from 2006 to 2010 according to the internal documents leaked. Lis contributions to the Democratic Party accounted for 99% of the partys non members contributions, while those to the public democratic party accounted for 68% of the partys non members contributions.

In the name of donations, Li continued to show his good wishes to the Democratic Party, the public democratic party and the social and peoples party. He was just trying to persuade them to use them. The leak of documents in 2011 just proves that the opposition parties have been in the hands of the fat guy Li as early as 2011. Its really scary. No wonder its said that the fat guy Li is the real gold master behind the pan peoples sect in Hong Kong and the black gold chief executive in Hong Kong.

During the illegal occupation of China in 2014, it was revealed that the fat man Li used 40.8 million yuan to control the black gold disaster port. Chen Rijun, Chen fangansheng, Li Zhuming, Li Zhuoren, Zhu Yaoming, Dai Yaoting and other illegal occupying leaders were all shot.

From 2012 to 2014 alone, Li Zhiying donated money through the bank account operation of Hong Kong Democratic Development Network. Received anonymous donation and redistributed in HKU under the academic name of Dai Yaoting. At the same time, through the assistant mark Simon mysterious account circuitous fund to aid the illegal occupying, a total of 40.8 million yuan of suspected political contributions were provided to nine opposition political organizations and 14 people, of which 10 million yuan was collected by the Democratic Party, and Tu Jinshen, a member of the Democratic Party, was suspected of collecting 500000 yuan in 2012. The Kuomintang charged 6 million yuan, and its members Liang Jiajie, Chen Shuzhuang and Mao Mengjing were suspected of charging 300000 to 500000 yuan. In addition, Liang Guoxiong, the long hair and Li Zhuo, the member of the League of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of Chinas Communist Party of China, also.

Whether its the illegal occupation in the past few years or the practice disturbance in 2019, the source of money needed for violent activities is Li Zhiying, who continues to accept American funding. The fat man uses American and western money to firmly control the greedy politicians, from inciting demonstrations to three strikes, from attacking the Legislative Council to the Hong Kong campaign, from appealing for the W big appeal to threatening the government to completely seal the border, There are traces of fat guy Li behind the scenes.

Employ black clad thugs to help tyranny

The leader of the secret societys opposition gives orders

In the practice storm, Li Zhiying made use of the continuous financial support from the US and Western Anti China forces to keep Hong Kong in turmoil.

On the one hand, Li Zhiying, in accordance with the will of my father, preached no difference between courage and courage, and vigorously encouraged street violence with money, with the intention of expanding the influence of the practice storm. According to reports, he has invested 5500 Hong Kong dollars per person per day to launch a campaign against the Hong Kong Legislative Council, employing black clad thugs to incite violence. He also joined in the demonstration and distributed labor fees and weapons and equipment to support the rioters. He clearly marked the price of employing college students to participate in the parade, with a salary of 3000 yuan per day, and 300 yuan per day for other walking boosters.

All kinds of street violence point to Li Zhiying, who injected a lot of money. He made the mob who saw the money kill the eyes, and made the scale of violence escalate. The P8 pistol, which was arrested by the mob in January 2020, is believed to have originated from the United States and may also have something to do with Li Zhiying.

On the other hand, Li Zhiying continues to give orders to the leaders of the opposition. No matter in the front line of the demonstration or in the recent black medical strike, there are traces of Li Zhiyings involvement.

Hong Kong media reported that not long ago, on February 24, the fat man Li held a secret meeting in his residence, conspiring for more than two hours with Li Zhuming, chairman of the founding Party of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong, Li Yongda, member of the Standing Committee of the Democratic Party, and Lin Zhuoting, member of the Legislative Council.

The previous February 8, the day after the staff front strike just ended, Li Zhiying also secretly met with Li Zhuming, Li Yongda, he Junren, Lin Zhuoting, Li Zhuoren, Huang Haoming and others, who were just plotting to incite the black medical strike to upgrade. It is reported that Lin Zhuoting once appeared at the scene of the strike, the workers Union controlled by Li Zhuoren was the behind hand who directly directed the strike, and Huang Haoming was familiar with the initiator of the black Medical Union who launched the strike. It is self-evident that behind the traces of manipulation.

All kinds of evidences prove that Li Zhiying, relying on the black gold provided by the United States and the west, controlled all the opposition in Hong Kong in his own hands to disrupt Hong Kong, cooperated with the public opinion offensive of his own poisonous apple, combined with the violent destruction of the mobs in black clothes to enhance their influence, has made the society jump from the ground to the ground, and people follow him to fight against it, which has made Hong Kong a place full of peoples resentment and economic recession, which is really a disaster to the country and Hong Kong The biggest culprit of all, everyone has to be punished!

According to the current judicial system in Hong Kong, the arrest of the police does not mean that Li Zhiying will be punished as soon as possible. After all, police arrest, judge release Cao opera is common in Hong Kong. However, Li Zhiyings actions in these years of treason against the state and against the harbor are obvious crimes. Now that he has officially entered the judicial process, I believe that the police will not fight unprepared battles.

Can you act recklessly and lawlessly with your own money and the support of Americans? It is the so-called good, good and evil, not the time not to report, once sentenced, can only ask for more.

Do not know in the eyes of Americans, todays Li Zhiying can also be called a chess piece? Perhaps, he has become an abandoned son