Diary of Fengcheng -- Russian students telling Wuhan life under the epidemic situation

 Diary of Fengcheng -- Russian students telling Wuhan life under the epidemic situation

Lafou soon received an evacuation notice from the Russian Embassy in China, but he chose to stay.

I didnt choose to leave because the school provided us with everything necessary, and I felt safe in the school. Many temperature measuring stations are set up in the campus. The school provides masks and disinfectants for students, disinfects the dormitory building in an all-round way, and changes the dining hall to delivery. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and Chinas government are working hard to overcome the new crown pneumonia epidemic as soon as possible.

Lough said that the only problem he has encountered in recent weeks is that he cant go out to enjoy the spring sunshine that has arrived in Wuhan. I can say for sure that I didnt feel any panic. The weather in Wuhan is getting better day by day. Id like to go out to have fresh air and enjoy the sunshine in spring. But we all know that isolation is a necessary measure to win the epidemic.

According to statistics, at present, about 23 foreign students and teachers from Russia stay in Hubei and actively cooperate with their schools to fight the epidemic. In various ways, novel coronavirus pneumonia is transmitted to their motherland and the world in a variety of ways. At the end of the letter, Laffer said: I would like to point out that our school has never forgotten the foreign students. They always keep in touch with us and help us solve all the difficulties we encounter. I would like to thank all the employees who still stick to their jobs in difficult times for providing us with life security. I sincerely hope that China can overcome the epidemic as soon as possible, for which we will do our best. Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!